The LMPOA Annual Meeting of the Membership was held at 2 PM on Saturday, January 23 in the Beaver Creek Adult Center in the Lake Montezuma Village Square.  David Williams, Land Use Planning Manager for Yavapai County, made a presentation on “what are and are not land use violations, how to report a violation and what happens when a complaint is made”. The discussion was lively and interesting.  More than 30 members and guests attended.  President Janel Aniol reviewed the activities and accomplishments for 2015, and it was a list to be proud of indeed, including:

Fire hydrants – action at last!

Rollins Park activities such as Holiday Fest and the Halloween Spooktacular.

Ongoing maintenance of the park and attention to the flagpole maintenance and lighting.  Thanks to Phil Edwards for attention to flag display protocol.

Land use violation monitoring – thanks to weed buster Grace Lahr!

Use permits and recommendations, as well as recommendations on Dark Skies changes,

Bulletin boards for the kiosk – thanks to Sharon Olsen and Mike Nelson.

Memory Stones and other volunteer duties – thanks to Lisa Taylor

New membership brochure – thanks again to Lisa and Craig Taylor

Special thanks and appreciation to retiring Board member Jim Bowser!

A financial report by Treasurer Alan Spacone sparked a good conversation about how we can increase membership this year.  Phil Edwards spoke about the need for members to be involved.  County Supervisor Tom Thurman expressed appreciation to all the Members and the Board for being proactive on issues that affect our area.

Board member nominations for the two open positions this year were presented by the Board: Ron Melcher and Mike Nelson were nominated.  No additional floor nominations were made, and the two nominees were therefore confirmed by the members to serve on the 2016 Board.

Two membership votes were held on potential changes to the by-laws.  The first vote was on extending membership to residents who are not property owners, and the second was a name change to Montezuma Rimrock Community Association.   Amendments require a 2/3 majority to pass.   After extensive discussion of pros and cons, each amendment was defeated by a narrow margin.

Member Steve Sprinz spoke about the need to publish Board recommendation letters, permit recommendations, and other LMPOA public communications, via the website or eNews.

Member Brett Krippene won the raffle of a Memory Stone in Rollins Park.