eNews 4/10/2020

Dear Neighbors
Yes, there will be a food bank at Beaver Creek School tomorrow, Saturday, morning from 7:45 AM to 9 AM.  This time it will be a drive through at the front of the school.  There are generally fruit & veggies, meat, bread, and what ever St Mary’s Food Bank has for us.  Any one is welcome to participate.
On another note, the Yavapai County District 2 website has links and information on about everything that you would want to know about COVID-19 information, health services, county services, Arizona services, the Governor’s executive orders, etc.  Please scroll down because links from several days ago may be the ones that are useful for your needs or information.  http://www.yavapai.us/district2  
Big POBs (Pats on Back) and many thank you’s to Supervisor Thurman and his executive assistant Marlyn Van Keuren for their continuous hard work to keep us all up to date.  They do it almost daily.  And an additional thank you to Marlyn who drove around District 2, which is huge, on March 31 delivering gloves to those of us who are packing and distributing food from food banks.  We    her.
ready to go get food,
. . . . . the calendar crew  
Good Afternoon, (April 9)
Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.
from Marlyn Van Keuren
  1. Press Release from the National Prescott Forest Service – guidelines for preventing the spread while enjoying the outdoors. See attached Responsible Recreation.
  2. Reminder from our Mayor Justice Court, that the courts are still open. Thank you Judge Rummer for your service.
  3. MAYOR’S VIRTUAL TOWN HALL MEETING – For the Faith Based Community and Mental Health – The City of Prescott will hold a virtual Town Hall Meeting on Friday, April 10 from 1 -2:30 p.m. to discuss mental health services available for citizens, and resources offered by the faith-based community, via Zoom.   The panel of speakers includes Leslie Horton with YCCHS, April Rhodes, Spectrum; Bert Ijams, Meals on Wheels; Carole Benedict, US Vets; Jessi Hans, Coalition for Compassion & Justice; and Jason Price with Prescott Pastors Coalition.  To participate, join the Zoom meeting @ https://zoom.us/j/380013448, or Dial 1-253-215-8782.  Meeting ID: 380 013 448.
  4. Governor Doug Ducey today announced that Arizonans currently receiving food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will be able to use benefits for online food purchases with currently-authorized SNAP online retailers, Walmart and Amazon. This change will help limit social interaction for Arizona’s most vulnerable while ensuring SNAP recipients receive needed food assistance. See email for full Press Release.
  5. New Executive Order singed today to help boost medical staffing levels and provide certainty and liability protections to health care professionals serving on the front lines. The order provides protections to health care professionals treating patients during the COVID-19 health emergency, while also protecting patients against negligence or reckless misconduct. For more Go to Link on District 2 web page http://www.yavapai.us/district2  for all the Executive Orders.
  6. Yavapai County Business Assistance & Displaced Employees Community Forum
    April 14, 2020
2:00pm to 3:30pm (via Zoom)
In an effort to support Yavapai County Businesses and displaced workers navigate through the difficulties they are experiencing due to the COVID-19 crisis, this webinar will touch on the following items:
NACOG  – Unemployment & other resources for workers
SBDC – Overview of SBA loan programs available
ARIZONA@WORK - Jobs available & unemployment assistance
REDC – Online Job Fair
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YCCHS Briefing 4/7/2020

Dear Neighbors
From the previous YCCHS briefing: 
Yavapai County has experienced its first confirmed COVID-19 death.
The Yavapai County resident passed away on Saturday, April 4th. YCCHS Director, Leslie Horton shared “My heart is with the family, friends and neighbors as they grieve this loss. This sadness is shared by our entire county as we work together to do what we can to keep each other safe during this difficult time.
This is a reminder to all of us to do what we can to protect our families, friends, and communities by following the guidelines that are created to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and future tragedies like this. We all must do our part to protect those who are most vulnerable to this illness.”
Want to Help? A big way people can help is by donating any surgical masks, N95 respirators, gloves, gowns and other medical supplies they have. To donate these items to the Yavapai County EOC, please call 771-3321 or email josh.goldman@yavapai.us.
. . . . . the calendar crew  
April 7 
th Morning Update – Yavapai County Community Health Services
Yavapai County stands at 57 Cases – No Additional Cases

La Paz
Santa Cruz
There have been 2,575 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 73 deaths reported in Arizona.  To date, 33,375 Arizonans have been tested for COVID-19. 1,232 residents have been tested in Yavapai County, with 1,175 tests being negative (95%).  There are now 57 cases in Yavapai County; 11 in Prescott, 10 in Prescott Valley, 9 in Sedona, 13 Other-Quad-Cities, 7 Cottonwood, 6 Other- Verde; unknown; 18 seniors 65+, 34 adults 18-64; 5 minors (0-17); 25 males, 32 females.  VVMC reports 1 hospitalization from COVID-19, with 6 persons under investigation.  YRMC reported 3 hospitalizations with COVID-19, with 11 persons under investigation on West Campus, 3 on the East Campus. Both hospitals report meeting the 50% capacity increase mandated by the Governor.
  • Yavapai Emergency Operations PPE Donations – see www.yavapai.us/chs
  • YCCHS limiting immunization appointments except for infant or respiratory vaccines.  771-3122.
  • Yavapai County WIC offers all services online or by phone to existing or new clients – call 771-3138.
  • The Yavapai Emergency Phone Bank – 928-442-5103
  • COVID-19 information en español
How do I get infected with COVID-19?
Viral droplets transmitted from an infected person’s cough or sneeze enter through your nose, mouth or eyes – the usual entry points for respiratory viruses. Even if they don’t cough or sneeze directly on you, you may get the virus if you touch something an infected person recently touched and then touch your face, nose, mouth or eyes.  From there, it travels to the back of your nasal passages and to the mucous membranes in the back of your throat. That’s the place where symptoms – such as a sore throat and dry cough-often start.  Then the virus spreads down the airway passages to the lungs. When the lungs’ membranes become inflamed, it’s harder for them to work properly. In addition to causing problems in the lungs, the virus may also cause nausea, diarrhea or indigestion if it infects cells in the gastrointestinal system.
It can take as few as two or as many as 14 days after being exposed to the COVID-19 for the first symptom to develop. The first symptom of COVID-19 is usually a fever. Then come respiratory symptoms, like a dry cough and shortness of breath, that often turn into pneumonia.  The worst cases often lead to respiratory failure, which could result in death.
For Employment & Financial Assistance and More:
https://arizonatogether.org/ and en español: https://arizonatogether.org/es/
For more information, see www.yavapai.us/chs
Terri Farneti
Public Health Coordinator
Yavapai County Community Health Services
(928) 442-5596
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AZ Business Webinar 4/7/2020

AZ Businesses, if you miss this webinar but are interested, please go to the registration site for further information on upcoming information and previous content.
Arizona Commerce Authority will present the second webinar in their COVID-19 series
Workforce Continuity & Strategy

This informational sessions is designed to provide guidance, tools and resources to all of Arizona’s businesses impacted by COVID-19.

The Arizona Commerce Authority will join experts from the Small Business Administration, their Office of Economic Opportunity team, and the Arizona Department of Economic Security to discuss how to:

  • Avoid employee furloughs and strategize alternative options
  • Navigate the Payroll Protection Program and the impact on your cash flow by rehiring your previously laid-off employees
  • Address federal and state guidelines on reduced work hours due to COVID-19 and UI eligibility
  • Connect with the Department of Economic Security and Office of Economic Opportunity to support employees
Click Here to Register for the Webinar: https://www.azcommerce.com/covid-19/webinars/
  •  confirmation email with the Zoom link will be provided upon registration. If the confirmation email is not received, please email events@azcommerce.com.
Please visit Azcommerce.com/covid-19 and Arizonatogether.org for more information.
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Dear Neighbors
“This is an email from our Beaver Creek Librarians about finding books to read that are out in the little lending libraries within our Rimrock/Lake Montezuma/McGuireville community.  These are the ones that were originally sponsored by the Friends of Beaver Creek Library.  Folks visiting the little libraries should gather items wearing kitchen dishwashing gloves or other gloves, place them in bags and quarantine the items for 3 days, then put on gloves again and wipe the items off with lysol sprayed on a paper towel or disinfecting wipes containing alcohol.  We are quarantining books in the library in this way.”
from Stuart, Lora and Beth -The Beaver Creek Librarians miss our patrons and remind everyone to ‘social distance, wash hands and stay healthy!’.”
The Beaver Creek Adult Center library is open from 9 AM to Noon, Monday through Friday.  Gloves and wipes are available to use and anyone is welcome to borrow books or movies.
. . . . . the calendar crew  
Little Lending Libraries Beaver Creek Area   As of 6/2017
Rimrock: Intersection of Towers Dr. and Goldmine Rd.
                Steward: Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
                Builder: Mike Schmitz
Lake Montezuma: 3700 block, Montezuma Ave.
               Stewards: Ron and Darla Melcher
              Builder: Mike Schmitz
                                 4100 block, Pine Dr.
                 Stewards: Kenn and Lora Trout
                Builder: Mike Schmitz
                                 4000 block, Yuma Circle
                 Steward: Louise Fitzgerald
                 Builder: Randy
                                 4200 Block, E. Shade Rd. (The Haven)
                Steward: Annie Jackson
                Builder: Mike Schmitz
McGuireville: Feed Store
                 Steward: Gary Savage
Friends of Beaver Creek Library encourages placing little lending libraries throughout our community. Want more info? Talk to FBCL Board members and/or visit
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YC Health Services Update 4/1/2020

Dear Neighbors

Yavapai County has 31 Cases of COVID-19; First Minor
. . . . . the calendar crew  
For Immediate Release
4/1/2020 3:52 PM
For further information, contact: Terri Farneti, Public Health Coordinator
April 1st Afternoon Update – Yavapai County Community Health Services
Yavapai County has 31 Cases of COVID-19; First Minor
21,058 Arizonans have been tested for COVID-19.   619 residents have been tested in Yavapai County, with  591 tests being negative. We now have  31 positive cases in Yavapai County , 19 residents in the Quad-Cities area, and  12 in the Verde Valley area have been affected; 13 seniors 65+, 17 adults 18-64; 1 minor. 17 males, 14 females.  YRMC has reported 2 of the 3 patients hospitalized have been discharged, so only 1 remains in the hospital. The YCCHS Epidemiologist will be following up with the released patients as they recover at home.
·       COVID-19 is widespread in Arizona.  Everyone should assume COVID-19 is in their community.
·       The Yavapai Emergency Phone Bank – 928-442-5103
·       COVID-19 Hotline call 2-1-1 from 8 to 8 p.m. each day of the week
·       COVID-19 information en español   and Governor’s site:  https://arizonatogether.org/es
Governor Ducey’s Executive Order – Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected through 4/30
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s executive order is in effect requiring residents to stay home unless they have an urgent need to go out for specific allowable purposes – such as grocery shopping, trips to the pharmacy or the bank, and to periodically exercise at a space of six feet apart from others.  The Attorney General has stated law enforcement’s goal is to educate and inform, however by state statute this order can be enforced, with an opportunity to comply.   Here’s the link to the Executive Order.
COVID-19 Town Hall Meeting Thursday Night at 6:00 p.m.
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has announced plans for a statewide town hall meeting that will air on all the state’s television stations.  It will be an hour-long conversation about the latest information regarding the coronavirus pandemic. There will be no live audience at the town hall. However, members of the public can submit “virtual questions” in advance through local television and media outlets across the state.
City of Prescott is hosting a Small Business Virtual Town Hall on Friday, April 3 @ 1:00 p.m.
Mayor Mengarelli will host a virtual “Town Hall Meeting” for Prescott’s small business owners from 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. via Zoom.  This meeting will give local business owners the opportunity to receive updates from representatives of local government, the Yavapai College Small Business Development Center, Northern Arizona Council of Governments, and the Prescott Chamber of Commerce. Participants can ask questions regarding the Governor’s Executive Orders.  Go to  www.prescott.az-gov/city-management/communications/covid-19 for the details.
Today is Census Day:   Make sure you and your family are counted!  https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2020/census-day.html
For up-to-date information, visit our website:   www.yavapai.us/chs .
Bryan Thomas
Crime Prevention Specialist
Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
255 E. Gurley St. Prescott,  AZ 86301
(928) 777-7223

Local Closings and Transportation Update 3/30/2020

Dear Neighbors
Posted by Keith Leaman
Today our governor announced that public and charter school districts would remain closed through the end of the semester. He also announced a statewide Stay-at-Home executive order which will be in effect at least through April 30. Essential services for groceries and medicine are exempt from this. Restaurants may continue to offer take out. Many other services that are transportation related, social or medical service related, infrastructure and/or production related are also exempt. He recommends enjoying the outdoors at a safe social distance from others. This order goes into effect Tuesday at 5 PM.
This week we are fortunate to still have three local restaurants offering cooked meals for take-out: Robbie’s, 592-9191, El Patio, 592-0340, and Thai Garden, 592-9117. X Marks the Spot still has fresh food available, 567-4225. Our auto services, three gas stations w/minimarts, and Dollar stores remain open. Montezuma Dental is open for emergencies only. Canyon Medical is offering telemed and phone appointments and considering other. Please practice distancing at these venues while helping some of our small businesses stay afloat.
Yavapai Apache Transit, Cottonwood Area Transit and Beaver Creek Transit are all still running. CAT services are free during the COVID-19 outbreak, YAT is $1.25, and BC Transit is free although donations are gratefully accepted. BC Transit provides rides throughout the Verde Valley for food, medical and banking. Seniors and those with disabilities have priority and we take others as driver availability permits. We p/u prescriptions from area pharmacies, p/u orders from Walmart, and both deliver food bags and drive residents to food banks.
BCT is driving every Tuesday and Friday late afternoon to the Food Share in Camp Verde with rider pickups starting at 3:30 PM or will gladly p/u and deliver a food bag for those who have no transportation or need to stay home. First come first served, 301-2749. Multiple vehicles can be sent. The free local shuttle runs every Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM stopping near the YAT signs. Beaver Creek Transit will also take local residents who need a lift to the nearest YAT stop during the week.
 And how’s the Census going? So far only 25% of Arizona households have completed it. “Everyone can complete the Census at https://my2020census.gov/. Ten Questions, Ten Minutes. Completely Confidential and 100% Secure.” Although self-response has been extended to August 14, please get it done now. No need to wait.
Important resources:
  • Beth Franklin, 928-567-4034, Beaver Creek Library Coordinator, recommends trying out Ancestry for an interesting project while you are at home. Yavapai County Free Library District has made this program free to the public. Find it at www.ycfld.org .
  • Karin Ward, Beaver Creek School Superintendent, forwards that Suddenlink is offering to provide free Internet services for students for 60 days at locations that it serves. Families can call 1-800-251-7313 to talk to a representative. It should take about 5-7 days to establish the connection.
. . . . . the calendar crew  
Food Share Pick Up Information
Bread of Life Food Share: Tuesdays & Fridays 4:30 PM to 6 PM at 51 E Holloman St, Camp Verde. This is a drive-thru service. Please use the entry route across from ACE Hardware. A map is below.
Cancelled Monday, 3/23: The Bread of Life Pop Up Food Share is from 9:45 to 10:45 AM at Beaver Creek Baptist Church, 3705 E Beaver Creek Rd, in Rimrock behind the Rimrock Post Office.
7th Day Adventist Church Food Bank: Every Wednesday from 9:30 AM to Noon at 1406 N Boothill Dr in Camp Verde.
Kiwanis Clothes Closet Food Share: Every Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30 PM in front of shop at 3095 E Beaver Creek Rd in Rimrock.
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Food Shares, Local Biz Updates 3/23/2020

Dear Neighbors
This ‘n That
School is still closed for students, now through April 10. Lessons and food continue to be delivered from Monday through Thursday at the Beaver Creek School bus stops.
 Montezuma Well, Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot are now completely closed. However, our local trails, nearby trails and streets are great for getting exercise. Our local library still offers curbside service and great information by phone.
Let’s support our local restaurants. Robbie’s has take out, 592-9191; El Patio does to go orders, 592-0340; and X Marks the Spot is selling staples (list below), 567-4225.
Bread of Life has cancelled today’s Food Share Popup at Beaver Creek Baptist Church. They are concentrating on providing the drive-thru Food Share every Tuesday and Friday from 4:30 to 6 PM at the Camp Verde ramada. The Tuesday Dinner has been postponed for the time being. (Directions below). Beaver Creek Transit delivers food to 30 families and others deliver, too. If you have no transportation or can’t get out on the freeway, please call 301-2749 for a food package. Bread of Life needs volunteers.
Manzanita Outreach has cancelled their Cornville food share but is delivering and serving other food shares in the west valley. They need more volunteers. (More information below)
Yavapai County Emergency Operations Center EOC is open and the phone bank will be in operation  M-F 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  The number is 928-442-5103.  Questions after hours?  Call the hotline:  1-844-542-8201
Montezuma Chapel streamed their Sunday Service yesterday. If you would like to receive the next one, call Scott & Charity Worden at 567-4804. They also provided the United Way graphic. Thank you!
Staying busy
. . . . . the calendar crew  
Food Share Pick Up Information
Bread of Life Food Share: Tuesdays & Fridays 4:30 PM to 6 PM at 51 E Holloman St, Camp Verde. This is a drive-thru service. Please use the entry route across from ACE Hardware. A map is below.
Cancelled Monday, 3/23: The Bread of Life Pop Up Food Share is from 9:45 to 10:45 AM at Beaver Creek Baptist Church, 3705 E Beaver Creek Rd, in Rimrock behind the Rimrock Post Office.
7th Day Adventist Church Food Bank : Every Wednesday from 9:30 AM to Noon at 1406 N Boothill Dr in Camp Verde.
Kiwanis Clothes Closet Food Share : Every Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30 PM in front of shop at 3095 E Beaver Creek Rd in Rimrock.
Manzanita Outreach Updates   (now focusing on the greater Cottonwood area)
In the last several days, Manzanita Outreach has taken or is taking the following actions:
  • Implementing CDC safety guidelines ~ Prevention
  • Added a part-time employee to maintain and expand communications amongst VV food assistance providers.
  • Moved exclusively to a drive-thru format for our food distributions. (until further notice)
  • Postponed our food distributions at Vineyard Church (89 & Zalesky) and Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Cornville.  A drive-thru at these locations isn’t feasible. (not enough room for cars)
  • Handed off our Camp Verde distributions to Bread of Life Mission in order to focus on the Cottonwood community at large.
  • Developed contingency plans to scale our food distribution operations as things evolve.
  • Requested and received a verbal commitment from the CEO of St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance to support our efforts.
  • Requested and received commitment to receive an additional three semi-truckloads of food per month.
  • Scheduling volunteer groups to sort prepackaged food boxes (perishable and non-perishable food)
  • Expanded our Food Sharing schedule at Verde Valley Christian Church
    • Fridays evening from 5:00pm-7:30pm
    • Saturdays morning from 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Moved our food sharing events from St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Clarkdale to Clarkdale-Jerome school (drive-thru)
  • Changed our Food Sharing events at Verde Valley Manor and Highland Square from the farmer’s market style to home deliveries of their residents (175 total)
  • Expanding our home deliveries where necessary for Tuzigoot Village and Christian Care residents.
  • Making reminder phone calls monthly to ~400 seniors in advance of deliveries or upcoming food sharing events.
With these changes, our immediate capacity to share food in Cottonwood will increase from 1,700 families to 2,600 families per month (53% increase).  Our mobile outreach capabilities allow us to adapt quickly and we are well-positioned and ready to expand further as the need increases.
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CCF&M Kayak Rescue 3/22/2020

From Copper Canyon Fire & Medical District
Copper Canyon’s Swift water team worked together to rescue three stranded kayakers on March 21 on the Verde River.  The patients were not injured.
Attached you will see a photo of this dynamic rescue.
Dale Duns
Copper Canyon Fire & Medical District
Battalion Chief

Fire Station locked except for Emergency, Other Closings 3/18/2020

Dear Neighbors
Please order your reading and listening materials quickly. Closings and postponements are occurring faster than we can post them on the calendar since changes are hourly now. On the Beaver Creek Community Calendar, the known cancellations are in black (our information color) and start with CNX. Other items may also be in the process of being cancelled or rescheduled. Call ahead to make sure if a meeting is still scheduled.
As of yesterday, the Beaver Creek Public Library is remaining open to individuals, all programs and gatherings are cancelled. The Verde Valley Cleanup (free dumping) will NOT begin tomorrow. It is cancelled at this time. Grace Community Lutheran Church has suspended all Wednesday groups and activities. The National Park Service has closed access to Montezuma Well and Tuzigoot. Only the 1/3-mile loop trail will remain open for use at Montezuma Castle.
Both Fire Stations have signs on the doors explaining that in order to protect the first responders all doors are locked. However, if you ring the doorbell, they will respond as to an emergency and of course the outside phone rings to 911. The CCFMD Bond Advisory Committee meeting for 3/23 is cancelled.
Cottonwood Area Transit, Yavapai Apache Transit and Beaver Creek Transit are still running currently.
This is what we know. Other items may change before we get a report, so please call ahead. Below is what the next week and a half look like now on the calendar.
Thank you for your patience 
. . . . . the calendar crew  
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Closing and Reschedules as of 3/17/2020

Dear Neighbors                     SEE Changes and Closings in Next Post 3/18/2020 

The Presidential Preference Election is ongoing today until 7 PM for registered Democrats to choose a candidate for POTUS. Voting may be done at any vote center in Yavapai County. Our closest is at the Beaver Creek Adult Center, 4250 E Zuni Way, in the Village Square across the street from the former Ranch House Restaurant. If you have an unmailed mail in ballot, it may be dropped off before 7 PM.
The Calendar Crew has more closings and canceled meeting to report. The National Park Service has cancelled all activities for the March Archaeology and Heritage Month at Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well and Tuzigoot. All additional activities have been cancelled at Montezuma Well. The Verde Valley Archaeology Center Museum is closed. However, the Native American Pathway is open. The Friends of Beaver Creek Library meeting is cancelled. The Yavapai County Planning & Zoning Commission will not meet for the next 90 days, planning to recommence in June. The Board of Adjustment and Hearing Officer cases will be on the same hiatus. The Board of Supervisors meeting schedule will continue the same but is requesting fewer to attend and is not encouraging public participation at the meetings.
March 13 Rainbow
Beaver Creek School may be closed but education, food distribution, and information services continue. Meal delivery started yesterday, Monday, and homework delivery starts today. The two bus routes for meal and homework delivery are below. Also please check out the “Good Things” from Superintendent Ward. It’s amazing what such a small school can do!!
Beaver Creek Public Library remained open as of yesterday. The Verde Valley Clean Up (Free Dumping) is still scheduled to start on Thursday. Several small group activities are still planned but subject change.
Beaver Creek is still functioning & caring 
. . . . . the calendar crew  
The Good Things Happening in the Beaver Creek School
March 2020
March 16, 2020
*        To the teaching staff who has come in to prepare packets for their students, thank you. I reviewed several packets. They were prepared with thoughtful academic needs for your classroom.
*        To the cafeteria and bus staff delivering those packets on the bus routes starting Tuesday, Thank you.
*        To the bus staff and cafeteria staff preparing and delivering meals this Monday through Thursday to our kids at bus stops, Thank you.
*        To our families asking for work and reaching out to communicate with their children’s teachers, Thank you.
*        Families, Thank you for supporting the president’s request to not gather in places of more than 10. Thank you for teaching our children about social distancing and about handwashing.
*        We are here for you even if remotely, families. We will check our email, our DOJO, and our phones to communicate. Our goal is to reduce the anxiety of our children and you to the best of our ability. We know it takes a village and Beaver Creek staff and families have stepped up to continue learning with our children.
Other Good Things!
Mrs. Allie Wheeler attended Crisis Prevention Intervention trainer training in order to continue in her role as the district CPI trainer.
The Verde Valley Sanctuary presented to our students on important topics for social emotional learning and mental health. Many teachers have expressed gratitude for these important educational sessions.
The girls and boys basketball teams went to the small schools state tournament. The girls took third place. Thank you to all of our terrific basketball coaches!
Although postponed, the boys baseball team was off to a great start, they have been practicing and were looking forward to their upcoming first game.
Although postponed, Jr. Basketball was halfway through their season.  This is a volunteer run program which gives students in 1st through 4th grades an opportunity to develop their skills as basketball players.
The STEAM Extravaganza was well attended, along with the yummy dollar per family dinner.
Karin Ward
Beaver Creek School District
4810 E Beaver Creek Road
Rimrock, Arizona 86335

Instill A Passion In Lifelong Learning

Rimrock Bus 8 Homework & Food Delivery
Lake Montezuma Bus 8 Homework & Meal Delivery
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