Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

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A quick and violent storm shook Lake Montezuma and Rimrock Sunday 8/23/2015, leaving uprooted trees, branches, and downed power lines behind it.  Our emergency preparedness was tested, with winners and losers.  See this writeup about emergency notifications in the Beaver Creek eNews.  Nice job and a huge thank you to everybody who worked late and early to get the lights back on while we stayed safe.


McGuireville, Rimrock, Lake Montezuma – Shop Local!

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Business in the Beaver Creek Community

The Beaver Creek Community hosts numerous local run shops, offering a balance of variety among the small businesses. Here you can find the location and images of these facilities.  If you own a business or have a favorite that we have missed, please send us a comment or email a photo. We’ll add the listing if it’s legal and it’s local.  Shop Local!


Crickets Dessert and Sandwich Shop
4225 Zuni Way, Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342 | (928) 567-5761 | Hours:  (Tues-Sat: 7:30 am – 2:00 pm)  (Mon-Sun: Closed) |
El Patio Bar & Grill
1955 E Cornville Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 592-0340 |
Nikki’s Creek Side Grill
2110 E Beaver Creek Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 567-4044 |

Robbie’s Restaurant

3460 E. Beaver Creek Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335|(928) 592-9171|

Vintages Grille - OPEN

5155 N Dave Wingfield Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 592-9220 | Hours:  (Mon-Sat: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm)  (Sunday: 9:00 am- 8:00 pm) |

Advertising / Graphic Arts

New at this location — 27 Designs Advertising Solutions
4235 N Montezuma Ave, Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342 | 928-362-8967 |Hours: (Tues-Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm or by Appointment)

Vehicle Repair

Beaver Creek Service Center
3718 E Beaver Creek Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 567-5652 |
Nth Degree Auto Detailing
3170 E. Beaver Creek Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 239-0303 |
Rask’s Auto Service
3180 E Beaver Creek Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 567-7345 |
Reliable Auto and Diesel Repair
4630 N Culpepper Ranch Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 592-9154 | Hours: (Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm) (Sat-Sun: Closed) |

Gas Stations

Beaver Creek Gas Mart
3675 E Beaver Creek Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 592-0300 |
McGuireville Mini Mart
2105 E Beaver Creek Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 567-4605 |
76 / Beaver Hollow
1955 E Cornville Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 567-4605 |

Discount Stores

Dollar General
3255 E Beaver Creek Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 399-7170 | Hours: (Mon-Sun: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm) |
3125 East Beaver Creek Rd, Lake Montezuma, AZ 86335 | (928) 592-9285 | Hours: (Mon-Sun: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm) |

Antiques/Thrift Stores

Candy’s Creekside Cottage
2130 E Beaver Creek Rd, McGuireville, AZ 86335 | (928) 592-9310 |
Jim’s Trading Post
2115 E Beaver Creek Rd, McGuireville, AZ 86335 | (928) 554-5526 |
Rimrock Resale Shoppe
2110 E Beaver Creek Rd # 3, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 567-4272 |
Rod Bearclaw Trading
2110 E. Beaver Creek Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 215-6164 |

Post Offices

US Post Office
4220 Zuni Way, Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342 | (928) 567-5059 | Hours: (Mon- Fri: 9:00 am – 3:30 pm) (Sat: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm) (Sun: Closed) |
US Post Office
5235 N Lookout Point Rd, Rimrock, AZ 86335 | (928) 567-4721 | Hours: (Mon-Fri: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm) (Sat-Sun: Closed) |

Minutes from the August Meeting

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Minutes from the August 3rd Board Meeting are available for review here.

You will also find posted the July 2015 Financial Report and the Proposed Bylaws Amendments which will be under discussion over the next few weeks.  Your comments will be appreciated, whether you are a member or an area resident who has not yet become a member of LMPOA.  Use the Comments box at the bottom of this page, or express your views in person at the September 14, 2015, meeting.



Join us September 14th for the next meeting.  Be Involved!

Lost and Found Pet Update

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Older Pit Bull Dog
Missing Teeth & Lots of Scars
Please call Corie at 928-451-4491 if you have information.

Missing- Lake Montezuma- Got scared with the storm…
Taters is an 8 year old, red nose pit bull with missing teeth, lots of scars and arthritis …
Friendly with humans… Doesn’t interact well with other dogs… If you find him, PLEASE do NOT put him with any other dogs!!!! If found,  please contact 451-4491.
His owners miss him very much and want him back home.. They have only had him a few months and have No idea Where he would have run off to!!!

Please call Annie at 480-766-8409 if you have information.cutedog

This cute youngster was found in Rimrock. Please contact Annie Dodson 480-766-8409 if you recognize him or if he’s your dog.=.
via Tessa











Please call Julie Uli at 928-592-9127
From Julie, “Found this sweet fella this AM…Well behaved & neutered. Please call me if you can help find his owners.”

Free and Low-Cost Food Schedule

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FREE & Low Cost FOOD–Pickup & Meal Schedule

August 2015 Schedule in Beaver Creek area

(Call Beaver Creek Transit at 301-2749 for food delivery)





Beaver Creek School

Community Food Bank

2nd Saturday each month

Free Food Distribution

4810 E Beaver Creek Rd

No income requirements or documentation needed other than proof of residence in zip code 86335 or 86342.



Bring bags

Saturday, 8/8

7:45 to 9 AM

Call Monday – Friday for

Emergency Food Box

Free Food & Clothing

Every Wednesday

Just come to the 7th Day Adventist Church in Camp Verde at 1406 N Boothill Dr & get in line.


Bring bags


8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26

9:30 AM to Noon

Hot Meals & Food Boxes

Every Tuesday

Just come to the Camp Verde Community Centerat 435 S Main St in Camp Verde (Bread of Life Mission)



8/4, 8/11, 8/18, 8/25

5:00 PM Start

Free Food Every Tuesday Afternoon/Evening

Community Hot Meal

1st Southern Baptist Church at 11340 E Circle Dr in Cornville

Same as above


Bring Bags



8/4, 8/11, 8/18, 8/25

3:00 to 6:00 PM


8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26

6:00 PM

Bountiful Baskets—Fruits & Vegetables

Camp Verde Elem School

200 Camp Lincoln Rd


Order for Camp Verde

Week A & pay online from noon Mon thru Tues eve


Includes fees

Bring bags or boxes


8/1, 8/15, 8/29

9:15 AM

(open for 20 minutes)


LMPOA Board Meeting August 3, 2015

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Lake Montezuma - Beaver Creek Community Center

Lake Montezuma – Beaver Creek Community Center

The regular monthly meeting of the LMPOA Board was held Monday, August 3, 2015 at 5:00 at the Beaver Creek Adult Center.  Over a dozen residents turned up to hear all the latest from the hard-working Board and other dedicated community members, to express their opinions and offer their support for various projects.  Here’s some of what you missed if you weren’t there:

Good news included an update from Arizona Water that the bid process is underway for work that needs to be completed towards the first twenty new fire hydrants.  We heard the plan at our May meeting presentation at the Montezuma Fire Department. Looks like that presentation is on its way to becoming a promise kept!   Click here to view the slideshow information that was presented at the May meeting,  including a map of proposed hydrant locations.

New neighbor Ryan Carter, DDS, recently of Oklahoma and soon to be resident, stopped by and was introduced.  He will be joining the Lake Montezuma community, and officing in the MRM medical building on Pima, at the top of Rollins Park.   He was warmly welcomed by all those attending.

Two Bylaws Amendments were proposed by Janet Aniol, acting as a member.  The text of the changes will be distributed to all members for their input over the next few weeks, as we consider a name change as well as an expanded membership base.

Thank yous were passed around to Ron Melcher, for securing a projector for the LMPOA to use in various presentations, Grace Lahr for agreeing to work on land use requests, Ron again for agreeing to work on a bulletin board within the Adult Center for LMPOA topics, Chris Nicol for working on the new website, Mike Nelson for agreeing to work on the South side of the Rollins Park kiosk, Sharon Olsen for her ongoing work on the front side of the Rollins Park kiosk, Treasurer Alan Spacone for producing professional financial reports and all others who help make LMPOA a dynamic organization.

And of course, all the usual nitty-gritty details of zoning, ordinances, coordination with other organizations, night skies, weeds, parking, the fountain, the sprinklers, coming events, free food and assistance for those who need it, and upcoming celebrations were covered as well. Stay tuned here for the official minutes, but for the interesting details, rumors and local color, you gotta come out to the next meeting!

Beaver Creek 4th of July

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A great time was had by all at the  July 4th Beaver Creek Parade. The parade left the Sycamore Park area in Lake Montezuma at 9:00 AM and traveled south on Montezuma Avenue past the Village Square. Grand Marshals Pastor Ken and Leeza Miller presided over a fun family ceebration of Independence Day. Parade entrants (walkers, animals, vehicles, floats) put on a great show. The festivities and pancake breakfast was in Rollins Park at the Lake Montezuma Village Square. The BC Kiwanis Duck Race on Wet Beaver Creek featured a flotilla of feisty rubber ducks who paddled madly for the finish line. Congratulations to Carol Keeton, Kiwanis Event Coordinator, and all who helped make this a great event.
  • BC Kiwanis donation pancake breakfast: 7 to 8:45 AM
  • Beaver Creek Parade: 9:00 AM, from Sycamore Park to Rollins Park. Line up 8:30 – 8:45 AM
  • Led by Camp Verde Post 93 American Legion Riders
  • Grand Marshals Ken and Leeza Miller
  • Flag ceremony concluding the parade by Cornville American Legion Post 135
  • Free hot dogs served by BC Baptist Church immediately after parade
  • Water served by GC Lutheran Church after parade
  • Free ice cream cups from BC Adult Center
  • Parade ribbons awarded and lots of music
  • Balloons and face painting and more until Noon
  • Community information & vendor displays
  • Water game fire truck from Montezuma Rimrock Fire District
  • Live music by the Beaver Creek Philharmonic
  • and of course, the world-renowned Duck Race at Sycamore Park: Noon

Property Tax

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Property Tax Increase Passed by Yavapai College District

June 9th,the Yavapai College District Board voted 3-2 to increase property tax assessments 2%. The average homeowner in the Yavapai Community College District will see a nearly $7 per year increase on their property taxes for fiscal year beginning July 2015. This will add up to an additional $825,000 the college will receive each year, according to the Board.

Pedestrian Bridge

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Pedestrian Bridge Installed 3/25/2015

This is the real deal! Sixty eight tons of steel suspended over Beaver Creek and installed in the dead of night with two hours to spare. Film courtesy of Banicki Construction.

Dropped Residential Dog Limit

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Yavapai County Drops Residential Dog Limit Proposal, 4/3/15
Yavapai County Proposed Animal Ordinance H15016–WITHDRAWN   

The presentations on the proposed Yavapai County animal ordinance change to limit dogs to five per single family residence have been cancelled.  Yapavai County Development Services is not going forward with this proposal.  The scheduled meeting at the Montezuma Rimrock Fire Station for April 22nd has been cancelled.   The proposed ordinance will not be on the Lake Montezuma POA agenda for Monday, April 6.

At this time Yavapai County intends to utilize a more positive application of current codes on property management and health and sanitation for animal hoarding situations.  Commercial puppy breeders located on residential property are already required to have use permits which will be enforced.  Complaints about vicious animals will be directed to the Yavapai Sheriff’s Office.
– The Calendar Crew

Animal Control