Dear Neighbors
Check out the good things below that are happening at Beaver Creek School, always so wonderful to see what are kids are experiencing!
On another note, Beaver Creek School is short one first grade teacher and needs housing for another one.  Superintendent Ward would work with someone who has a bachelor’s degree in another field who would like to get started in teaching and would get a lot of support and appreciation.  Please call 928-567-4631 if you are interested in the first grade position or have a lead on housing for the other teacher.
All the best,
. . . . . the calendar crew  
Good Things Happening at Beaver Creek School
During the last two weeks of school :
  •          The 5th-8th grade students enjoyed Bell Trail. The hike was amazing.!
  •          The  forty-five  7th and 8th grade students who earned the SunSplash enjoyed a fun day in Phoenix!
  •          The Western Theme Concert was fun for all to see!
  •          The play put on by 21st Century 4th-8th graders was well attended.
  •          Mrs Guth’s annual play is always fun to watch.
  •          The kindergarten graduation was joyful and energetic!
  •          The 8th grade graduation went well. The students really listened and worked as a team .
After school was out, we prepared for the College for Kids and Kinder Boot Camp.  Thirty students are attending College for Kids!  We had 3 students in Boot Camp but they are now ready to see kindergarten in August.  None of these students had been in preschool or Head Start.   And, Diana Iverson  is now on her three week vacation ( before retirement day of June 30) after a lovely lunch put on by the office staff on Friday, June 7!
We are enjoying having an office and a maintenance youth NACOG worker this summer.
Great Things are Happening in Beaver Creek School District !
Mrs. Karin Ward
Beaver Creek School District #26
4810 E Beaver Creek Road
Rimrock, Arizona 86335
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