L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma

Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

August 2, 2010, 5:00 p.m., BCAC


Attending:  Janet Aniol, Steve Sprinz, Maggie Holt, Karin Krippene, Sharon Brooks, Marie Kraetz


Absent:  Carole Penfield-Krowne


Janet called the meeting to order at 5:03 p.m. with Maggie recording.  She first mentioned the Candidate Forum that will be held at 7 following the meeting and said she hoped all would remain for that.


Carole has tendered a letter of resignation from the board; it was duly moved, seconded, and approved to accept her resignation with regret.


In reviewing the information items, Janet asked Jeannette Estes to say a few words about Block Watch and National Night Out.  A resident in attendance mentioned that anyone who lives in a Block Watch area should tell their insurance carrier about it for a possible decrease in the cost of insurance such as they have received.  Steve mentioned that volunteers are needed for all Block Watch areas.


It was duly moved, seconded, and approved to waive the reading of the minutes; it was duly moved, seconded, and approved with Steve voting "Present" to accept the minutes as distributed.


Maggie reported the following balances on hand for:  checking,  Red Rock Development Business CD  Eddie Lodge Business Savings, and Money Market Premium extension of checking account following a transfer made necessary by the payment of the ADA-compliant walk and ramps in Rollins Park.  She asked permission to close the Money Market Premium account for lack of sufficient balance to prevent $10 per month fee.  It was duly moved, seconded, and approved to close the Money Market Premium account and put the balance into checking.


Vision 2020 (Community Plan):  Sharon stated that committees will be reviewing goals for implementation and that a tentative finish date is the end of September.


Golf Club:  Lee Weller requested help with putting up signs for the golf cart crossings (one of which will also be a pedestrian crosswalk for Montezuma Path).  Yavapai County does not put up signs for private golf courses.  Clarification of the BOS meeting re final plat was given.


Membership:  Marie reported receiving an inquiry from a new resident and has prepared an information packet for her.  Janet reported that we have approx. 320 members.  New resident Debra Krause joined the conversation and reported that she (Debra Crouse) has purchased two houses here.


Rollins Park:  Janet thanked Bill, Merkley, Jeannette Estes, and Maggie for their long hours of work from initial concept to fruition of the ADA-compliant ramps and walkway.  Bill stated that he has seen many physically challenged people now using the park.


P&Z:  Janet stated that Steve has resigned as chair; it was duly moved, seconded, and passed to appoint Sharon to chair of P&Z Committee.  Karin responded on the Alternative Energy, pointing out that it's an ongoing process as the field of energy changes.


Trails/Transportation:  Montezuma Path is now almost to Cayuga; this week's workday will be Friday.  The group meets in Rollins Park prior to starting work at 7:30 a.m.  Janet reported that MRM Trails Coalition has been awarded an AmeriCorps worker locally, Bella Donna, whose job will be to map every trail in the area with GPS coordinates.  Janet also reported that TI 293 is all but finished with all ramps now open.  Richard Casmier suggested every group in the area send a note of thanks to ADOT.  A resident noted that the kids seem to have adopted the Wet Beaver Creek Bridge as a new hangout and urged caution by drivers.


Water:  Karin reported that we're not done with the County yet re WBC bridge and the growth at and under it and stated that we must go through Supervisor Davis to get it on the agenda for a BOS meeting.  She requested permission to hold a community meeting and perhaps have people sign a petition; it was duly moved to hold such a meeting.  Discussion ensued re the fact that the County has a Corps of Engineers permit for 200 feet each way from the bridge.  Virginia and Verna have both been discussing the bridge with Supervisor Davis and the County for a number of years.  It was pointed out that a motion is on the floor, and it was seconded at this time.  In further discussion Steve said he doesn't feel a community meeting is necessary, and Virginia agreed that a meeting is important.  Debra suggested taking it to budget hearings.  The question was called; and the motion carried with Steve casting an opposing vote.  Karin gave her phone number, suggesting folks contact her by phone or through the website--or call Janet.


Website:  While Steve had nothing specific to report, Janet remarked that we have a great website and spelled out many features.  Virginia suggested adding an Accomplishments page to show what's been done.


Old Business:


Ranch House Coalition:  Janet mentioned the two separate issued--purchase and final plat abandonment and reviewed events chronologically since 2003.  The BOS at their July meeting extended their decision to the August 16 meeting.  Possibility of forming a CFD (Community Facilities District) was discussed along with water rights (which go with the property) and arbitration (BOS can appoint an arbitrator).  Janet will send an email inquiry re an arbitrator.


New Business:


During discussion of possible new Wilderness Areas in the Coconino National Forest that would be near our community, Janet pointed out that the deadline for comments fell prior to this meeting and that she had written a letter opposing the designation because of restrictions on use and new trails. It was duly moved and seconded to ratify Janet's letter.  Denigration of Janet's action was made public with a heated exchange.  The question was called, and the motion carried.


Bulletin Board at Rimrock Mercantile:  Karin will get costs prior to September meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:33 p.m.


Margaret A. Holt, Secretary Pro Tem

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