L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma








BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Sharon Brooks, Janet Aniol, Steve Sprinz, Maggie Holt, Marie Kraetz and Carole Penfield-Krowne




I. MINUTES; The minutes from February 1, 2010 were read.  There were no changes or additions.  A motion was passed approving the minutes


 II. FINANCIAL REPORT.  Maggie reported the balances in the bank accounts   Today she deposited $2500 in dues, mostly renewals.  A motion was passed approving the financial report.  Maggie also presented two information items about expenditures which had been approved at a prior meeting.




Community Plan  Still not finished, but Sharon reported they are still plugging along with it.


Golf Club  Lee Weller reported that there is one person interested in leasing the golf course but that Seth Williams is not returning calls.  The golf committee is trying to gather information about what costs are involved in operating a golf course.  She also got preliminary costs for striping the crosswalks.


Membership    Marie Kraetz and Richard Casmier are exchanging ideas for increasing membership.  Marie needs information as to what people are getting from their membership, what has been accomplished, etc.  She also thought pamphlets would be helpful.  Sharon suggested putting a sign in Rollins Park saying "owned and operated by LMPOA".


Newsletter  The first quarterly issue has been mailed out.


Park   Bill is going to start getting bids on handicap access.  He has been working in the park, cleaning weeds and the grass.  He thinks the park benches could use a coat of paint.  He reported several children climbing all over the fountain while their mother was in the beauty shop. It was suggested that signs be posted in the park cautioning about supervising children and also picking up dog messes.  Even though LMPOA provides a waste container and plastic poop baggies, many owners fail to use them.  Steve believes the fountain pump is shot.  A suggestion was made that grillwork be installed over the float to avoid breakage.


P&Z   Steve presented a written report (see attached P&Z report) and fielded questions.  A motion was passed unanimously by the Board to oppose HA#H10007.  Steve also gave some background information on the new well for Montezuma Rimrock Water Company.  The P&Z Commission has recommended approval for the company to move forward, but it still requires further approval by County, State and Federal agencies.  Some of the statements which have appeared in the media recently were overstated.  For example, the arsenic and oxygen testing showed different sources for the proposed well and Montezuma's well, and that 750 gallons per minutes is exagerated as lack of electricity to pump this quantity is not available.  There are 225 families who rely on the water company to supply their needs.  Janet stated that Pump #1 is actually closer to the Montezuma Well than the proposed well.  The County only has jurisdiction over the land issue.


Publicity/Concerts  Carole reported that the Children's Chorus from BC school and the Rimrockers will entertain at the Concert on April 24th.  She will do the publicity for it at the appropriate time.  She was approached by the Hired Hands, a local group of musicians, to do a concert.  The Board will extend an invitation to them to perform on May 22nd.


Trails/Transportation  Janet reported that two local projects are going well.  They were able to get the required match for the Beaver Buggy operating grant. It looks like Beaver Creek will at last have some form of public transportation for residents.


With respect to the trails project, Bill Stafford who used to be with the Forest Service is helping. A small group met with Chip Davis.  We have permission to clear a walking path along the right of way along the right side of Montezuma Avenue, from Rollins Park to Sycamore Park. Volunteers will be invited to assist.  This is a "test case" for the County, being a project that will have no engineering. Mostly clearing of brush.  The other phase will be a trail from the bridge to the Y.


Water   Karin was unable to be at this meeting. Charlie Cave has been invited to be guest speaker at the April meeting.


Website  Steve does a great job in updating the website with fresh, new articles. (See also, discussion under Old Business re advertising on website)




Approval of payment for the 5310 grant.  A motion was passed to release funds in the amount of $5,000 to BCAC as our previously approved commitment to contribute this sum from the Eddie Lodge bequest to assist in purchasing the Beaver Buggy (bus).


Advertising on the website.  The first issue to be discussed and voted on was whether LMPOA should allow advertising.  The proposal was to display a box on the front page with a generic slogan about supporting local merchants, with ability to click on "more information" button, which would take the reader to another page of simple ads. These might just be the name, address and phone number of local businesses who request to be included under categories like real estate, restaurants, etc.  A motion was made to allow unobtrusive, on-demand type advertising on the LMPOA website.  The motion carried.


The second issue was what could be provided free of charge, and what extras could be requested by the businesses at a yearly charge. It was suggested that the generic listing ( similar to the 1/8th page size on paper placemats at local restaurants) be free, but anything more extensive would cost the advertiser. A motion was passed to charge for advertising on the website.  Steve will come back with a proposal for the amount of charges for the extras.




Member request.  No action was taken on a member's request to establish community tennis courts as these members were not present.


Hursh variance request to build 2 story residence against cliff.  Steve presented his current revision to the LMPOA response letter.  A motion was passed accepting his letter draft and approving him to send it.

How best to respond to   Tabled to next meeting.


Meeting adjourned 6:25 pm  Study session to be held March 15, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. at BCAC.


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, April 5, 2010 at 5:00 pm.


Submitted by Carole Penfield-Krowne, Secretary LMPOA 

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