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Lake Montezuma

LMPOA Transportation Report for 1/8/2008


The Beaver Creek Road widening and improvements are still on schedule to be completed in April or May.  From near the Y to the National Park property will be done first.


The McGuireville Interchange ramp widening and lengthening in addition to the other 5 added projects for that job are still on schedule to be completed by July 2009.  The combined projects are going out for bid in this June 2008.  It is still unknown how many months will be needed to complete all aspects of the project.  The traffic control plan is not yet finished. 


In December LMPOA requested that the BC Regional Council request a Small Area Transportation Study (SATS) for the Beaver Creek area.  There was some misunderstanding by the Council as to what this is.  Ken Kasner followed up on this item and found that the application process is being revised and won’t be available until June.  He will get back to us with further information when it is available.


On November 5, 2007 LMPOA sent a letter to Supervisor Davis to consider placing a pedestrian/bike bridge connecting Rimrock to Lake Montezuma near the Sycamore Bridge.  On December 3, 2007 LMPOA sent a letter to Supervisor Davis requesting a local traffic safety study for residential Montezuma-Rimrock south of the Beaver Creek Road Y.  These letters have been received by his office and referred to the appropriate Yavapai County committees.  Both letters are available for reading on this web site.

  Our Public Works crew for the Verde area has prepped Bice Road for an experimental dust palliative project tentatively scheduled to begin today, January 7.  (This may be delayed due to weather concerns.)  Last month the approximately half mile of Bice Rd from Beaver Creek Rd west to the second low water crossing was prepped for this process.  A crown was formed on the road surface for better water drainage.  Now a four-inch hard surface mix will be put into grade.  Public Works is trying something new with this procedure which will be tested to find out how long it lasts and how well it works.  Verl Cook, Area Roads Supervisor, says that he is hopeful that we’ll get six months to a year out of the dust palliative as stated by the manufacturer, but we’re not sure, so this is a test to find out.  It will take about a week to put down the test mix.


In late November the local area roads crew completed some member project requests.  Loose gravel was removed from near the Beaver Creek Road school crossing and much was removed from Montezuma Square.  The crater at Antigua and Cliffside was filled, not too well, but then a proper culvert across Antigua Way was installed to help protect the road from washing out in a storm.  The flooding across the intersection of Cayuga and Navajo Lanes is an open item.  This may need to be addressed as a flood control issue rather than a road issue if the problem persists.     


Since there is still a problem with driving the wrong way around Montezuma Square, Maggie Holt has initiated a request to the area roads supervisor to remove a sign which appears to be causing some confusion.  Do Not Enter and One Way are on the same post.  She’s requested that the Do Not Enter be removed from that location.

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