Lost and Found Pet Update

Lost Australian Shepard

Please call Emily at 928-202-2298  if you have information about Sierra.


PLEASE HELP. Lost Dog. Bice Rd. Rimrock AZ. She wondered off or was picked up around 8:30 this morning. She is heavily medicated and sedated from her new seizure medication. Sierra is Australian Shepard and has a blue spot in her left eye. She is 9 years old and weighs 60lbs. She is wearing a purple collar. Please help. She needs her seizure medicine tonight or she will go into seizures. If you have any info please call Emily at 928-202-2298



Black Female & Orange Male Dogs Found

Near Beaver Vista & Lake Shore Dr
Please call Diane at 928-592-9139  if you have information or are the owner of these pets.


Neither dog is wearing a collar.  The female is black, maybe a minipin and the boy is orange & white, possibly a poodle / Shi Tzu mix.


Slow down on the streets for Hydrants Installation Work!

Update from the Beaver Creek eNews February 3, 2016 . . .

Click Here for full eNews link


 . . . Due to the efforts of Chief Terry Keller with the support of LMPOA sponsored meetings and petitions, 20 more fire hydrants are now being installed along part of Beaver Creek Rd and to complete coverage in areas of Lake Montezuma.  The Chief only had to mention the petitions which encouraged AZ Water to step up the process.  The funding was provided by a bequest from Eddie Lodge.  Arizona Water approved the plan and hired the contractor to do the work on the system.  Thank you to those who signed the petitions.

at Red Baron & Beaver Creek Rd







Email from Arizona Water, Dec 7, 2015 . . .

All hydrants have been delivered and the contractor will schedule a preconstruction meeting later this week. Digging should start by the end of this week.

MRFD Special Joint Session with CVFD 9am Friday 2/5/2016


MRFD Special Joint Session with CVFD

Notice of Public Meeting

This meeting is open to the public and will be held on Friday, 2/5, starting at 9 AM in the Montezuma Rimrock Fire Station located at 3240 E Beaver Creek Rd in Rimrock.

The agenda includes a call to the public, a presentation from staff and discussion concerning status of both organizations working together and whether to explore the possibility of creating a single entity from the two districts. The boards may discuss or give direction on whether to gather further information concerning creating a single entity from two districts.

Note: Ron Melcher is the LMPOA (Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association) liaison to MRFD for the purpose of getting facts, figures, information and alternative proposals to help the community make informed decisions as needed. He will be attending this meeting and can be contacted at: contact@lakemontezuma.us

Monthly Meeting Feb 1, 2016

Dear Members

At our annual meeting, guest speaker, YC Land Use Manager Dave Williams gave us some good information about land use violations.  Of particular note is that any number of vehicles may be legally parked on a property as long as they are owned by residents of that property and are currently licensed and operational.  Inop vehicles must be in a garage or screened.  Also of note is that the county is willing to help us cut down the weeds for those who are no longer able to do it themselves and cannot afford to have the property maintained.  We do have permission to utilize county probationers who are equipped for that work.  Supervisor Tom Thurman attended the meeting and also answered additional questions from residents.  Treasurer Alan Spacone gave a detailed financial presentation using the new screen purchased by our association and the donated projector.  If you have MS Excel, he will email it to you upon request.
We didn’t get to the bottom portion of the agenda and will start working on those items at the Monday, February 1 meeting starting at 5 PM in the BC Adult Center.  Most of those items will be discussed but no immediate action taken without further discussion at another meeting or sending it to committee.  Many of you do not like to attend board meetings, …understandable!  But if you have a comment, please email it tocontact@lakemontezuma.us which is received by all board members or call or visit one of the board members.
  1.  New Business.
  • Montezuma Rimrock Fire District report-Ron Melcher is now our liaison to MRFD for the purpose of getting facts, figures, information and alternative proposals to help the community make informed decisions
Carried forward from Annual Meeting Agenda
  • Holiday park decorating
  • Annual charitable donation
  • 50 Year anniversary of the association
  • Candidates forum in August for upcoming elections
We post the agendas and minutes in two places; the kiosk in Rollins Park and on the LMPOA board outside of Rimrock Resale Shop.  They are also on the website: www.lakemontezuma.us
See you in the neighborhood,
PO Box 5292
Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342

Annual Meeting and Upcoming Board Meeting, Election Results

Here is a link to the Agenda from the January 23rd Annual Meeting,

including annotations from President Aniol, and also the election results.

The Minutes have been posted by Secretary Phil Edwards.  Click here to view the PDF.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors of LMPOA
will be held Monday, February 1st, 2016, at the Beaver Creek Adult Center at 5:00 pm.
Here is a link to the Upcoming Current Agenda

All are welcome to attend!


The LMPOA Annual Meeting of the Membership was held at 2 PM on Saturday, January 23 in the Beaver Creek Adult Center in the Lake Montezuma Village Square.  David Williams, Land Use Planning Manager for Yavapai County, made a presentation on “what are and are not land use violations, how to report a violation and what happens when a complaint is made”. The discussion was lively and interesting.  More than 30 members and guests attended.  President Janel Aniol reviewed the activities and accomplishments for 2015, and it was a list to be proud of indeed, including:

Fire hydrants – action at last!

Rollins Park activities such as Holiday Fest and the Halloween Spooktacular.

Ongoing maintenance of the park and attention to the flagpole maintenance and lighting.  Thanks to Phil Edwards for attention to flag display protocol.

Land use violation monitoring – thanks to weed buster Grace Lahr!

Use permits and recommendations, as well as recommendations on Dark Skies changes,

Bulletin boards for the kiosk – thanks to Sharon Olsen and Mike Nelson.

Memory Stones and other volunteer duties – thanks to Lisa Taylor

New membership brochure – thanks again to Lisa and Craig Taylor

Special thanks and appreciation to retiring Board member Jim Bowser!

A financial report by Treasurer Alan Spacone sparked a good conversation about how we can increase membership this year.  Phil Edwards spoke about the need for members to be involved.  County Supervisor Tom Thurman expressed appreciation to all the Members and the Board for being proactive on issues that affect our area.

Board member nominations for the two open positions this year were presented by the Board: Ron Melcher and Mike Nelson were nominated.  No additional floor nominations were made, and the two nominees were therefore confirmed by the members to serve on the 2016 Board.

Two membership votes were held on potential changes to the by-laws.  The first vote was on extending membership to residents who are not property owners, and the second was a name change to Montezuma Rimrock Community Association.   Amendments require a 2/3 majority to pass.   After extensive discussion of pros and cons, each amendment was defeated by a narrow margin.

Member Steve Sprinz spoke about the need to publish Board recommendation letters, permit recommendations, and other LMPOA public communications, via the website or eNews.

Member Brett Krippene won the raffle of a Memory Stone in Rollins Park.


LMPOA Newsletter


 New Year’s Greeting and Invitation

For the Full Newsletter, Click here to view the PDF.

holidayfest2015 Board Members w/Assignments
  • Janet Aniol: President, Transportation,
  •                      Yavapai College
  • Jim Bowser: Vice President,
  •                      BC Adult Center Liaison
  • Phil Edwards: Secretary,
  •                      Flag Superintendent
  • Alan Spacone: Treasurer
  • Ron Melcher: Membership,
  •                        Transportation
  • Sharon Olsen: Association Bulletin Board Postings
  • Lisa Taylor: Memory Stones

Project Managers

Grace Lahr: Weed Buster
Chris Nicol: Web Master & News Reporter
Mike Nelson: Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Media Posting
Mikki Weissinger: Holiday Fest Funding
Dear Members,2016 is almost here, so your board would like to wish you a Happy New Year and peaceful and prosperous months ahead!  It’s also time to put the annual association meeting on your calendars for Saturday, January 23, at 2 PM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center in the Village Square.  David Williams, Land Use Planning Manager for Yavapai County, will be speaking about what are and are not land use violations and what happens after a complaint is made.  Please bring your questions for our guest.  There will be some good refreshments this year to enjoy before, during and afterward with neighbors.

In August two amendments to the by-laws were submitted after a year or more of discussion on the general topics. After additional discussion a membership vote on each will be taken at the annual meeting. The first is to make the organization more inclusive of residents and to make the association eligible to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit by including residents who do not own property. This would also make the organization more attractive for donations and grants should our members wish to do a project such as provide a dog park for the area. The second is a name change to the Montezuma Rimrock Community Association. In the past three years the association area has seen approximately 400 new families purchase homes and others move into rentals. Many now get their mail on the Rimrock rural delivery routes. That proposed amendment would change the name of this organization in order to recognize the names of both post offices, historic names, the fire district and the two national monuments that bookend our location.

Article I. Name.
The name of this corporation shall be Montezuma
Rimrock Community Association, Inc. hereafter
referred to in these By-Laws as “MRCA”.merryxmas
Article III. Membership.
Section I. Eligibility for membership shall be
residence in or ownership of………
Section II. Membership shall be on a unit basis:
one (1) membership and one (1) vote for each
household or corporate property whether owned
or leased, and no distinction shall be made
regarding the amount of property owned or leased.
We look forward to visiting with you in January in person or by email or phone call. Additional board members and volunteers would be appreciated. Please contact Secretary Phil Edwards via the LMPOA phone # or email address prior to the annual meeting if you would like to be on the board so that your name can be on the ballot.
Information about the school and fire districts, two of the projects that we support and some important dates follow.

Best Wishes for a very Happy New Year from all of us!

For the Full Newsletter, Click here to view the PDF.