L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma


April 5,  2010, 5:00 p.m., BCAC







BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Sharon Brooks, Janet Aniol, Steve Sprinz, Maggie Holt, Marie Kraetz, Karin Krippene and Carole Penfield-Krowne




I. MINUTES: The minutes from March 1, 2010 were approved as distributed via email.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Maggie reported the balances in the bank accounts and passed out a written report. A motion was passed to approve the financials for audit.





·         A group of 50+ has scheduled use of Rollins Park for Wednesday, April 21, from 4 to 8 PM which includes setup and cleanup.  They are providing a portable toilet, liability insurance, water, and waste containers. 

·         Resident request:  maintenance in eliminating the growth of tall grass and weeds on the golf course grounds for fire prevention and unsightliness in neighborhoods.  LMPOA response:  The golf course situation is one of the major issues facing this community.  The grass and weeds on the property need to be mowed for fire safety.  We will contact the present owners and remind them of that.  It would help to know specific problem areas so that we can bring them to the attention of the owners.  If insufficient landscape control is done, we will notify Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District and Yavapai County of a potential fire hazard. Janet is willing to do this if everyone will report specific overgrown hazard areas to her.

·         Resident request:  an LMPOA member petition for Yavapai County to build a safety bridge across Russell Wash where north Montezuma Avenue ends and turns west.  LMPOA response:  It would be very expensive to put a low water crossing or bridge across such a wide expanse.  Fortunately the Russell Wash crossing is always barricaded ASAP by the Area Roads crew when the wash is running.  Since there are several other routes to these homes, that makes it an extremely low priority for the County which is currently having financial difficulties.  LMPOA is still directing our efforts into getting the second access across Wet Beaver Creek.


IV. SPECIAL GUEST.  Charlie Cave, Yavapai County Flood Control District Administrator.

            Karin Krippene, water chair, first introduced Virginia Bartling, a local resident who lives along the creek.  Virginia has background experience in hydrologic engineering.  She explained her concern that the boulder bar by the bridge with subsequent vegetation continues to get higher.  She believes this could cause overflow of the bridge and risk of serious debris damage to the bridge from a flood.  She reviewed the County's 1997 stream study upon which the County relies in their refusal to take any action to remediate the problem. She analyzed the study and stated that this is a public safety hazard in violation of YC Ordinance 2006-1 (Statement of purpose).  Her recommendations were that a new study should be undertaken and that the 1997 recommendations should be implemented.  She also recommended that the County needs to develop firm policies and procedures for channel maintenance.


            Charlie Cave was then introduced and gave a slide presentation (copy available on LMPOA website).  He stated that an update to the 1997 was done in 2004, but admitted it is now dated.  He stressed the importance of having flood insurance. Federal funding is minimal and there is no set schedule for FEMA restudies.  He noted that new FEMA maps effective September, 2010 have just come out.  Mr. Cave then listed studies which have been done, involving Russell Wash, Lee Wash, Cliffside/Pima drainage improvement, LM Estates .  He talked about projects done, such as the storm drain, Lee Wash Channel and Montezuma Haven Channel Improvement.  He stated that Jon Fuller, who authored the 1997 Study has good qualifications.


            He said that stream stability is not a simple science and will respond to all changes, including dredging and channel clearing.  Wet Beaver Creek is supply limited and very susceptible to bank erosion.  He thinks the graded bed material provides for natural armoring.


            According to Mr. Cave, the future plans include upstream bank stabilizing projects, working with Public Works on a Bridge Scour retrofit project, developing a flood response plan for the LM area, phase 2 Montezuma Ave Storm Drain Project, and channel & infrastructure projects.


            There were many questions raised by attendees, and apparent disagreement between the actions which residents think should be taken regarding the flooding threats to the bridge and the County's "do nothing" alternative. This led to a heated discussion with no apparent resolution.




            1.  A motion was passed to send a letter to Yavapai County with a copy of Virginia Bartling's report attached a) requesting a new study of the bridge and its impact on the stream channel, up and downstream from the bridge which would address specifications and procedures for maintenance to be performed to keep the boulder bars at a safe level and for channel maintenance at the bridge, b) to complete the recommendations of the 1997 report.  If no action is taken on this letter, LMPOA will move forward to the state level.


            2.  A motion was passed tabling the request for the donation to BC School for summer swim and bowling runs to Camp Verde.  Some of the board members felt we should have a budget of LMPOA projected expenses to see whether we have enough to cover our fixed expenses.


            3.  A motion was passed approving donation of $500 from the Business CD to the trails committee for purchase of decomposed granite.  A motion was passed to refer to the funds in this Business CD as "Red Rock fund", so as to avoid confusion between the various accounts.


VI. OLD BUSINESS   postponed until the May meeting.




Community Plan  Sharon reported that the County will not consider any community plans, but that we can have a "vision statement"..


Golf Club   Lee Weller reported that Seth Williams is meeting with the golf committee next Wednesday.  There is a strong rumor that the golf course might reopen this summer.


Membership    Marie Kraetz received approval to use our printed brochures as handouts at membership tables to be set up at local community events.


Newsletter  Input needed for the next issue by 4/27.


Park   Bill has been talking to the gardener and asked if we are operating under a written contract with him. There was an indication that Sharon Brooks had a letter agreement with him last year. The Board noted that the park looks very nice now. The benches have been repainted. Bill has received two bids on the curb renovation.  He will try to take a new approach to get the costs lowered.


Publicity/Concerts  Carole reminded everyone that the Children's Chorus from BC school and the Rimrockers will entertain at the Concert on April 24th. 


P&Z    Steve handed out written reports and gave a verbal report on Section 205.B.2 Zoning Ordinance Amendment, HA# H10007.  Thanks to Steve's superhuman efforts, Steve Mauk agreed to compromise wording, which would equate the Inspector to any other individual, while still containing a statement of the underlying rights and privileges of the citizen and of the inspector.


A motion was passed by the Board, giving approval of the compromise wording. (See Steve's written April P&Z report)


Water.  Information for ordering water testing kits was available for residents, who wish to their own well water themselves.  There is a charge.  Contact Karin Krippene for more information.


Meeting adjourned 8:05 pm.The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, May 3, 2010 at 5:00 pm.


Submitted by Carole Penfield-Krowne, Secretary LMPOA

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