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Dear Neighbors

Beaver Creek School is back in session which is greatly enjoyed by local students and their parents.  The school has received yet another award.  It has been named the Yavapai County’s Healthy School of the Year.  POB’s (Pats on Back) to the administration, faculty & staff, students & parents, school board and volunteers who earned this well-deserved award.  The school sponsors our local food bank, provides a take-home food panty for students each week, has three wellness weeks during the year, encourages walk to school days, provides healthy choices in the lunch program, and provides nutritional information and drug use prevention in the classrooms among many healthy actions.  The school food bank is open this morning from 7:30 to 9 AM.
Another outstanding event of this decade is the extended hours and enlargement of the Beaver Creek Public Library.  The library was built with bond-voted funds from this community and additional funding from Yavapai County.  The library is now open 42 hours a week; Monday through Thursday 10:30 AM to 6 PM and on Friday and Saturday, 9 AM to 3 PM.  Thesilver_laptop.jpgadditional room provides an area for computer use and study.  The Internet is high speed and makes a great place for college students doing online courses.  Please come get an introduction to the services offered during the Open House on Wednesday, August 3 from 4 to 7 PM.
Of interest to those who haven’t been in Robbie’s restaurant lately is that Robbie’s LLC purchased the former RR BBQ (formerly Vintages) restaurant located on Dave Wingfield Rd on June 30 this summer.  The managing members of the LLC are Robert Satran and his sister-in-law Carol Satran.  Plans for the use of the building are unknown by the calendar crew at this time.
Of particular note, today the foodbank, a week from Monday the eclipse and a week from Wednesday the library open house.  Information about all morning coverage of the eclipse on TV and online is below.  Eclipse glasses should be used if looking directly at the event.  Please be careful of your eyes!!
So proud of community resourcefulness,
. . . . . the calendar crew