L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma



July 5, 2010






BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Janet Aniol,  Steve Sprinz , Karin Krippene, Marie Kraetz, Sharon Brooks and Carole Penfield-Krowne





l. MINUTES; The minutes from June 7, 2010 were approved as read and corrected


  FINANCIAL REPORT.  Maggie did not attend meeting.  Steve asked the minutes to reflect that we have not had a financial report for 2 months.


I.  Call for Public Agenda items. Discussion with residents:  None.



·         Saturday 7-10  Free Food distributed From Beaver Creek School gym from 7:45-9:45 AM This food is available for anyone who would like to come get it or pick up for others

·         Saturday 7-10  Cornville 125th Birthday Bash at Windmill Park from 3 to 7 pm

·         Monday, 7-19 (Tentative)  Board of Supervisors meeting at 9 AM in Cottonwood.  Development Services will continue the hearing for possible action on the Abandonment of Plat for the Villas at Beaver Creek.  Participation by your presence, phone calls to 639-8100 or emails to are encouraged.

·         Check out the special activities scheduled every Monday at the Beaver Creek Adult Center




Community Plan  Sharon was unable to attend the last community plan meeting due to her vacation.  Karin noted that according to a BCRC flyer, they will be reviewing the community plan at their meeting on July 7th at 6:00 pm.  Janet said the name of the committee needs to be changed on the agenda to “Community Vision”.


Golf  Lee Weller is on vacation.  Janet announced that the striping for the two crossings on Montezuma Avenue are due to start this week.  With respect to the golf course situation, Seth Williams has extended the escrow to July 13th.  Waiting for the Board of Supervisors to makde a decision.


Membership  Marie was unable to set up a membership table at the July 4th celebration.  A new resident in the audience stated that she did not know the LMPOA existed and suggested going door to door to inform people.  Marie will contact this new resident, who offered to volunteer for the committee.

Newsletter  There will be no newsletter this month.


Park Information  Dan Cunnelly from Sedona Repair and Remodel was there to present his proposed written contract for board approval.  He explained the revised plans for the side rails, which will be sunken into the ground and attached to the new sidewalk with brackets. This will increase the original quoted price by $400.00.  The present pavers will be removed and reinstalled.  The work will include 2 conduits beneath the poured concrete sidewalk for future use.  He needs to order a bluestate and get the right of way from the County.  He hopes to coordinate his subcontractors in order to have a start date no later than July 16th.


A motion was passed for LMPOA to approve the contract and to pay the additional $400 required.

P&Z     No written P&Z report this month.  Regarding the report from Nicole Russell about the Zoning Ordinance HA#H9138 it was mentioned that this is the last opportunity to commend about this proposed solar plan installation zoning amendment.  A motion was unanimously passed by the board for Karin to prepare a letter of support on behalf of LMPOA.


Publicity.    Carole asked for suggestions.  She will find out what a one page insert into the Bugle would cost.  She will also find out about the cost of inserting an ad in the paper placemats used in some of our local restaurants.


Trails & Transportation     (See Janet’s written attached draft report, with an update that the ADA ramp contract was approved.  See above under Park Information report.)  The trails committee is taking a hiatus due to the heat. Some of the items in Janet’s report were discussed with new residents present, who were unaware of these plans.


Water  The ad hoc committee formed for the purpose of taking our bridge complaints to the next level met and started their discussions.  They will be meeting again on July 13th.  Steve and Virginia will be taking photos tomorrow.

Website  Steve and Karin met and developed a strategy for soliciting local businesses to advertise on the website.  A member of the audience stated that she thought our website was terrific.




   1;  Continued code violations at Beaver Creek Golf Course and Ranch House Restaurant.  In April, LMPOA wrote a notice of violation.  Now Yavapai County has cited the owners for land use violations.  Yavapai County will take over watering and mowing, and place a lien on the property, which probably won’t make much difference to the owners because there are already a number of liens on the property.  The lake is down by 6 feet and the pumps are in terrible condition.




1.   Complete duplicate set of LMPOA keys.  Janet has suggested we make a duplicate set of keys.  BCAC doesn’t want any more copies of the Adult Center keys floating around.   There was a suggestion that we first do an inventory of our existing keys.


2.   A resident suggested placing suggestion boxes at local spots.  Karin is still shopping for an appropriate bulletin board to be placed at Rimrock Mercantile


3.  The school board meets on July 12th at 6:30 at the BC School.  The architect will unveil plans for the new community center.  These meetings are open to the public.


Meeting adjourned  6:50  pm. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday August 2, 2010 at 5:00 pm.


Submitted by Carole Penfield-Krowne, Secretary LMPOA

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