L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma









BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Sharon Brooks, Janet Aniol, Steve Spring, Karin Krippene, Maggie Holt and Carole Penfield-Krowne




I. ELECTION OF BOARD MEMBERS:  Election ballots were handed out to all in attendance. There were 7 candidates running for 7 board positions. (Current member Heidi Schoen-Harvey resigned for personal reasons) All candidates on the ballot were elected by acclamation. The new board members are Janet Aniol, Sharon Brooks, Marie Kraetz, Steve Sprinz, Carole Penfield-Krowne, Maggie Holt, and Karin Krippene. The newest member, Marie Kraetz joined the other board members at the board table.




A. Lt. Jay Parkinson is a candidate for the position of Verde Valley constable.  He explained the duties of the position and presented his qualifications.  He requested signatures for his written petition.  Running against him is Troy Smith.   The current constable, Ken Ellis is retiring.


B. Audrey Erb presented a gift to LMPOA of a new flag for Rollins Park.  A motion was passed, publicly thanking the Erbs for their generous gift.  Janet mentioned that because the flag is out in all kinds of weather, flags wear out in about 7 months.  LMPOA always appreciates the gift of new flags.


Audrey also gave a status report on the Friends of the Beaver Creek Library.  A mission statement and bylaws were approved by the FBCL board.  The Articles of Incorporation have been drafted and will be sent to the State of Arizona for filing soon.



III. MINUTES; the minutes of December, 2009 were accepted.


IV. FINANCIAL REPORT.  Maggie reported the balances in the bank accounts.


V  PRESIDENT'S REPORT.  There has been a recent development regarding the golf course. Articles of  Organization for the Beaver Creek Golf Resort, LLC were published in a Williams, Arizona newspaper. Janet spoke with Rob Schabatka, one of the principals who informed her they intend to fill the lake and do some watering and fertilizing.  LMPOA has a golf course committee.  They will be asked to stay in contact with the owners.




Transportation     Fresh striping of the parking spaces around Rollins Park has been accomplished.  Also, the grant application for the van was accepted.  They will be looking for volunteer drivers.


Bylaw Proposed Revisions  Maggie brought up the subject of proposed revision to the bylaws she had distributed last year.  Carole stated that it was not fair to discuss them at this meeting since we have a brand new board member who has not yet seen them.  A motion was made and passed to table discussion on the content of the proposed bylaws to enable the new member time for review.  Maggie also offered hard copies to anyone wanting them   Steve said there should be a meeting to debate the changes before Maggie's proposal was sent to all Association members.  Janet made one suggestion for a change.  A motion was passed to meet and debate the proposed bylaws before posting to the Association.  It was also discussed that some members don't have computers or read the postings on the kiosk.  Once the revised bylaws are approved for distribution, hard copies will be placed in the LMPOA minute notebooks in the BCAC.


Planning and Zoning  (See Steve's written P&Z report).  Regarding H9135, there was consensus that it needed a better definition of door.


A discussion was held about the request by a resident to place a 1993 park model on his property for humanitarian reasons.  The consensus of the board and all members present at the meeting was that this request should be opposed or it would open the floodgates to many older trailers being placed on properties. The ordinance requires that the park models be no older than 5 years.


Water  Karin asked the Board to read the copy of the Flood Control report.  She has not received any response from Charlie Cave to LMPOA's letter requesting references to reports used in stream study.  The next step is to send a follow up request letter to Supervisor Chip Davis.  Charlie has stated the County does not intend to do anything about cleaning away the vegetation and debris both upstream and downstream from the bridge.  Apparently they rely on a 1997 study, even though that had been updated in a 2005 report.  This year, there is a heavy snowpack which may cause serious flooding of Beaver Creek when it melts.


Community Plan  Still not finished


Membership    Marie Kraetz has agreed to chair the membership committee.


Publicity and Concerts   Despite poor attendance at our fall concerts, the Board wants to continue with a Spring Concert.  We will try moving it from Sunday afternoon to Saturday afternoon.  We will ask the Rimrockers and the BC Children's Chorus to perform on April 24th.


Annual meeting adjourned and Board went into executive session to elect new officers. 

The new officers are :

            President:  Janet Aniol

            Vice President: Steve Sprinz

            Secretary: Carole Penfield-Krowne

            Treasurer: Maggie Holt

Committee chairpersons selected are Steve Sprinz, webmaster and P&Z; Marie Kraetz, membership; Karin Krippene, water & flooding; Sharon Brooks, LMPOA representative on the BCRC board, with Karin as alternate: Lee Weller, golf course advisory committee; Janet Aniol, transportation; Carole Penfield-Krowne, publicity and concerts.


REMINDER:  Time to pay annual dues of $25.00..

Meeting adjourned 6:40 pm


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, February 1, 2010




Submitted by Carole Penfield-Krowne, Secretary LMPOA


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