L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma







BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Sharon Brooks, Janet Aniol, Steve Sprinz, Karin Krippene, Maggie Holt, Marie Kraetz and Carole Penfield-Krowne




I. MINUTES; The Board waived reading of the minutes and a motion was passed approving the January minutes as distributed.  Minutes are posted on the kiosk bulletin board and on the website for all to review.  Copies are also placed in the notebooks at the BCAC.


II. FINANCIAL REPORT.  Maggie reported the balances in the bank accounts and Steve made a motion to accept the "excellent" financial report.  Motion passed.


III.  PRESIDENT'S REPORT.  Bill Merkley has agreed to act as Rollins Park Superintendant.  The Board thanked Bill for volunteering.


Free H1N1 flu shots will be offered at BCAC on February 5, 3:30 to 6:30 pm.  Insurance cards may be submitted, but are not required.


BCAC is sponsoring a Valentine potluck on February 6th at 5:00.  Bring a dish to share and your own place setting.


Free food and clothing distribution will be held at the BC school on February 13 from 7:45 to 9:45 am.


Janet also posted flyers about an outreach program on February 10th, a quarterly meeting of the Verde River Basin Partnership on February 8th and announced that volunteers are needed for the riparian restoration project at the well on February 17th and the 20th at 8:00 am.




Community Plan  Still not finished, but Sharon reported they are forging ahead to get all drafts in and reviewed.  Another revised version of land use will be prepared and submitted.


Golf Club  Lee Weller was unable to be at the meeting.   Seth Williams has reported that 2 of the 5 investors have been bought out.  The remaining investors are looking at all options, including sale or lease.  They indicated that they understand the importance of the Ranch House to this community, but have no plans to reopen.


Membership    Marie Kraetz will meet with Richard Casmier, who volunteered to help with the membership committee.


Publicity    Local papers continue to be helpful in publishing LMPOA press releases.


We received a nice thank you card from BCAC for our donation.


Newsletter  Any articles must be submitted by Sunday, February 7.  Karin said we get many newsletters returned by the post office because of incorrect mailing addresses.  She handed each board member a list of 9 names and asked us to try and call for address corrections.


Park   Maggie will get contractors to bid on construction of handicap access.  There are specific ADA specs, and the sidewalk may be on too much slant.  The possible danger of raising the level of the sidewalk which could cause a drop off was also discussed.


P&Z   Steve reported that January was a slow month with no new developments.  He reported that YC Development Services has new hours Mon-Thurs and is closed on Fridays, as of March 1, 2009.


Transportation  Janet reported that helicopters may been seen doing engineering and soil samples in Copper Canyon, along I-17, for a possible passing lane.  It is dangerous when trucks pass on the steep upgrade.  This project has been fast-tracked.


The conveyor belt across the highway near McGuireville is for transporting materials, as ADOT is building a large retaining wall along the southbound lane.  Watch out for falling rocks and debris.


Water   Karin finally got a written letter today from Charlie Cave.  She will email it to the Board.




Bylaw Revisions   A motion was passed approving the final draft to be submitted to all members with the next newsletter.  The final vote will probably take place at the April meeting.


Business Membership Category    Last year, the Board passed a motion setting up a new dues category called "business membership" for local businesses at $100 per year.  A discussion ensued whether this should be continued.  Steve stated that it has not worked only because nobody has attempted to get business members.  Others stated that it was inconsistent with our existing bylaws, as well as proposed bylaws.  A motion was made to rescind the business membership.  The vote was 5 in favor and 1 opposed.  The motion passed.




Legislation funding research of impact of federal land trade.   In 2005, the legislature set up funding for the study of impact on water supplies of the proposed federal land trade.  It was never funded.  Tom Halleran is asking for a grass roots letter writing campaign to Senators Kyl and McCain, and Rep Kirkpatrick to urge that such funding take place. A form letter was handed out.


Member issue  A member reported a zoning issue.  The property owner behind his lot put T bars into the ground and in doing so, he cut the member's phone and power lines.  He asked the Board for advice.  It was suggested that he call YC Development Services and APS.


Proposed Addition of local business web sites to LMPOA website.  A heated debate was held regarding this proposal, with differing opinions expressed by various attendees.   These ranged from 1) LMPOA is not a chamber of commerce and the website should be restricted to public information for members; 2) communication is important and we don't have email addresses for many of our members; 3) the website is top-notch and shouldn't have a home page with flashing lighted banners; 4) local merchants complain that residents don't shop locally and they should be supported if possible; 5) potential legal liability if LMPOA "endorses" a local business.


The issue was tabled to the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned 6:21 pm


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, March 1, 2010 at 5:00 pm.

Submitted by Carole Penfield-Krowne, Secretary LMPOA

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