BCCA Community Meeting 4/9/2018 3pm

Please Join Us for the
BCCA Community Meeting

3 PM – 4:30 PM
April 9, 2018 (Monday)


Beaver Creek Adult Center
4250 E Zuni Way
Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342

Dear Good Neighbors,
Please join us for the meeting which starts at 3 PM in the Adult Center. If you can’t make the meeting, please send us your comments particularly on the zoning change proposal to create RV storage on the 4 acres at the corner of Montezuma Lake Rd and Lookout Point Rd and/or land use violations.
For 20 to 30 minutes at the beginning of the meeting,  Rebecca Borowski, Yavapai County Land Use Unit Manager will explain what is and is not a violation and how to report violations to the county.  She will use a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate what is and is not a violation.
Beaver Creek Community Association Board of Directors
Janet Aniol, Sharon Nelson, Mike Nelson, Bob Burke, Dani Bruno, Ron Melcher, Phil Edwards
Ron & Darla Melcher volunteering for the Trek for Tech held annually and starting from BCCA Rollins Park in the Village Square
                PO Box 5292
               Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342

Beaver Creek eNews 4/5/2018

Dear Neighbors
All this mild winter, many of us have been doing battle with pack rats and gophers who are definitely defeating our efforts.  Sometimes they even get help from other species. A spouse who has been trying to catch pack rats could not understand why the peanut butter was disappearing yet the traps were unsprung.  Please take a look at the photo to see why!
The last 3 days of the FREE DUMPING are today, Friday and Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM at the Camp Verde Transfer Station.  The detailed information is below..
April continues with lots to do in our area.  This weekend is the fine annual Arts & Crafts & Bake Sale at the Beaver Creek Adult Center and in Rollins Park next to it.  On Monday, Rebecca Borowsky from Yavapai County Public Works Land Use Division will bring a PowerPoint presentation and take questions about land use violations and how to report them to the Beaver Creek Community Association meeting.
The following weekend is the April Second Saturday Hike sponsored by the Beaver Creek Trails Coalition and the monthly food bank located at Beaver Creek School.  Scheduled later in the month are the Beaver Creek Community Health Screening Event and the Beaver Creek Adult Center Pot Luck.
We Value Our Teachers Foundation has been formed.  Its mission is to provide grocery gift card grants for teachers at Beaver Creek School and other schools in Sedona and surrounding area.  Funds are being raised via a golf tournament on May 8 and a helicopter ball drop.  Ways to contribute are by playing golf, purchasing ball drop tickets (available at BC School), or getting together with friends to be a Hole Sponsor.  Please take a look at the information flyers below.
Looking forward to seeing all of the crafty talent this weekend,
. . . . . the calendar crew 

Special Events for April
Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays, 3/29 thru 4/7-FREE DUMP DAYS  at the Camp Verde Transfer Station, 2600 E. Hwy 260, 7 miles East of I-17 from 8 AM to 4 PM.  District 2 Supervisor Tom Thurman and The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, working with the Public Works Department, is pleased to announce a community cleanup in the Verde Valley.   Accepted items are: household appliances, TV’s , bagged trash, auto batteries, unmounted tires, furniture, and yard trimmings. Items that will not be accepted: loose trash, liquids, hazardous materials, cars, Ni Cad batteries, dead animals and any commercial dumping.  For additional information please contact the Yavapai County Public Works Solid Waste Division at 928-771-3183. (See flyer below)
Friday & Saturday, 4/6 & 4/7–The Spring Arts & Crafts Festival & Bake Sale hosted by the Beaver Creek Adult Center runs from 9 AM to 4 PM at the Center located at 4250 E Zuni Way in Lake Montezuma and in Rollins Park.  Wonderful gifts for birthdays and holidays created by talented craftspeople are on display inside and outside in the park.  All work is original.  Please come enjoy the artistry of your friends and neighbors!  Please call the Adult Center at 928-567-4556.
Monday, 4/9-Rebecca Borowski, Yavapai County Land Use Unit Manager willexplain what is and is not a violation and how to report violations to the county at the Beaver Creek Community Association (BCCA)  meeting at 3:00 PM in the BC Adult Center. The request for a zoning change to Commercial-2 on the 4 acre parcel (pending sale sign) at the junction of Lookout Point and Montezuma Lake Rds will also be discussed.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Please contact Janet Aniol at 928-592-2839 for further information.  www.beavercreekaz.us
Saturday, 4/14–The Second Saturday Hike  starts at 9 AM at the Forestglen Trailhead located at the intersection of Forestglen and Redrock Drive at the southeast end of Wickiup Mesa.   Hike from the Forestglen Trailhead along one of the Beavercreek Trails Coalition Wickiup Mesa Trails and back to the trailhead, approximately 2.5 miles total.  Featured guest will be Judy Kennedy, Yavapai County Master Gardener, who will lead discussion on local plant life and Native species common to our area.   Please contact Kenn Trout at 928-567-4162 for further information. (See flyer below)
Friday, 4/20-The Beaver Creek Community Health Screening Event runs from 9 AM to 3 PM at Beaver Creek Baptist Church hosted by the Beaver Creek Community Action Team.  This is your opportunity for FREE dental for all ages and other health screenings.  The NAU Department of Dental Hygiene is pleased to offer FREE dental screenings including x-rays, oral cancer exams, fluoride treatments, oral health education and goodie bags to all in attendance.  Stop by and meet the Tooth Fairy while taking advantage of these FREE services.  KNOW YOUR NUMBERS/KNOW YOUR RISK  – Northern Arizona Healthcare will be offering a FREE non-fasting health screening that will provide the following information: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Total Cholesterol HDL/LDL, Triglycerides, Diabetes Risk Assessment. This screening takes approximately 20 minutes during which you will receive your results and have an opportunity to review them with a health professional.  Knowing your numbers and
your risk may help you make decisions to take the steps to improve your heart health which may save your life. We can offer you ways that can improve your numbers.  There will also be CPR Demonstrations by Copper Canyon Fire & Medical Authority and a representative from Y.C. Emergency Preparedness Department will be available to inform, respond to concerns and offer free printed materials to attendees.  More information will be available soon.  Please contact Jeannette Estes at 928-567-5421 for updates.  (See flyer below)
Saturday, 4/21–The Beaver Creek Adult Center Pot Luck  begins at 5 PM.   Please bring your plate (if you forget, we have paper plates) and utensils, a dish to share, and a friend.  Drinks will be provided.  Everyone is welcome to attend.
Our CCF&M Crew at Work
On April 2 , 2018 at approximately 11:06 pm Copper Canyon Fire and Medical were dispatched to I-17 southbound at milepost 297 for a motor vehicle accident.  Upon arrival of initial crews they encountered two passenger vehicles, one car and one pickup. The car was blocking both southbound lanes and the pickup was upside down in the median. One passenger was flown by medical helicopter to an area hospital and the second patient was
transported by ground to another area hospital. Crews were assisted by an ambulance from Verde Valley Fire and an Engine from Sedona Fire. The exact cause of the accident was being investigated by DPS.
Steve Sarkesian
Battalion Chief
Copper Canyon Fire & Medical Authority
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Letter from Fire Chief Keller 3/27/2018

Dear Neighbors
Those of you who lived through the economic crash of 2008 in this area remember the days afterward when we needed to vote for a tax override to keep our fire district operational.  That override is ending.  For newcomers and those of us who were here then, Chief Keller reviews what happened after 2008 and explains how our fire district and fire authority have met challenges and what the future might bring.
. . . . . the calendar crew 
My Turn 
A sincere thank you to the communities of McGuireville, Rimrock, Lake Montezuma and Camp Verde!

Effective July 1st, the Montezuma Rimrock Fire District (MRFD) will no longer be operating under the 2012 voter-approved five-year property tax override.  Every taxable property in MRFD will see a significant savings for fire taxes when the bills are mailed-out later this summer.

Without the override, MRFD would have had a very difficult time weathering the economic storm that was created by the real estate collapse of 2008, which ultimately resulted in significant drops in property valuations.  Over the course of six tax years, beginning in 2010, the net assessed value for MRFD decreased a staggering 64% (compounded).  This value is what the District relies upon to create the tax revenues it needs to operate.  Initially, MRFD was forced to raise the “mill rate” or tax rate which is multiplied against the net value of every property to create the total tax levy, but it only took two budget cycles (FY 11 &12) for MRFD to reach the statutory limit of $3.25 in order to maintain its operations.  By 2012, it was evident that this was not going to be enough and the Governing Board approved placing the override on the general election ballot in 2012, which the community nearly overwhelmingly supported, as this measure passed with nearly 64% of the vote.
Unfortunately, this recessionary storm turned into the “perfect storm” with the passage of Proposition 117.  Ironically, this Arizona constitutional amendment was also passed by Arizona voters in 2012 (but did not take effect in 2015), restricted any increases to property valuations for taxation purposes to no more than 5% than the prior year.  For MRFD, this meant they tumbled down 13 steps into the revenue basement over five tax years, but can now only climb one step each year to get back out.
Fortunately, the override for MRFD delayed the effects of Proposition 117 for a few years, and enabled MRFD to amass some savings and effect some changes to be in a much better position today.  Interestingly, the Camp Verde Fire District also lost 46% of its property value during the same economic downturn, and the initial sharing of services between these two districts, followed by the eventual creation of the Copper Canyon Fire and Medical Authority (CCFMA) has enabled both Districts to survive and, hopefully, eventually thrive.
As an example of the efficiencies achieved by the creation of CCFMA; at one point, both districts individually supported fire chiefs, assistant chiefs, office managers, bookkeepers, and other clerical/receptionist staff.  Camp Verde also supported a fire marshal and fleet manager/mechanic.  Today, both districts are being managed by a Fire Chief, an Administrative Manager, and two clerical staff.  We continue to utilize our Fire Marshal for the Community Risk Reduction services for both districts, and we now outsource our fleet repairs to a local vendor at a lower annual cost than what CVFD used to spend for just their portion of the fleet.
Some of these administrative salary savings have been reinvested in additional staffing to provide better services to our communities.  We now employ three shift battalion chiefs to coordinate adequate and appropriate daily staffing as well as to provide administrative and operational oversight to ensure that we operate effectively and safely on larger incidents.  We have also hired a number of additional firefighters to improve our daily ability to effectively and safely deal with emergencies we are called to.  In fact, with our most recent hires, we are now able to staff an additional ambulance (four instead of three).   Our staffing is also supported by part-time firefighters, or Reserves, whom we utilize to help fill vacancies in our roster and to augment our daily staffing.  These Reserves we share with Verde Valley Fire District, under an intergovernmental agreement, so both agencies share the costs of testing, training, and outfitting these employees with protective gear.  This arrangement saves both agencies money, as neither has to do this alone and both use these employees to fill vacancies first, before relying on hiring-back a full-time firefighter on overtime.
It is hoped that we are seeing what will be a sustained economic upturn in our area, and that this resulting growth will enable us to achieve our strategic goal of building an additional fire station to help reduce response times and hire additional staffing to handle our ever increasing call volume. We are the second busiest agency in the Verde Valley, just behind Sedona, which has five stations compared to just our two. In the near future we will also need to explore replacing some of our fleet, which seems to be constantly on the road responding to fires, traffic accidents, medical calls, and technical rescue incidents.  We will continue to pursue grant funds to help support some of these purchases, when applicable, as well as for other necessary equipment and training.
On behalf of the staff and Governing Board members of Copper Canyon Fire and Medical Authority, and the Camp Verde and Montezuma Rimrock Fire Districts, Thank You for your past and continued support as we grow and evolve to meet your demands for our emergency services!
Terry Keller, Fire Chief
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Please Help! BC Road Cleanup Saturday 3/10/2018

Sat, 3/10–8 AM at the Nikki’s Grill parking lot or at the Recycling Bins
Beaver Creek Road Cleanup
Saturday, 3/10, 8 AM
Help Needed for BC Road Cleanup
Verde Valley Ancestral Gardens has joined forces with the Beaver Creek Kiwanis for a road cleanup on Beaver Creek Road this Saturday, March 10, between McGuireville and Beaver Creek School starting at 8 AM.  Please volunteer with us to get this done.  Trash pickup sticks and county-approved bags will be available from VVAG in the Nikki’s Grill parking lot and at the Kiwanis sign in located by the recycling bins.  We are asking you to donate one hour of your time to help cleanup what should be beautiful Beaver Creek Rd. Caution signs will be out along BC Road.  Please wear gloves! 
Special thank-yous to Nancy Rowland of VVAG who has spent much time organizing this event and arranging for county pick up of the trash bags the following week, and to Eileen Conn, Rosemary Coker, Bella Donna and an anonymous good neighbor who have been working on their own to put a dent in the trash buildup.
The plan is for Verde Valley Ancestral Gardens to send volunteers out in pairs along specific areas of Beaver Creek Rd.  Kiwanis is targeting the area around the Y and the recycling bins and heading toward the school if there are sufficient folks to do this.  If anyone has battery operated or sharp clippers or small saws, some lower branch brush clipping is needed near the Gasmart to make removal of plastic easier.
Please spread the word and join us for an hour at 8 AM this Saturday morning.  Wear gloves!


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Beaver Creek eNews 2/12/2018

Beaver Creek eNewsFebruary 12, 2018
Dear Neighbors
Rain has been requested by the community and is expected to be received in Beaver Creek today and possibly on several other days this week.  Week long highs in the fifties and lows above freezing have been forecasted by NWS.  So please get your burn permits from the fire station and take care of your slash before more grows.
The LM Women’s Civic club is meeting tomorrow to enjoy lunch while collecting baby blankets and other items to donate to the hospital.  Their fun tea fundraiser will be on the 24th which will help to support community projects such as a scholarship to a Beaver Creek School student.  This weekend several activities and meetings are scheduled.  Of special note are the Beaver Creek Adult Center pot luck and the Habitat for Humanities Workshop to be held at BC School. 
Please check out the “Good Things are Happening at Beaver Creek School”.  The field trips, high school and college planning, and healthy activities scheduled by school staff and community volunteers are mind blowing to someone who still remembers the one kindergarten field trip and one 8th grade trip offered in the calendar crew’s schooling.
Up coming on March 1 is the annual Kiwanis Chili & Pie Dinner and on March 10, VV Ancestral Gardens supported by BC Kiwanis is sponsoring a Beaver Creek Rd cleanup.  More on these events next week.
The APS rate increase has been a hot topic for several months after many residents received nearly a doubling of electric bills which was not the advertised rate.  As it happens, it takes 25 review requests from the public to require the Arizona Corporation Commission to schedule a rehearing.  The initial hearing on the rate increase is scheduled for 2/15 at 1:30 PM.  It is a procedural conference for the formal complaint: Stacy Champion, et al, versus Arizona Public Service.
While the rehearing request on the APS rate increase has been in the works, APS requested on January 9 that the ACC approve a $119 rate reduction to customers to start on February 1.  The request is based on Federal corporation tax cuts.  No word yet on when ACC will schedule and approve this request.  Meanwhile, it is recommended that customers who have had particularly large rate increases call the number on their bills and make sure that the best rate category is being used for billing.
Happy for the chance of rain,
. . . . . the calendar crew 
February Special EventsBC Adult Center
Saturday, 2/17–The Beaver Creek Adult Center Pot Luckbegins at 5 PM.   Please bring your plate (if you forget, we have paper plates) and utensils, a dish to share, and a friend.  Drinks will be provided.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Door prizes and auction, too.  (See flyer below)
Saturday, 2/17–The Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity Workshop  is hosted at Beaver Creek School from 9 AM to Noon. You must attend if you are interested in becoming a Habitat Homeowner.  (See flyer below)
Wednesdays, 2/21-3/21–The Lent Soup, Supper & Service   starts at 6 PM in the Grace Community Lutheran Church.  Please call 928-567-4608 for more information.
Thursday, 2/22–The STEAM Extravaganza will be held at Beaver Creek School from 6:30 PM to 8 PM. $1 per dinner.
Saturday, 2/24–The Lake Montezuma Women’s Civic Club Tea will be from 2 PM to 4 PM in the Beaver Creek School Cafetorium.   Get your tickets now!  There will also be a fashion show, an auction and silent auction.  Tickets are $20 and limited to 75.  Tea attire is expected.  Tickets are available from Betty Hart 928-567-2946, Rachel Ayars 719-330-9346, Alberta Amos 928-567-4892, Darla Melcher 928-592-0782 and any civic club member.  This is a fundraiser for a beaver creek student scholarship and to support local community organizations.  Mark your calendar!  (See flyer below)
Regularly Scheduled Meetings & Activities February 12 to 17  
Monday, 2/12–The Rimrockers  will meet at 11:30 AM  at Diana Bell’s home for a pot luck and meeting.  Please call Diana Bell at 928-567-9113 to confirm your attendance and get directions to her home.
Monday, 2/12-The Beaver Creek Community Association (BCCA)  meets at 3:00 PMin the BC Adult Center.  BCCA helps to provide information, representation in Yavapai County, maintain Rollins Park, participate in and sponsor community projects.  Selection of arborist for Rollins Park tree trimming and Rimrock Well No. 3 Administrative Review w/Comment on APN#405-05-110 & -014A; H18004 at this meeting.  Please contact Janet Aniol at 928-592-2839 for further information.   www.beavercreekaz.us   
Monday, 2/12–The Beaver Creek School Governing Board  meets at 6:00 PM in the school board room. Board members are:  Jackie Harshman, president; Jo Burke; Karen DuFresne; Betty Hart; and Perry Krowne.  The agenda will be posted at several sites locally and is also at: www.bcs.k12.az.us 
Tuesday, 2/13–The BC Kiwanis  meet at 7:30 AM in the BC Adult Center Library.  We will discuss January and February activities.  Please call Carol Keeton at 928-606-4050 for more information. www.bckiwanis.org 
Tuesday, 2/13–The  Lake Montezuma Women’s Civic Club meets at Grace Community Lutheran Church from 11 AM to 1 PM    The program will be presented by the Social Worker in Obstetrics at Verde Valley Medical Center, talking about the resources for young mothers in the area. All women in the community are invited.  Members are asked to bring not only baby blankets to donate to the hospital, but also any additional items they may want to donate to the auction being held with the tea event on February 24 .  Cost $13.  Contact Chair Marie Kraetz, president, at (928) 567-4832 for more information.
Tuesday, 2/13-The MRFD Auxiliary meets at 11 AM at the Montezuma Rimrock Fire Station.  The Montezuma Rimrock Fire Auxiliary is putting together a cook book as a fund raiser. If you would like to contribute a recipe or two, please email recipe to me at grambo_3@msn.com   and put Recipe as subject. Hope to get some good recipes from all you great local cooks!
Tuesdays, All-The Creative Movement Classes meet in the BC Adult Center from 9 to 9:45 AM.  The Chair Yoga classes meet from 5:30 to 6:15 PM.  Please call Pamela Zahnzinger at 928-592-9114 for further information.
Wednesday, 2/14–The Blood Pressure Clinic  is available the second Wednesday of each month in the BC Adult Center from 9:30 AM to 11 AM.  Come get your blood pressure taken by Sue Brann, RN.
Thursday, 2/15–The Montezuma Rimrock Fire Board  meets during a 9 AM to Noonsession for the MRFD, CVFD, and CCF&M Fire Boards at the Camp Verde Fire Station this month.  Call Robyn Cook at 928-567-9401 for further information.  Don’t forget that you can find past minutes and the current agenda on the web site at  http://cc-fma.org/
Thursday, 2/15–The Friends of Beaver Creek Library Board  will meet at  4 PM at the Beaver Creek School Public Library. TREK FOR TECH plans are underway and we look forward to a successful Fun Run/Walk on March 24th. Watch for signs and info mid-February and join the fun. A great family event !  Contact Judy McBride at 928-567-4648 for more information.
Saturday, 2/18–The Men’s Breakfast  at the Beaver Creek Baptist Church welcomes new friends and old at 8 AM. Please call Pastor Ken Miller at 928-567-4557 for further information.
Saturday, 2/18–Bird Walks at Montezuma Well  will be hosted by NPS from 9 AM to 11 AM the first and third Saturdays through April 2018.  Meet at the Montezuma Well picnic area.  For more information please contact NPS at 928-567-3322, ext 0.
Saturday, 2/18–The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League meets at 10 AM at Grace Lutheran Community Church. The function of this church auxiliary is to help members of the community. Please call 928-567-4608 for further information.
The Good Things Happening at Beaver Creek School
January 2018
News release:  Mrs. Karin Ward, Superintendent at Beaver Creek School
Our STEAM Extravaganza is rapidly approaching. It will be held on February 22. Students are working hard to understand and use the scientific method, and teachers are supporting their efforts through guided practice. Teachers are also organizing activities for parents, students, and community members.
Friday 2/9 will be the Verde Valley In-Service day for teachers. Beaver Creek School is hosting the discussion on new topics and trends in special education. We are also sending teachers to schools around the Verde Valley to learn and discuss ideas with other educators. This collaborative effort to grow as professionals gives us all a chance to reflect, learn, and revise our practice.
Beaver Creek School welcomed our new student teacher Mr. Jeff Reeves this quarter. He is working with Mrs. Cheryl Guth in her fourth grade class. He is doing a great job, absorbing information and supporting students daily.
Mrs. Allie Wheeler has been working with Mrs. Micca Martinez to get the 2018 season of Jr. Basketball up and running. Mrs. Martinez created the program and is helping to transition it to Mrs. Wheeler. They have both worked hard to make sure our kids have the opportunity to play. We are very excited to welcome first though fourth grade students to the 2018 season of Jr. Basketball. We have several parents volunteering to coach. Thank you to coaches and families for your cooperation and enthusiasm for this program.
Mrs. Pam Zahnzinger will be holding auditions for her upcoming drama production on 2/13 and 2/16. She is working on this performance as a partner with our 21st Century program. She put on a wonderful play last year. The district staff is  certainly happy to see her working with our kids once again.
Mrs. Betsy Ciminieri is forming a running club in partnership with our 21st Century program. She will use running to fuel conversations about healthy habits, keeping a balanced lifestyle and building self-esteem. Welcome Coach Betsy!
Baseball and softball season are off to a great start. Coaches Hardy, Kelley, and O’Brien are working with their players to build their teams. The players are excited to begin playing! Go Bobcats!
We have out third wellness week planned and we will have guest speakers from the Health Department discussing Healthy vs. Unhealthy relationships, Safe Dates, and dating abuse.  We have officer Godina in to talk to our students K-5 about personal safety.  Mat Force will be here to talk to our students about Life Skills that include self esteem/assertiveness. The Yavapai County Health Department will talk to 5th grade about puberty and the changes their bodies are going through.  Nurses will also keep our students current on their immunizations, check heights and weights, and scoliosis.  The staff will play the 8th grade in the annual staff versus 8th grade basketball game.  We will also be celebrating spirit week with a retro theme.  Our staff and students will be encouraged to dress in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s throughout the week.
The eighth grade toured both high schools in preparation for selecting where they will attend high school.  It is valuable for them to actually see the campuses and classes that are available to them.  It is always interesting to hear what specific opportunities and classes excite our students for next year.
On February 15th the fifth and sixth grade students get to attend Cinderella at Phoenix Symphony Hall.  This is a wonderful experience to broaden their horizons and to expose them to the fine arts, as well as, introduce all the jobs and careers that are related to the performing arts.
Upcoming field trips are to The Tempest, the Shakespeare play, the Renaissance Festival and The Maze, which is a hands-on experience related to teenage issues and concerns.
The Women’s Civic Club is once again offering a scholarship to graduating seniors who attended Beaver Creek School and live in the Beaver Creek area. The district is pleased that Mrs. Cowan is able to help some of our former students in their career and college choices.  Many begin their college careers at Yavapai College.  Our current students (7thand 8th) have already toured the campus and are aware of the programs that are offered there. This really helps them to make more educated choices that are personal and beneficial to them.
Our boys and girls basketball teams both made it to the small school State Tournament. What a wonderful accomplishment.  Go Bobcats! We have spirit yes we do!
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BCCA Annual Meeting: Good Neighbors & Diverse Opinions

The Beaver Creek Community Association held their Annual Meeting Saturday 1/27/2018.  About thirty members and area residents attended, along with Board members, County Supervisor Tom Thurman, and Jeff Thumm from Coconino National Forest.  The theme of the meeting was “Good Neighbors”. Each person attending was awgoodneighborarded a blue ribbon designation as a “Good Neighbor 2018″, because, in the end, it’s our neighbors and the people who show up at meetings that make our community a great place to live.  The meeting was upbeat, and included presentations by Jeff Thumm — who was introduced as the Forest Service manager who authorized the prescribed burn on October 24, 2017.  He presented the many factors that go into prescribed burns in a straightforward and factual way, and by the end of his talk, there were lots of questions and comments, but all present agreed that a prescribed burn once in a while is better than the alternative: wildfire!  Congratulations, Jeff, on a great presentation.

If you missed the meeting, you missed some good community conversations, as well as outstanding refreshments donated by Mike Nelson and Ron Melcher, arranged by supershoppers Sharon Olsen and Janet Aniol, and our perennial favorite secret recipe punch provided by Phil Edwards.

Long-time community leader Bob Burke was newly elected to the Board of Directors, as was Danice Bruno, an animal lover and financial wiz.  The new Directors will replace Lisa Taylor, who is now out of state, and Alan Spacone, currently undergoing chemo and therefore unable to serve on the Board in 2018.  The two new Directors were elected by acclamation, and will be valuable indeed to the BCCA.  Janet Aniol presented the financial report for 2017, an update on projects from 2017, and a transportation update, highlighting this news: the grant for bus service routes including Yavapai Transit stops from Apache Nation to McGuireville, the Ranch House, and Rimrock has been accepted and may happen this year.  2017 projects included support for the Beaver Creek Trails Coalition’s new 6.2 mile trail system on Wickiup Mesa, public meetings with Arizona Water, followed by progress on hydrants and pipe.

Board member Sharon Olsen asked for members to pitch in and help in volunteering with park maintenance duties. She reviewed bids to trim trees in the park, which will be a large budget item for the BCCA, but is badly needed for safety reasons.  Ron Melcher joined in asking residents for assistance with the fountain, gardening, clearing branches, and other park maintenance chores. Contact a Board Member if you have gardening or other skills we can use! Email : Contact Us.

President Janet Aniol circulated copies of a petition to limit Bow Hunting in our area. The petitions would be sent to Arizona Fish and Game Commission. Neighbors and residents had various opinions, from those aghast at bowhunters in their backyards, to those who support hunters, people just like everyone else, who generally respect their neighbors. There is current regulation which requires a resident to post “No Trespassing” sign or “No Hunting” sign on each lot. There were equally divergent opinions as to whether the signs were effective or reasonable in a suburban setting, and what measures could be taken by those whose property adjoins forest or open areas.  The BCCA has not taken a position on the matter, but signs are available for those who wish to post, and petitions for those who wish to sign them.

County Supervisor Tom Thurman presented the case for renewal of a 1/4 cent sales tax, devoted to maintenance of our county jail in Camp Verde.  The existing tax was passed to handle overcrowding conditions, and will expire in 2020. The renewal of the tax at the same rate, Thurman stated, is needed to provide half of the cost of maintenance to the facility, which now houses up to 600 inmates, and is currently overcrowded by as much as 60 heads per night.  Members asked questions and received solid answers to the issues from Supervisor Thurman.  For details on the jail tax proposal, click here.

Thurman also predicted a population surge in our area over the next 2-3 years, with the work on Highway 260 complete and other transportation changes making Beaver Creek more accessible. He stated that real estate values in our area have increased significantly, good news for all residents.

Check this website for the official minutes coming soon, but to get all the scoop firsthand, come out to the next Board meeting, February 12, 2018, and speak up!


Back to School BBQ Thursday 8/3/2017

Supervisor Thurman in Beaver Creek Parade
Today is the annual Back to School BBQ at Beaver Creek School.  Everyone is invited to attend and see what the upcoming year will bring.  Yavapai County Supervisor will be attending as a special guest and looks forward to meeting many of our residents.  In addition, the Rock School House on campus is open to the public for the event.
Today, 8/3-The Back to School BBQ at Beaver Creek School will be held from 6 to 7:30 PM in the cafetorium.  The evening includes a FREE dinner for everyone and an opportunity for students and parents to visit classrooms.  Community, school and local agencies will have representatives in the cafetorium to make information available.  Parents/guardians of children ages 0 to 5 will have the opportunity to sign up for a free monthly book in the mail from the Imagination Library.


LMPOA Board Meeting 11/2/2015

A meeting of the Board of Directors of LMPOA was held Monday, November 2, 2015.  The featured presentation was given by Anthony Palermo of Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, ably assisted by Deputy Carlos Godina, also part of the County Community Relations Team.  They discussed ways in which Neighborhood Watch groups can keep the crime rate down in communities such as ours.  The following links are for some of the materials provided following the meeting:

Sue Brann, a community resident who leads a highly effective Block Watch Group in Lake Montezuma, spoke about the way her group has organized to patrol a large area by smart scheduling, and providing a master reference book of information about homes and residents. That master book is passed to the patrollers currently on duty each week, and is kept current through the year, so that those on patrol know what to expect on each block: e.g., when neighbors may be out of town, guests may be staying with unfamiliar vehicles, and so on. She also emphasized that the Block Watch’s mission is to look for suspicious activity, and to notify law enforcement if something is spotted, rather than to tackle the matter themselves. The Sheriff’s department contingent heartily agreed, and assured us that leads are all followed up. Congratulations to Sue and her group for a really successful, long-term positive result on the neighborhood. A good crowd of neighbors was on hand to talk about ideas and questions regards the Block Watch program, and to express concerns about  traffic and speeding enforcement.

The Board handled other business in their usual efficient manner, approved necessary minutes and financials, discussed pending recommendations, and scheduled lots of activity over the next couple of months. Work details were scheduled to put up holiday lights in Rollins Park — in time for Christmas and Holiday Fest, but not so early that we lose sight of Thanksgiving or the meaning of the season. Arrangements to stuff envelopes for mailings to our members, planning for the Annual Meeting in January, and so on, will keep your Board from dozing off between now and the end of the year.

Check this space for the official minutes later.  As always, to share in the conversation, you just gotta come on out to the meeting and tell it like you see it!

LMPOA Board Meeting October 5, 2015

The regular monthly meeting of the LMPOA Board was held Monday, October 5, 2015 at 5:00 at the Beaver Creek Adult Center.   Due to vacations and other reasons, only three Board Members were present, so a quorum was not met.

However, a nice crowd of well-informed and vocal residents were on hand to talk about pending issues and hear a succinct presentation from Supervisor Tom Thurman and County Director of Development Services Steve Mauk regarding the Pros and Cons of incorporating for a small community.  Lots of intelligent questions and answers later, revealed the crowd not in favor of pushing forward toward incorporation. The Board will hear more comments at the next meeting, and consider setting up a task force for further study if community members want to pursue the issue. Last meeting, a gentleman came to the meeting with a research packet and recommended this as a pretty good way to enable the community to get some muscle behind applications for grants or other funding, as well as to enforce local zoning or other ordinances, elect and pay a Mayor, and open up the ability to assess taxes toward possible viability for the Golf Course and Ranch House.

Our proximity to national monuments Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle was noted at our last meeting as a factor that might allow us to keep the size of an incorporated area or special tax district quite small; however, Thurman pointed out that normally the County will approve only when 50 percent of the residents plus 1 are in favor of forming such an entity. The trick would be to make the boundaries small: surrounding area to the Golf Course, for example. Unfortunately, that would also exclude most businesses which could provide tax revenue.

Mauk recommended consulting the Arizona League of Cities and Towns as THE resource for information on incorporating and special districts. Both Mauk and Thurman emphasized that the budget for forming a small town corporation can be sizable!  County services such as police, building inspections, and road maintenance become no longer available from the County without special requests and costs to the incorporated community.

The controversial proposed National Monument in Sedona was also discussed. Both the topic of forming a task force on incorporation and issuing a letter of support or non-support for the Sedona National Monument were tabled for next meeting, and will have much more discussion. The Sedona decision is completely up to Barack Obama, but our letter of support and others from the Sedona area will surely sway that outcome.

Thank you to resident “Mr. Park” Bill Merkley, who attended and was pressed into duty to help with bids for much-needed work on the trees in Rollins Park.

A letter of support for use permits for the new Montezuma Family Dental has been sent and a letter of support for a parking and supplies location for a U-Haul was considered but will be voted on by the Board with quorum at the next meeting.

Plans for the Halloween Spooktacular were discussed, and individuals encouraged to SIGN UP EARLY for being part of the trunk-or-treat treat provider group.  Sign up by contacting Janet Aniol or Grace Lahr TODAY so that all treat providers can be properly vetted prior to October 31st.  Showing up late with goodies is not an option  for obvious safety reasons concerning our kids!

A special meeting was tentatively scheduled for October 19th at 5:00 PM to make the necessary approvals with quorum, and then the next regular meeting will be the first Monday in November with YCSO guest Anthony Palermo who will provide neighborhood block watch information.  Stay tuned here for the official minutes, but if you want to hear some really interesting stuff and speak your mind about community issues, you gotta come out to the meeting!