Dear Neighbors
The National Weather Service is predicting 8 ft high at the Wet Beaver Creek flood gauge.  This is just into action territory.  NWS and Yavapai County are not predicting a major flood event at this time, but the amount of rain and snow melt in our water shed area may change this expectation quickly.
If you live in one of the flood plains, please have a to go bag ready.  Move extra vehicles to higher ground so that they will not stall and block roadways. Please leave if directed by YCSO to do so.  If you need to be rowed out later, you are endangering your life and those of the first responders.  It would be helpful for those involved to relocate to higher ground for 24 hours. A little inconvenience on your part helps the safety of all.  Better to respond to a false alarm than to be sorry later.
Thank you for being prepared,
. . . . . the calendar crew
National Weather Service Flagstaff Information
While we are still not expecting a widespread significant flooding event, there are some areas of concern that we wanted to bring to your attention with this weekend’s rainfall.
Rises will occur due to snow melt and rainfall on area creeks and streams late Saturday into Sunday. The areas of most concern are along Oak Creek and Wet Beaver Creek. The gauges along these waterways are forecast to rise to at least action stage. Oak Creek near Cornville is forecast to rise into minor flood stage.
Attached are the following hydrographs:
  • Oak Creek near Sedona
  • Oak Creek near Cornville
  • Wet Beaver Creek near Rimrock
Please contact us if you have any additional questions.
National Weather Service Flagstaff
(928) 774-4414
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