Board Meeting Agenda for Monday 1/13/2020


bluemini Monthly Meeting – All invited 

Monday, January 13, 2020, 3:00 PM 

In the Beaver Creek Adult Center  


Pledge of Allegiance  

Public participation is appreciated.  There is a 2-minute time limit for public participation/comments from individuals. Courteous interaction with the board, members, and guests is expected. 

President’s Update:   

Guest Art Babbott will make a Land Use presentation. 

Call for Public Discussion Items not listed below.  Discussion with residents.   

Minutes for December & Financial Report:   

New Business.   Discussion and possible action on each  

  • Zoning Ordinance Amendment to Section 604 street naming & addressing 
  • Alternative plan for Rimrock Properties LLC acreage 
  • USPS planned closure of LM Post Office 
  1. Old Business.  Discussion and possible action on each  
  1. Comment to Coconino National Forest concerning APS proposed 69kV power line McGuireville to Village of Oak Creek 
  1. Update on annual meeting 

Adjournment.  The annual membership meeting will be held on January 25, 2020 at 4 PM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center. 



Women’s Silver Circle


Liz Cornell’s new group for single women over 50 continues Thursday evenings at 6 pm at the Beaver Creek Adult Center.

Happier Holidays!

Happy Low Stress Holidays!

If you missed it, come out and try it soon.  Liz uses crafts and stories to engage attendees in a fun and joyful way. We share experiences or talk about some of the work and home stresses we all face in the holiday season.  Good vibes from an expert listener!

And don’t forget Christmas House, Cantatas, and all the other holiday happenings this week.gingerbread02 . . . 

LMPOA Newsletter


 New Year’s Greeting and Invitation

For the Full Newsletter, Click here to view the PDF.

holidayfest2015 Board Members w/Assignments
  • Janet Aniol: President, Transportation,
  •                      Yavapai College
  • Jim Bowser: Vice President,
  •                      BC Adult Center Liaison
  • Phil Edwards: Secretary,
  •                      Flag Superintendent
  • Alan Spacone: Treasurer
  • Ron Melcher: Membership,
  •                        Transportation
  • Sharon Olsen: Association Bulletin Board Postings
  • Lisa Taylor: Memory Stones

Project Managers

Grace Lahr: Weed Buster
Chris Nicol: Web Master & News Reporter
Mike Nelson: Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Media Posting
Mikki Weissinger: Holiday Fest Funding
Dear Members,2016 is almost here, so your board would like to wish you a Happy New Year and peaceful and prosperous months ahead!  It’s also time to put the annual association meeting on your calendars for Saturday, January 23, at 2 PM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center in the Village Square.  David Williams, Land Use Planning Manager for Yavapai County, will be speaking about what are and are not land use violations and what happens after a complaint is made.  Please bring your questions for our guest.  There will be some good refreshments this year to enjoy before, during and afterward with neighbors.

In August two amendments to the by-laws were submitted after a year or more of discussion on the general topics. After additional discussion a membership vote on each will be taken at the annual meeting. The first is to make the organization more inclusive of residents and to make the association eligible to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit by including residents who do not own property. This would also make the organization more attractive for donations and grants should our members wish to do a project such as provide a dog park for the area. The second is a name change to the Montezuma Rimrock Community Association. In the past three years the association area has seen approximately 400 new families purchase homes and others move into rentals. Many now get their mail on the Rimrock rural delivery routes. That proposed amendment would change the name of this organization in order to recognize the names of both post offices, historic names, the fire district and the two national monuments that bookend our location.

Article I. Name.
The name of this corporation shall be Montezuma
Rimrock Community Association, Inc. hereafter
referred to in these By-Laws as “MRCA”.merryxmas
Article III. Membership.
Section I. Eligibility for membership shall be
residence in or ownership of………
Section II. Membership shall be on a unit basis:
one (1) membership and one (1) vote for each
household or corporate property whether owned
or leased, and no distinction shall be made
regarding the amount of property owned or leased.
We look forward to visiting with you in January in person or by email or phone call. Additional board members and volunteers would be appreciated. Please contact Secretary Phil Edwards via the LMPOA phone # or email address prior to the annual meeting if you would like to be on the board so that your name can be on the ballot.
Information about the school and fire districts, two of the projects that we support and some important dates follow.

Best Wishes for a very Happy New Year from all of us!

For the Full Newsletter, Click here to view the PDF.