Please Join Us for the

Annual Meeting


Beaver Creek Community Association


3 PM – 4:30 PM
January 27, 2018 (Saturday)


Beaver Creek Adult Center
4250 E Zuni Way
Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342

Dear BC Community Association Members & Guests,
This year the theme of the association is “Good Neighbor 2018″.  Everyone in this association is a good neighbor who contributes dues and donations, or volunteers for the board or projects, or makes phone calls or signs a petition, volunteers with other organizations, or helps your neighbors in the community.  A well-deserved thank you to all!
We’ll keep the annual meeting to an hour and a half.  Jeff Thumm from Coconino National Forest will present slides on prescribed burns and take questions, a representative from Yavapai County will make a short presentation about the proposed prison tax, and board members will update you on what we have been doing.  We have a petition requesting relief from the bow hunting allowed by regulation in this area.  Director Sharon Olsen has collected 4 bids for trimming the park trees which now have many dead branches.  She’ll share that information with you.  The refreshments will be outstanding, and time is planned for some socializing.  Please join us.
2017 was another important year for our association.   Members approved a name change to the Beaver Creek Community Association (BCCA) at the January 2017 annual meeting.  Although the association has always included the majority of homes in both Rimrock and Lake Montezuma, the name had become confusing for newcomers.  So, 2017 was a year for changing registrations, websites, signs, and listings since the intent is to move forward to become a 501(c)3.  Two public meetings were held with the Arizona Water Company as guests for the purpose of learning from them about fire hydrant installation and water line improvement plans.  Another will be held in the spring.  The association transportation committee continues to remind ADOT, NACOG and Yavapai County representatives of the need to improve the southbound entrance ramp at the McGuireville Interchange on I-17.  Land use issues continue to be recognized and researched.
Two projects/organizations which BCCA started, Beaver Creek Transit and the Beaver Creek Trails Coalition, continued to work hard for our community in 2017.  The Trails Coalition established our first local trails system with 6.2 miles completed and plans to maintain these and perhaps an expansion in 2018.  BC Transit is hoping to put together some grant funding to hire a paid driver for a Saturday continuous circular run to the shops, parks, and library in the Beaver Creek area and will continue to operate three vehicles, two of which were provided by BCCA.
BCCA itself continues to be challenged with maintaining Rollins park for the public (cost approximately $4000 yearly + extra for major upkeep and improvements) and at the same time making at least some small contributions to projects that contribute to the safety, health, and livability of the community.  During 2018, the organization will celebrate its 50th anniversary of incorporation which will need recognition from us.
As always, there will be a vote for board directors.  Please call if you would like to volunteer to be on the board.  Your commitment would be truly appreciated by many!   For further information email, call 928-592-2839, or see
Thank you to the good neighbors that help make the Beaver Creek area such a wonderful place to live.
BCCA 2017 Board of Directors
Janet Aniol, president; Phil Edwards, vice president; Mike Nelson, secretary; Alan Spacone, treasurer; Sharon Olsen and Ron Melcher, directors
                PO Box 5292
               Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342