Weekend Activities and a Free Play 5/17/2019

Dear Neighbors
Here are some special activities that you may enjoy this weekend:
Friday, May 17 — Free Live Musical Performance.  Tonight at 7 PM in the Beaver Creek School Multi-Use Building (auditorium), the Camp Verde High School Theatre Arts Guild and Beaver Creek School Century 21 Program are presenting a FREE musical performance.  More information about this amusing and sincere opportunity for entertainment is below.
Saturday, May 18– Free Bus Service around Beaver Creek from 10 – 2. Enjoy a free ride on the Beaver Buggy to local shopping and stops! Click here for full details.
Saturday, May 18–The Donation Pancake Breakfast is from 8 to 10 AM at the Beaver Creek Adult Center. Join your neighbors at the Center for pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit – all for a suggested donation of $5. Yummy!!  Phone: 928-567-4556.
Saturday, 5/18–The LAST Bird Walk at Montezuma Well will be hosted by the National Park Service from 8 AM to 10 AM.  Meet at the Montezuma Well picnic area. Bird walks at Montezuma Well are rated easy-moderate. For more information please contact NPS at 928-567-3322, ext 0.
Saturday, May 18–A Hopi Drum Concert FREE. Montezuma Castle National Monument invites the public to an evening of music and dancing under the full moon. Ryon Polequaptewa will sing and drum while Living Traditions Dance Troupe will perform the Corn Dance and Horse Dance. This will be a visually stunning event you won’t want to miss! Call 928-567-3322 ext 0 for additional information.
To walk or to eat, always a difficult choice,
. . . . . the calendar crew 

Free Saturday Bus Stops around BC

Free Local Transportation

BCT Saturday Van Route
The Beaver Creek Transit Saturday Van will run from 10 AM to 2 PM, starting and stopping in the lot across the street from the Ranch House parking lot. The Buggy will make five local loops in the Beaver Creek area stopping in Lake Montezuma, Rimrock and McGuireville. There is no charge. The driver, Roz, will not take donations on these runs. Also, please note that the Saturday Route is unable to take passengers needing to use the wheelchair lift or children under 5 requiring booster seats. Riders needing special accommodations may call 301-2749 to make reservations for transportation on other days. There will probably be schedule changes as Beaver Creek Transit gets more experienced with this route. Please bear with us as we learn.
This service is very much a community effort. Thank you to the Beaver Creek Community Association which purchased the buggy and to the Beaver Creek Adult Center which provides the nonprofit 501(c)3 partnership. Thank you to the Lake Montezuma Civic Club, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, the Yavapai Apache Nation and to the Kiwanis Key Club (high school students) who have provided the initial funding for the Saturday route. And last, but not least, heartfelt gratitude to Rask’s Auto Service on Beaver Creek Rd for keeping the van operating for the past 10 years. There would be no Saturday run without Rask’s preventive maintenance and resourceful repairs. Nor would there be without our drivers!
DEPART Montezuma Ave across from Ranch House
  10 AM  10:45 AM   11:30 AM  12:30 PM   1:15 PM
Montezuma Haven entrance
Beaver Creek Gas Mart
Towers Dr
Beaver Creek Library
Beaver Creek Gas Mart
Crosswalk in front of fire station for
     Dollar General
Bice Rd mail boxes
McGuireville RV Park
Kiwanis Clothes Closet also for Family Dollar
Beaver Creek Gas Mart
The Smoke Shop parking lot
RETURN to Lake Montezuma by Ranch House
   10:45 AM   11:30 AM  12:15 PM   1:15 PM  2 PM
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BCCA News & Dues Letter 5/13/2019

Hello, Members

May 13, 2019
Beaver Creek Community Association

3 PM
2nd Monday of each month


Beaver Creek Adult Center
4250 E Zuni Way
Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342

Dear Members,
This is a news and dues letter. We are trying to save money on postage, so this year we’re doing business by email as much as possible. The household dues are still $25 or $35 if you would like to send a little extra to help more with the Rollins Park upkeep. The easiest way to send in dues is to use the PayPal at www.BeaverCreekAZ.us. The other two ways are to put a check in our mailbox behind the hostess desk in the Adult Center or to mail one to BCCA, PO BOX 5292, Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342. From way back the LM post office has been used. Please use its 86342 zip code. Some members have already paid, please disregard the request if you have done so, and catch up on the news. Also, if you purchased an ad in the business directory, your dues are covered for the year.
As always, we could use more help if you have a little time to spare. A couple of tasks that need to be done in the near future (besides paying the dues which help us to keep going) are volunteers to place the flag at Rollins park at half staff when required and to replace the flag when tattered. We will also need volunteers to attend the AZ State Transportation meeting in Cottonwood on July 19 to support us in our request for safety improvements at the McGuireville Interchange. The meeting will probably start at 9 AM; we don’t know the location, yet. Last month we sent a complaint about the tall weeds on the golf course to Yavapai County Development Services who that day sent a letter to the owners about that problem. We would like to report other problem lots due to the upcoming fire season being of particular concern. Please let us know! Also if you have a weed eater and some extra energy, it would be nice to help out a neighbor who can no longer cut weeds. To volunteer or send us information, please use contact@beavercreekaz.us.
Our web site has lots of information on it including meeting minutes and letters. Any time that you have a comment or question about a topic, please use the contact email and we’ll do our best to answer or get information to you. An update about some of the things that we’ve been doing follows.
BCCA Board: 
Janet Aniol, president; Sharon Olsen, vice president; Ron  Melcher, secretary; Bob Burke, treasurer; Mike Nelson board member; Chris Nichol, web master
BCCA President’s Update May 13, 2019
The organizations that we are particularly affiliated with are all busy this month. The Beaver Creek Community Action Team (safety & health committee) has received its emergency cards (printing paid for by us) and is distributing them at meetings and placing them in locations such as the Adult Center and the Beaver Creek Library. Beaver Creek Transit has just started its Saturday local loop which provides bus service to our businesses. BCT recently received a check from the Lake Montezuma Women’s Civic Club for $600+ which will cover about the first month of operation cost. The Beaver Creek Trails Coalition has its annual meeting this month on May 20  at 1 PM in the Adult Center. Please come see an excellent Power Point and find out what’s been happening with local trails.
BCCA secretary, Ron Melcher organized the replacement of the burned out light atop of our flagpole. Copper Canyon Fire & Medical responders wonderfully provided the equipment and expertise to get to the top of an unusually tall flagpole. (Flag photos courtesy of Ron)
The Beaver Creek Business Directory has been mailed to zip codes 86335 and 86342. We will do a mail out to those of you receiving mail in other zip codes in the next couple of weeks. The directory team who started from scratch to make this happen included Bob Burke, BCCA treasurer, Nancy Rowland, BCCA member, and Chris Nichol, BCCA web master.
I attended the AZ State Transportation Board meeting in Flagstaff last month and spoke to that board and ADOT engineers about our need for safety improvements at the McGuireville Interchange on I-17. The Yavapai County Director of Public Works, Dan Cherry, also spoke to the board about our issue (many thank you’s!!!). We need to follow up with many community members speaking about their dangerous experiences at the interchange during the July 19 meeting of the state board in Cottonwood.
At this time Yavapai County has budgeted $1.5 million dollars in fiscal 2022/23 for Public Works to improve safety at the dangerous curve on Beaver Creek Rd occurring prior to the entrance to Montezuma Well. The cost to the National Park Service will be about $250,000 for the cultural archeology excavation to be done prior to the road work.
I attended the Yavapai College Governing Board meeting in Cottonwood last month. The Call to the Public lasted more than an hour. The unanimous theme was that there needs to be more classes and programs offered in the VV, particularly in career and technology training. New college President Rhine is giving us some hope for a changed attitude toward out region. She has already added emergency food to the campus.
DR. RHINE ANNOUNCES THAT VICE PRESIDENT OF STRATEGIC INITIATIVES WILL BE HIRED TO FOCUS ON IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF COMMUNITY COLLEGE BY ADOPTING AN “OUTWARD MINDSET”.  Says that there will be an organizational shift where innovation, accountability, collaboration, equity, transparency, and engagement will become the essence of the Community College’s normal culture.
COMMUNITY COLLEGE EXPANDS STUDENT FOOD PANTRY TO VERDE CAMPUS.  I AM YC Club opens second College emergency food pantry.
                PO Box 5292
               Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342

CC Fire & Medical Rescue, BC Transit News 5/11/2019

Bell Trail Technical Rescue

On May 9 at 12:57 pm Copper Canyon Fire & Medical was dispatched to a technical rescue call in the area of Bell Trail. The information received was the patient had fallen approximately 20 feet. the patient was located several miles up the trail in the wilderness area. It took crews time to make contact with the patient due to an extensive hike into the wilderness. With the help of YCSO a rescue helicopter was sent to assist crews with extricating the patient.
Copper Canyon Fire personnel began medical treatment and prepared the patient to be picked up by DPS ranger. The patient was successfully picked up by DPS ranger and brought to a landing zone to be transported by a medical helicopter. Yavapai County Sheriffs Office and Copper Canyon Fire set up and utilized a unified command system to coordinate the efforts and the YCSO Search and Rescue team was used to secure and set up a landing zone for all the helicopters.
Steve Sarkesian
Copper Canyon Fire & Medical
Battalion Chief

Free Saturday Bus Loop for Beaver Creek

Today Beaver Creek Transit is testing and timing our new free Saturday local transportation run.  We are operating today starting at 11 AM and will stop at 2 PM.  The trial runs today plan to leave from across the street from the Ranch House in Lake Montezuma at 11 AM, 11:30, 12 PM, 12:30, 1 PM & 1:30.  FREE.  The other stops are Montezuma Haven, BC Gas Mart, Towers Dr, BC Library, BC Gas Mart, Cross walk by fire station (Dollar General), the Bice Rd Mail boxes, McGuireville, Kiwanis Clothes Closet parking lot (Family Dollar), BC Gas Mart, the Smoke Shop parking lot and back to the Ranch House to start over.  You may call us during this time at 301-2749 to see where we are.  This is our second test run.  Please be patient with us!
We plan to run regularly on Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM once we work out times & stops if usage warrants this service.


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Beaver Creek eNews 5/10/2019

Dear Neighbors

Javelina family crossing at Lake Shore Dr–photo by 
Edward Borowski

Most of us have seen many a May with sparse rainfall. To have several showers and continued wildflower production is an unexpected and joyful treat for our eyes. Last Saturday’s hikers on the trail to the Well Overlook were especially rewarded with a fine flower show.

Tomorrow-Saturday morning is another good one for a hike although there is a possibility of a shower later. It’s a good day to visit the early morning food bank at Beaver Creek School, cut weeds in your yard and take the slash to the free drop off outside of Camp Verde and return to get your vehicle washed by Key Club High School students at the fire station.
Postal Carrier
 Food Drive 2017

It’s also a time of year to donate items. The PTO is having a raffle at the BC School Spring Concert this Thursday and needs more raffle items from businesses and the community. Information about this is in the special event section. The BC Adult Center is having a rummage sale on May 31/June 1 and is looking for donated items to be brought to the Center. And this Saturday is the Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Drive. Please fill your bag with nonperishable food items and leave it by your mailbox.  The food goes to our local food bank at BC School.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day; special appreciation and respect sent to all! Taco Tuesday has returned to the fire station. On Thursday, there is an informational speaker on wills, trusts and deeds at the Adult Center and the Spring Concert at Beaver Creek School. On Friday there is a play at the school. The following Saturday brings us the Donation Pancake Breakfast at the Adult Center and a Hopi Drum Concert at Montezuma Castle.
The Beaver Creek Community Association has mailed the Beaver Creek Business Directory to every mail recipient in zip codes 86335 and 86342. The paper copy won’t be replaced for two or three years. However, it’s not too late to get your business listed in the online directory. If you are a paid member of the association, it is a free listing. If not, then the cost is $25.  Please email Chris at contact@BeaverCreekAZ.us if interested. The online directory is at the web site at www.BeaverCreekAZ.us. The emergency information and important contact phone #’s prepared by the Beaver Creek Community Action Team are on page 8. This information is also in card form which makes it convenient for refrigerator doors and car glove compartments. The card is being distributed at meetings and several locations.
Happy Mother’s Day to all our friends & relatives,
. . . . . the calendar crew 
Special Events for May 11 Through May 20
Saturday, May 11–The Key Club Car Wash will be at the Montezuma Rimrock Fire Station from 10 AM to 1 PM. This is a Kiwanis high school teen group who do volunteer work and raise funds for charitable causes. Such a great opportunity to get your vehicle cleaned between storms and donate to good causes.
Sunday, May 12–The Grace Community Lutheran Church special service honoring mothers starts at 10:30 AM.  A dinner will follow with the men cooking and serving the women.
Tuesday, May 14–Taco Tuesday is at the Montezuma Rimrock Fires Station from 5 to 7 PM. Donations $$$ for the dinner. We are raising money to buy a Drone for the department. The fire personnel are taking classes to get certified to operate the drone. The drone will assist in Search and Rescue operations, checking out dangerous areas, etc. Come on down and enjoy a taco dinner, visit with your community and support our Fire Department!! Thank you, The Fire Auxiliary.
Thursday, May 16–Judge Duane Wyles, Retired Attorney at Law is the BC Adult Center’s next speaker in the BC Adult Center’s informational series starting at 9:30 AM. He will discuss WILLS, TRUSTS, AND DEEDS. Everyone is welcome, no charge. Please call 928-567-4556 for further information.
Thursday, May 16–BC School Spring Concert begins at 7 PM in the cafetorium. At our Spring Concert the PTO is hosting a raffle. We are asking for donations from businesses or creative baskets and crafts to raffle off. So far we are very grateful for the items that have been donated including gift certificates to Crickets, Magnolia Beauty Bar, Jerome Ghost Tours, Home Depot gift cards from the BC Community Assoc and an Escape Room. Several staff members have also agreed to create baskets for the event. Additional raffle items would be appreciated. Contact Principal Katrina Sacco at 928-567-4631 for more information.
Friday, May 17–The 21st Century (Fridays at BC School) Students Play Production

begins at 7 PM in the school cafetorium. Please call 928-567-4631 for more information.

Saturday, May 18–The Donation Pancake Breakfast is from 8 to 10 AM at the Beaver Creek Adult Center. Join your neighbors at the Center for pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit – all for a suggested donation of $5. Yummy!! Phone:  928-567-4556 .
Saturday, May 18–A Hopi Drum Concert FREE. Montezuma Castle National Monument invites the public to an evening of music and dancing under the full moon. Ryon Polequaptewa will sing and drum while Living Traditions Dance Troupe will perform the Corn Dance and Horse Dance. This will be a visually stunning event you won’t want to miss! Call 928-567-3322 ext 0 for additional information.
Monday May 20–The Beaver Creek Trails Coalition Annual Mtg will be at 1 PM in the BC Adult Center. The program will include a Power Pt presentation, Volunteer of the Year Award, amendments to the By-Laws and election of board members. Janie Agyagos, Wildlife Biologist in the Red Rock Ranger District, will be the guest speaker. Please contact directors@beavercreektrails.org for additional information.  (See flyer below)
Regularly Scheduled May 11 through May 18
Saturday, 5/11–Free food is available at Beaver Creek School  from 7:45 to 9 AM.  Food is always available the second Saturday of each month for distribution to everyone and during the month as needed.  Emergency boxes are available by calling the school at 928-567-4631
Monday, 5/13–The Beaver Creek Community Association (BCCA)  meets at 3:00 PM in the BC Adult Center. Items for discussion include Yavapai County proposed zoning ordinance amendments concerning guest homes, metal panel fencing and mobile food units. Preparations will be made concerning the State Transportation Board July meeting in Cottonwood and opportunity to address our safety concerns with the TI 293 ramps at the McGuireville Interchange. Please contact Janet Aniol at 928-592-2839 for further information. www.BeaverCreekAZ.us
Monday, 5/13–The Beaver Creek School Governing Board  meets at 6:00 PM in the school board room.  The agenda will be posted at several sites locally and is also at: www.BCS.k12.az.us 
Tuesday, 5/14–The BC Kiwanis  meet at 7:30 AM in the BC Adult Center Main Room.  Please call Carol Keeton at 928-606-4050 for more information. www.BCKiwanis.org
Tuesday, 5/14–The  Lake Montezuma Women’s Civic Club  meets at Robbie’s in Rimrock, 11 AM to 1 PM. Lunch (soup and salad bar) is $15. We will present $1000 check to this year’s scholarship recipient, hear progress report from last year’s recipient, install new officers, vote on revisions t bylaws, discuss and vote on location/day/time for next year’s monthly meetings (Sept to May), and present the award for Woman of the Year.  This is an important business meeting and we have a full agenda so please plan to attend.  Your vote is important.  Contact Bonnie Best at 510-761-0439 for more information.
Wednesday, 5/15–A 4th of July planning meeting will be held at 9 AM in the Montezuma Rimrock Fire Station. We hope everyone who wants a great event will attend, will only last one hour or less. The first thing we need to do is to select a Grand Marshall and a Junior Grand Marshall.  Please contact Carol Keeton at 928-606-4050 for the details.
Wednesdays, All–The Al-Anon Family Group meets every Wednesday from 6 PM to 7 PM at the Beaver Creek Baptist Church (entrance is the same as to the Rimrock Post Office). Are you troubled by someone else’s drinking? This is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience, strength and hope in order to solve their common problem.
Friday, 5/17–The BC Preservation & Historical Society  meets at 10 AM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center Library.  Meeting dates have changed to the 3rd Friday of each month.Please contact President Judy McBride at 928-567-4648 for more information. www.beavercreekhistory.com
4/1 through 6/1–Yavapai County FREE Slash Drop Off  at the Camp Verde Transfer Station from 8 AM to 4 PM, Tuesdays through Saturdays.  Acceptable items are brush, branches, grass, leaves, and yard trimmings.  No lumber, stumps, roots, cactus, metal, or garbage.  Slash must be removed from plastic bags.  Located 7 miles east of I-17 on Hwy 260.  For additional information, please contact the Yavapai County Public Works Dept at 928-771-3183. The other transfer stations are open dfferent days and times.  If you use one of the others, please call first to verify days and times available for drop-off.  (See flyer below)
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