The May meeting of the Board of Directors of BCCA will be held today, May 14, 2018, at 3:00 pm at the Beaver Creek Adult Center.  Members and area residents are invited.



Pledge of Allegiance (using the beautiful flags donated to the Center by Post 135)

Public participation is appreciated.  There is a 2-minute time limit for public participation/comments from individuals. Courteous interaction with the board, members, and guests is expected.

President’s Update:  Thanks to the opposition from BCCA and other community members, AFW LLC has withdrawn their application for rezoning for RV storage on the 4 acres at Lookout Point Rd.  Currently there is no news on other possible zoning or use permit requests.  Next month the Director and Assistant Director of Yavapai County Development Services will be at our meeting to explain changes in that department.  Congratulations to the Adult Center on their goodlooking room improvements and to the organizations and individuals who are making use of this facility.

Information Items:  From board and members.

  1. Minutes & financial report

Old Business. Discussion and possible action on each

  • Project reports from board members
  • Reimbursement of $325 from Tee Up for Teachers Golf Tournament hole sponsorship, tournament cancelled
  • Continued park watering and gopher problems
  • Refurbish & cover bulletin board at Rimrock Resale

New Business.

  • Work bid of $120 to repair park fountain. Work bid of $20 to service fountain once a month.
  • Potential fundraisers
  • Other

Call for Public Discussion Items.  Discussion with residents.