LMPOA Members Vote for Name Change

At their annual meeting of the membership January 28, 2017, members voted overwhelmingly in support of a name change for the historic LMPOA.  The new name:  Beaver Creek Community Association, or BCCA.  Board Member Ron Melcher presented the recommendation for change, as a beginning step down a road which may lead to our eventually seeking certification as a 501c3 tax exempt organization.  Only the name change was adopted at this meeting, however, and the membership will determine what other changes may come in the future.

The members re-elected directors Phil Edwards and Sharon Olsen for new three year terms.

Guest speaker Ken Zoll, Executive Director of the Verde Valley Archaeological Center, made a very good presentation about the progress of VVAC since its beginnings in 2010.  The accomplishments of that organization have been pretty amazing, and continue to surpass expectations. Thanks to Ken for a great talk.

The next meeting of the Board will be February 8, 2017, Wednesday, at 3:00 pm.

LMPOA Annual Meeting Saturday 1/28/2017 3:00 PM

Don’t forget, the LMPOA Annual Meeting of all members is tomorrow, Saturday at 3:00PM at the Beaver Creek Adult Center.  All members and neighbors are invited.  Come and see your neighbors, join us for refreshments and let your voices be heard. We will have an outstanding speaker, Ken Zoll, Executive Director of the VV Archaeology Center in Camp Verde.  We will elect the Board for 2017 and consider a name change for LMPOA.  Click here for the full Agenda.

Each year the LMPOA holds its annual meeting during the season when geese are flocking around the golf course, quacking and honking and generally acting like, well, silly geese.  One might think they were just a noisy gaggle of geese, each with their own opinion, loudly stated in honks and squabbles on 20160119_163248the ground.  You would be wrong, of course.  Those silly geese, who normally have nothing more important to do than to quack and honk, when they decide to flock together and rise up into the air, become a troop of aeronautic precision flyers.  They quickly rise in strict formation, inspiring us all and reminding us that even silly geese can do astonishing things when they share goals and remember their shared destination.

You might think, likewise, that the LMPOA is a group of citizens with no more important business than to worry about the stuff in their neighbors’ backyards!  You would be wrong, of course.  When we work together, we can accomplish extraordinary things.  We need your leadership to do that.  So come on out to the Annual Meeting on Saturday. Let the silly geese inspire us to flock together for our common goals as neighbors.


Free Food January 2017


Pickup & Meal Schedule in Beaver Creek area (Call Beaver Creek Transit at 301-2749 for food delivery)

Organization Registration Cost Dates
Beaver Creek SchoolCommunity Food Bank


2nd Saturday each month

Free Food Distribution

4810 E Beaver Creek Rd 


Call Monday – Friday for

Emergency Food Box

FreeBring bags

Extra food for children

Ages 5-15

Saturday, 1/14 

7:45 to 9 AM


Free Food & Clothing 

Every Wednesday

Just come to the 7th Day Adventist Church in Camp Verde at 1406 N Boothill Dr & get in line. Free 

Bring bags

Wednesdays,1/11, 1/18, 1/25


9:30 AM to Noon

Hot Meals & Food Boxes 

Every Tuesday



Just come to the Camp Verde Community Center at 435 S Main St in Camp Verde (Bread of Life Mission) Free  Tuesdays,1/3, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31


 5:30  PM Start

Free Food Every Tuesday Afternoon/Evening  1st Southern Baptist Church at 11340 E Circle Dr in Cornville 




Bring bags




Tuesdays,1/3, 1/10 1/17, 1/24, 1/31


3:00 to 6:00 PM


Beaver Creek Adult Center Bread & Veggies

Mon – Fri until gone

Open 9 AM to Noon

4250 E Zuni Way in Lake Montezuma village squareCall 567-4556 to check on arrival of the food Free

Bring a bag

Delivered late Weds, but food remains until gone