Beaver Creek Transportation News

Lake Montezuma

Transportation Report for August 2008 in Beaver Creek

Submitted by Janet Aniol & Maggie Holt

Chip Sealing

Public Works does not anticipate doing any chip sealing in this area before spring of 2009.  It will depend on the budget if any is done then.

ATV Problems

At the June meeting when Sheriff Waugh spoke at LMPOA, he suggested that there be interface with his office to set up some educational meetings to explain the laws pertaining to the operation and licensing of ATV vehicles and drivers.  Jeannette Estes, chair of the YCSO interface committee (BCCAC), will be asked to arrange and schedule the first event.

Verde Valley Multimodal Transportation Plan—In Progress

The full draft of Chapter 3 Future Conditions has been completed.  Participants and members of the public have been asked to comment to Lima & Associates and to the office of Supervisor Davis.  At present, these are our concerns.

1.  Beaver Creek Rd is mislabeled as Lake Montezuma Avenue.

2.  NF 618 is shown incorrectly as entering the Beaver Creek area near Montezuma Well rather than much farther north near SR-179 to VOC/Sedona.  This may affect the traffic counts shown for NF 119 which are shown as a little higher than for the eastern part of Beaver Creek Rd.

3.  The traffic counts do not appear to make sense.  The middle of Beaver Creek Rd shows a lower traffic count than the farthest portion of Beaver Creek Rd from I-17.  The actual Lake Montezuma Ave shows no traffic counts.

4.  Bice Rd is modeled.  Thank you.  It would be helpful to us to see the traffic counts.

5.  Brocket Ranch Rd and the 2nd access are neither shown on the maps nor modeled.  This omission is a huge concern for many residents.

6.  The Yavapai-Apache Reservation in Rimrock is not shown on the map.  The recently added properties to the Yavapai-Apache Nation are not shown on the map. Some of these properties are located in the vicinity of Middle Verde Rd and I-17 and at one time were planned as future commercial.  Has this been considered and has input been received from the Nation on these and other properties? 

We understand that Lima & Associates would like comments about the mapping and possible solutions and are grateful for the opportunity to comment.  But given the current visual representation of our area, we feel a lack of confidence in the study at this time.

NAIPTA Transit Study-In Progress

NAIPTA will be leading short-term citizen advisory committees in Sedona and Cottonwood to develop service recommendations that respond to the study area’s needs and capacities.  We recommend that a public meeting be held in Beaver Creek on September 20 at 10 AM, place to be determined, for the purpose of brainstorming public transportation solutions and getting input from area residents.  Representatives of NAIPTA and Supervisor Davis’s office should be invited so that we can work together on potential service solutions.  A committee may wish to do a resident survey in order to get more information on this subject to share with NAIPTA and Supervisor Davis.

Arizona Rural Public Transit Needs Study--Completed

Camp Verde has been recommended as a top candidate for rural public transit services.  Cottonwood-Camp Verde-Prescott-Sedona has been named as a top candidate for rural corridor public transit services.  We suggest that we ask Supervisor Davis and NAIPA officials how we can work toward being connected to this corridor at the meeting mentioned in the above paragraph.

Bice Road Tunnel

Residents have come forward with 4 or 5 solutions to help alleviate this problem that range from relatively inexpensive to astronomical.  It is recommended that a meeting be held with residents, ADOT, FHWA, YC Public Works, and Supervisor Davis on September 27 at 10 AM, place to be determined.  It would be the intent of the meeting to get input from everyone on how we could work together to secure a resolution to this long time problem.

LM Second Access

Last year this project was tentatively planned for 2011/12.  Now the situation is unclear.  Given the current economic situation, constructing this project may not have high priority.  But now is the time to purchase the ROW for the route.  Is this happening?  How can we work together to accomplish this and plan for the future?


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