Arizona’s Clark Telescope Presentation at Beaver Creek  School


(The presenter is Ralph Nye whose family owns and operates Cricket’s in the LM Village Square.  You have met him on Saturday’s.  Come see what his week day job is.)


Ralph Nye shares his knowledge about,

“The Star Attraction”, the Clark telescope

 “It’s not the most powerful telescope in the world, but the Clark is one of the most impressive. Among other things, its history includes the discovery of Pluto and mapping the surface of the moon….” Noah Austin, Arizona Highways, July, 2015.

Ralph Nye, Lowell mechanical engineer since 1976, will present a unique and informative program regarding the 120-year old Clark telescope and share his personal experiences restoring the telescope and gaining even more appreciation for those who originally constructed the Clark. As Ralph states in the Arizona Highways article, “The guy who made these parts rode a horse to work.”

Beaver Creek Preservation and Historical Society and Beaver Creek Kiwanis invite everyone, all ages, to attend this free event on Thursday, September 21, 2017, 7:00pm at Beaver Creek School, 4810 E. Beaver Creek Road, Rimrock.