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LMPOA 10/1/2008 Transportation Report



We need to advertise now that we are permitted to use it.  We are beginning immediately at the BC Kiwanis Community Spaghetti Dinner scheduled for Friday, 9/26.  Rimrock Public High School students will be asked to blanket our area with posters containing the appropriate information.  Beaver Creek School students will also be asked to help.


Current Public Transit:

The Summer Swim Bus from Beaver Creek School to the Heritage Pool has been locally funded and supported for the past 8 years.  This year the bus ran twice a week through the month of June making 5 pick up stops.  There was no charge for use.  The costs this past summer were $456 for driver and fuel as the use of the bus was donated.  320 passengers used the service.


Volunteer Transport Services:

Currently a number of residents drive neighbors and others to medical appointments and grocery shopping.  Most of those needing transport are elderly and can no longer drive themselves.  A local coordinator for this volunteer service was considered, but it appears better to encourage volunteers and those who need transport to work through Silver Linings, formerly Verde Valley Caregivers.  LMPOA is currently working with Silver Linings to recruit additional drivers from our area.  There will be a volunteer information table at the November 15 community meeting.


Section 5310 Grant:

The Arizona Rural Transit Needs Study completed in May of 2008 lists the Lake Montezuma CDP as a section 5310 service alternative.  Two of our local 501(c)3 agencies are considering applying for a van through NACOG beginning in January.  Chris Fetzer, NACOG Division Chief for Planning/Human & Community Services recommends that the lead on an application might best be the Beaver Creek Adult Center. He said that it would probably take 18 to 20 months to get a van, and that one might be available through an LTAFII grant.  He suggested interfacing with Elaine Brehmer of the Verde Valley Senior Center as she has applied previously.  It was his suggestion to ask Mike Willet in Yavapai County Public Works for assistance.  In addition Mr. Fetzer thinks that Yavapai County is providing the liability insurance for the Verde Valley Senior Center vehicle.


Privately Owned Transit Companies:

There are several that serve the Beaver Creek area.  They are appreciated and appear to do their job well.  However the high charges of the private operators prohibit consistent use by residents.  Red Rock Taxi has offered to regularly schedule its 5 passenger van to our area for either senior trips to shopping or youth trips to employment.  We would likely need to assist passengers with the cost as it is about $60 each way for transit to Cottonwood. 

Business Partnerships:

We have teenagers who would like to work in Camp Verde or Cottonwood in the evenings and on weekends but have no transportation.  It may be possible for businesses to provide a small passenger subsidy for employee transport.  We will contact the Chambers of Commerce in Camp Verde and Cottonwood.



We do not feel that residents in need should have to drive to Cottonwood for Department of Economic Security services.  We will request that this state office provide services (food stamp applications, etc) in Rimrock one day a week.  We will locate free office space for the assigned employee.


Further Research Needs:

Our local community has recently been surveyed about their opinion on the need for public transportation.  The result will be available on November 15.  We need to get further detailed information in particular from seniors, the Hispanic population in general, youth, and specials needs residents.


We need to explore and get more detailed information for most of the paragraphs above.


Next Meeting:


Thursday, October 2, at 9 AM in the YCSO substation next to the Lake Montezuma Post Office.  This meeting’s topic is public transportation.  A Bice Rd tunnel study meeting is not yet scheduled.  It must be held when representatives of FHWA, ADOT, M-R Fire District, and the nearby property owners can be present.  We’re now aiming for the December or January time frame for this meeting.





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