At their annual meeting of the membership January 28, 2017, members voted overwhelmingly in support of a name change for the historic LMPOA.  The new name:  Beaver Creek Community Association, or BCCA.  Board Member Ron Melcher presented the recommendation for change, as a beginning step down a road which may lead to our eventually seeking certification as a 501c3 tax exempt organization.  Only the name change was adopted at this meeting, however, and the membership will determine what other changes may come in the future.

The members re-elected directors Phil Edwards and Sharon Olsen for new three year terms.

Guest speaker Ken Zoll, Executive Director of the Verde Valley Archaeological Center, made a very good presentation about the progress of VVAC since its beginnings in 2010.  The accomplishments of that organization have been pretty amazing, and continue to surpass expectations. Thanks to Ken for a great talk.

The next meeting of the Board will be February 8, 2017, Wednesday, at 3:00 pm.