Dear Neighbors 
Since the original report of a break in attempt in Montezuma Estates, five more instances possibly identifying the same suspects have been sent to us.  Dwight D’Evelyn, YCSO Media Relations Coordinator, reports: “I requested xtra patrol in the area. If suspicious activity is seen, please call the Sheriff’s Office (567-7710) first before posting/emailing the information to neighbors.
Also, would you PLEASE remind residents to LOCK THEIR CARS WHEN UNATTENDED, especially overnight. We cannot seem to get ahead of the many opportunist crimes allowed as a result of the failure to use such a simple crime prevention technique.”
We have two or three teenagers whose behaviors may lead to someone getting hurt or damage to property.  If you know who they are, please let YCSO know.  There needs to be an intervention soon for the safety of all.
The original report is at the bottom of this email and the other sightings follow.
Be safe!  Please lock your vehicle doors and home windows and doors.
the calendar crew
Additional Reports of Possible Sightings in Lake Montezuma & Rimrock

Yesterday, 2-17, three young men ran across the rooftop of the Lake Montezuma Village Post Office and Adult Center. They were seen from behind.  Two may have been the ones from the original break in.  One wore a red hoodie.


On Saturday 2/17/18 in Montezuma Haven two teenagers opened our gate and came onto our property one came to our back door and knocked lightly, When the door was answered he asked if he could have fifty cents or a dollar.   A second individual had made his way toward the front of our house and was standing out of sight, when he was observed both individuals were advised to leave the property immediately.  Both subjects where wearing knee length shorts one had light colored hair and was dressed in camouflage wearing a gray hoodie.  The second subject had dark curly hair and was wearing a red head band.  The police were notified.

These two live in the neighborhood (Montezuma Estates). I see them walking around all the time. Kind of surprised me actually.  When my wife arrived home from work, she reminded me that the boy with the curly hair actually knocked on our door on Sunday, Jan 6th, just to ask me the time. He acted weird, and I thought it was strange, but never gave it another thought. Now I am a bit more suspicious of the activity, and realize that I haven’t seen them in a few days. They usually walk by the house daily.

The description of the two boys sound similar to a situation on last Sunday afternoon in the Lake Montezuma off Lakeview.
My friend gave me a copy of yesterday’s report about the attempted Break In – it caught my attention as on the night of January 28/morning 29 – someone went into my car, in my driveway and took my NFL 49er jacket (was reported to Sheriff).  What caught my attention was the red hoodie.  When talking with one of my neighbors on the 29th she told me that on the 28th, she got home from work between 11 and 11:30 and was on her patio when she saw 2 males walking up the road – one wearing a red hoodie – when she lit her cigarette they turned around and walked back they way they came.  I am thinking these two have a little crime spree going on.  I think everyone should be aware of what going on.

Break In Attempt in Montezuma Estates
NOTICE:  submitted by a Montezuma Estates resident in Rimrock  (Name on file)


This morning two young men, possibly teenagers, tried to
break in through a window of our home on Kramer. They went removed the screen from the window before being confronted at the window.  Prior to this, they had rung the doorbell about 30 times. They have black hair, at least one with curly hair and darker skin.  One of them was wearing a red hoodie. The Sheriff’s office has been notified.

Please keep an eye out for them, and lock all your windows and doors, and call the Sheriff if you see or experience anything suspicious.

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YCSO Sheriff’s Office phone #:  567-7710
Please call this number if you have information.