Bee Removal Sycamore Park 6/29/2016

Wednesday AM Sycamore Park &
Frontage Beaver Vista Rd Closed
For Bee Removal
Bee Removal by Montezuma Rimrock Fire Crew and Yavapai County Personnel
 Sycamore Community Park
Starting at 5:45 AM tomorrow Sycamore Park, 4170 E Beaver Vista Rd, in Lake Montezuma will be closed for at least 3 hours for bee hive removal.  Since one location of the hives is 60 feet up in a very tall tree, Montezuma Rimrock Fire District first responders will be assisting Yavapai County personnel with the removal.  Beaver Vista Rd in front of the park will be closed for approximately 3 hours.  Please avoid the area.  The hives will be removed.  The bees may be unsettled.  Camp Verde Fire District crews will be taking Beaver Creek area calls during this time.

NEW Rimrock Farmers Market

Saturdays, 6/4 thru 10/8– THE RIMROCK FARMERSMARKET STARTS THIS WEEK END! It will be held in Sycamore Park on Saturday’s from June 4 to October 8th. Hours are from 8 AM to Noon.  Join us at the park. Welcome!  For further information please contact Gerry Quotskuyva at the market, in his studio located at 3470 E Beaver Creek Rd or on the Rimrock Farmer’s Market Facebook page.

Press release:  The RIMROCK FAMERS MARKET starts today!

Gerry Quotskuyva

It’s held at Sycamore Park from 8 AM to 12 PM.  Please support a new local venture by stopping by to check out the beautiful produce from local gardeners who have your health in mind.  Snapshots of the primary vendors are on the Facebook page.  The primary sponsor, the Beaver Creek Kiwanis who helping to make this VV Ancestral Gardens project happen, will be selling their 4th of July Duck Race tickets.  Sunny will be performing soothing flute music during the inaugural celebration today.

The Rimrock Farmer’s Market has been organized and permitted by Gerry Quotskuyva, president of Verde Valley Ancestral Gardens.  Members of the organization are assisting in the direction of the market and volunteering their time in support of this community service.  Gerry has personally inspected each of the vendor’s gardens.  More volunteers to help out would be appreciated.  Please see Gerry at the event or at his studio if you are available to assist.
In addition, the VV Ancestral Gardens membership does the cleanup along the stretch of Beaver Creek Rd from the McGuireville Bridge to the central business area of Rimrock.  Photos of the group doing the cleanup are from member Nancy Rowland.
VV Ancestral Gardens Crew