Full Moon for Earth Day, Friday 4/22/2016

“When is Earth Day 2016?  This observance always falls on April 22. On Earth Day, enjoy the tonic of fresh air, contact with the soil, and companionship with nature! Walk through the woods in search of emerging wildflowers and green moss. Go outside, no matter what the weather!”
from the Old Farmers Almanac
Celebrate Earth Day tonight at
Montezuma Castle
Full Moon for Earth Day!
Full Moon Concert – Friday, April 22nd, starting at 6 p.m. Native American musician Allenroy Paquin will perform under a full moon at Montezuma Castle. This Earth Day celebration will feature storytelling, singing, and flute performances. Mr. Paquin is a member of the Jicarilla Apache and Zun᷉i Tribes of New Mexico and is also a silversmith.  Visitors are encouraged to bring their own folding chairs as available park seating is limited.   The trails and the park will close to the public at 8 p.m.
Instameet Event- Saturday, April 23, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well and Tuzigoot National Monument staff and volunteers will host an Instameet event.  Visitors will be challenged to take photos of certain things at all three parks and post their photos to social media sites using park hashtags.

Special Events for Saturday April 9th

Special Events Scheduled for Today! 
Saturday, 4/9–Free food is available at Beaver Creek School
from 7:45 to 9 AM.  Food is always available the second Saturday of each month for distribution to everyone and during the month as needed.  Extra food available for children ages 5-15.  Emergency boxes are available as needed by calling the school at 928-567-4631.
Saturday, 4/9–The Spring Arts & Crafts Fair and Bake Sale,continues  from 9 AM to 3 PM todayin the Adult Center and at Rollins Park located on Zuni Way in Lake Montezuma. On display will be original artwork, mystery novels, bath & body products, jewelry, stained glass, yard art, fabric and yarn art and so much more. It’s time to buy gifts for Mother’s Day and June Brides. So join us for a fun-filled day. For more info call the Center at 928-567-4556. (Also lots of raffles and Irene’s Apple Fritters!)

Saturday, 4/9–The Kiwanis Buzzard Bonfire r eturns to Rimrock from 4 to 7 PM in the parking lot of the Beaver Creek Baptist Church tonight. The celebration is sponsored by the Beaver Creek Kiwanis, Key Club, Builders’ Club and K-Kids.  Please come enjoy music, games, food and fun.  S’mores, hot dogs and more will be available for purchase.  Music provided by Jimmie Willis. Other organizations are encouraged to bring a table or a game and participate. Please contact Brianna Bucher at 928-300-6728 or Carol Keeton at 928-606-4050 for further information.  Everyone is invited to come watch the fire and have a good time!

LMPOA March Update

Dear Members
Our March meeting was cut short due to a medical emergency, so the board only got as far as accepting the February minutes which are posted on the website.

During February we mailed two official letters of recommendation for the ongoing trails and grant efforts of the Beaver Creek Trails Coalition which we co-founded and support.  Those are posted on the website.

Currently we have arranged for a clean up collection of items on Friday, 3/18 of items for the dump.  If you have items and do not have a vehicle suitable to transport them in or cannot lift them, please call 301-2749, ASAP.  We have room to pick up some more stuff.  Two Yavapai County Probationer work vehicles and our own Rollins Park maintainer are doing the job.
The Camp Verde Refuse Transfer Station continues to be open for FREE dumping Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays through April 2 from 8 AM to 4 PM.  Please don’t miss out.
Also a one time benefit is being provided for unincorporated area residents by Yavapai County and Sedona Recycles.  A FREE ELECTRONIC RECYCLING is scheduled this Saturday at Red Rock High School in Sedona from 8 AM to Noon only.  We will have a pick up truck or two sitting on the lot near Beaver Creek Self Storage from about 7:30 AM to 10 ish or until filled.  Otherwise it’s a nice Saturday drive.
Hope to see you doing some recycling,
Your LMPOA Board
PO Box 5292
Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342

Another day in the Park

The Saturday scene at Rawlins Park included a view of the Camp Verde and Montezuma Rimrock Fire Department crews lending a hand — and a very long ladder — to put up a new solar light atop the flagpole.  The new fixture will provide just enough light to spotlight our flag, without distracting from the wonderful night sky display of stars.  Lots of gasps, and  “OOH”s and “AAH”s were heard from the gathered spectators, including dog-walkers, their dogs, and pedestrians. The crowd all politely gathered around to put a little more urgency into the delicate operation.  The ladder was lowered just close enough for firefighters to reach the top and carefully install the new fixture, without coming close enough to bounce off the flagpole in the chilly, windy weather.


A big thank-you to the Fire Departments and also to Board Member Ron Melcher, who purchased and tested the new light fixture over the last few weeks, and then persuaded the firemen to lend their support.  


The light was working beautifully last night, upon our inspection after dark.  See the picture below.  That’s the moon in the upper right corner, and the solar light visible through the trees, along with the current park lighting a bit lower.


Website Changes


We’ve updated the look of this website a bit to make it easier to find the documentation of LMPOA Board business, from Minutes and Agendas to Financial Statements and Letters.  The Letters category will include correspondence to and from the Board on zoning recommendations, statements of support for various organizations and projects, and other official business of the Board.  These are found in various other categories on the website, the Beaver Creek eNews, posted on the Kiosks, and posted elsewhere around the neighborhood.  We’ll try to keep them all here in one place so that you can find them easily.

You’ll see the link on the Top Menu — Board Minutes, Financials, and Letters, or click here to go to the new category.


Lost and Found Pet Update

Lost Australian Shepard

Please call Emily at 928-202-2298  if you have information about Sierra.


PLEASE HELP. Lost Dog. Bice Rd. Rimrock AZ. She wondered off or was picked up around 8:30 this morning. She is heavily medicated and sedated from her new seizure medication. Sierra is Australian Shepard and has a blue spot in her left eye. She is 9 years old and weighs 60lbs. She is wearing a purple collar. Please help. She needs her seizure medicine tonight or she will go into seizures. If you have any info please call Emily at 928-202-2298



Black Female & Orange Male Dogs Found

Near Beaver Vista & Lake Shore Dr
Please call Diane at 928-592-9139  if you have information or are the owner of these pets.


Neither dog is wearing a collar.  The female is black, maybe a minipin and the boy is orange & white, possibly a poodle / Shi Tzu mix.


Slow down on the streets for Hydrants Installation Work!

Update from the Beaver Creek eNews February 3, 2016 . . .

Click Here for full eNews link


 . . . Due to the efforts of Chief Terry Keller with the support of LMPOA sponsored meetings and petitions, 20 more fire hydrants are now being installed along part of Beaver Creek Rd and to complete coverage in areas of Lake Montezuma.  The Chief only had to mention the petitions which encouraged AZ Water to step up the process.  The funding was provided by a bequest from Eddie Lodge.  Arizona Water approved the plan and hired the contractor to do the work on the system.  Thank you to those who signed the petitions.

at Red Baron & Beaver Creek Rd







Email from Arizona Water, Dec 7, 2015 . . .

All hydrants have been delivered and the contractor will schedule a preconstruction meeting later this week. Digging should start by the end of this week.

MRFD Special Joint Session with CVFD 9am Friday 2/5/2016


MRFD Special Joint Session with CVFD

Notice of Public Meeting

This meeting is open to the public and will be held on Friday, 2/5, starting at 9 AM in the Montezuma Rimrock Fire Station located at 3240 E Beaver Creek Rd in Rimrock.

The agenda includes a call to the public, a presentation from staff and discussion concerning status of both organizations working together and whether to explore the possibility of creating a single entity from the two districts. The boards may discuss or give direction on whether to gather further information concerning creating a single entity from two districts.

Note: Ron Melcher is the LMPOA (Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association) liaison to MRFD for the purpose of getting facts, figures, information and alternative proposals to help the community make informed decisions as needed. He will be attending this meeting and can be contacted at: contact@lakemontezuma.us

Monthly Meeting Feb 1, 2016

Dear Members

At our annual meeting, guest speaker, YC Land Use Manager Dave Williams gave us some good information about land use violations.  Of particular note is that any number of vehicles may be legally parked on a property as long as they are owned by residents of that property and are currently licensed and operational.  Inop vehicles must be in a garage or screened.  Also of note is that the county is willing to help us cut down the weeds for those who are no longer able to do it themselves and cannot afford to have the property maintained.  We do have permission to utilize county probationers who are equipped for that work.  Supervisor Tom Thurman attended the meeting and also answered additional questions from residents.  Treasurer Alan Spacone gave a detailed financial presentation using the new screen purchased by our association and the donated projector.  If you have MS Excel, he will email it to you upon request.
We didn’t get to the bottom portion of the agenda and will start working on those items at the Monday, February 1 meeting starting at 5 PM in the BC Adult Center.  Most of those items will be discussed but no immediate action taken without further discussion at another meeting or sending it to committee.  Many of you do not like to attend board meetings, …understandable!  But if you have a comment, please email it tocontact@lakemontezuma.us which is received by all board members or call or visit one of the board members.
  1.  New Business.
  • Montezuma Rimrock Fire District report-Ron Melcher is now our liaison to MRFD for the purpose of getting facts, figures, information and alternative proposals to help the community make informed decisions
Carried forward from Annual Meeting Agenda
  • Holiday park decorating
  • Annual charitable donation
  • 50 Year anniversary of the association
  • Candidates forum in August for upcoming elections
We post the agendas and minutes in two places; the kiosk in Rollins Park and on the LMPOA board outside of Rimrock Resale Shop.  They are also on the website: www.lakemontezuma.us
See you in the neighborhood,
PO Box 5292
Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342