L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma

Board Meeting

January 3, 2011, 5:00 p.m., BCAC



Attending:  Janet Aniol, Steve Sprinz, Maggie Holt, Karin Krippene, Sharon Brooks, Virginia Bartling.             Absent:  Marie Kraetz


Committee chairs attending:  Bill Merkley


Guests attending:  Jill McCutcheon, Exec Dir, and Megan, both from Sedona Recycles.


Janet called the meeting to order at 5:06 pm with Maggie recording.


Information items were discussed with emphasis on the Beaver Buggy, which made its first official trip today.


Guest speaker Jill McCutcheon noted that Sedona Recycles has been asked by the owners to vacate the premises they now occupy at the GasMart at the Y.  They have been in this area since 1999, and the current site is rather small.  In 2010 they collected a total of 204 tons of mixed materials.  The County provides funding for this service, which was started by Chip Davis.  Megan mentioned that she is working with Beaver Creek School and Rimrock Public High School to educate the students about recycling.


Because of computer problems the minutes had not been distributed via email and were passed out at the meeting.  It was duly moved, seconded, and passed with 1 opposition to waive the reading of the minutes.  Minutes will be emailed and approved at the next meeting.


The treasurer reported a balance on hand of $1,866.27.  While approval had been voted at the Dec meeting to join RHC at the nonprofit level, timing of writing the check had not been ordered.  It was agreed that check should be written now.


Committee Reports:


Rollins Park - Bill has received 5 bids for tree trimming ranging from $175 to $1350.  Following discussion and his recommendation, it was duly moved, seconded, and approved to accept the bid from Badger Bros. in the amount of $650.


Vision 2020 - Sharon reported the final draft is now available online.  It will go before the BCRC for approval, then to a community meeting yet to be scheduled.


Golf - Lee Weller was not available; however, Janet reported that the committee is working on starting small with no more than 9 holes.


Planning & Zoning - Sharon said the language in the suggested changes for religious institutions and administrative amendments was vague.  She will check on both and report back via email before the February deadline.


Transportation - Janet reported that the Beaver Buggy will be available for evening trips to cultural events.


Water - Virginia reported that no response has been received to date re the LMPOA position statement and that we might need to go "up the chain" to the State.  In answer to a question, Virginia said she will check where Flood Control leaves off and the golf course takes over where Russell Wash is concerned.  Karin encouraged all to read the Water section of Vision 2020.


Web Site - Steve deferred to New Business.


Old Business:


RHC - The owners have again said they won't lease the restaurant--they want to sell it.  Attorney Tony Collum of Flagstaff was hired by the RHC.  The full $100,000 has not yet been raised; many seem to be waiting for a contract to be signed.  Steve requested the owners be asked to "open the valve"; Janet will check.  It was duly moved, seconded, and approved to send a letter to the owners and the County asking them to open the valve to Lake Montezuma.  RHC is working on a financial plan with a bank and is waiting to see what will fly.


New Business:


Takedown of Christmas decorations will occur on Saturday 8th early afternoon.


Neil Heinrich, President of Rimrock Airport Association discussed the proposal to come before the Camp Verde P&Z Commission to put a balloon in the sky on CVSD property off Rt 260 for military training purposes (for Afghanistan) and how it might affect the Rimrock Airport, stating his belief that it will be a hazard to local pilots, especially in the Payson, Phoenix flight patterns.  Neil is requesting a letter of support from LMPOA in favor of their position against it.  Bill Merkley suggested the timing is not good because it's not known yet what's to happen.  Neil suggested interested parties attend the P&Z and Council meetings in Camp Verde.


Election - Janet reported that both Steve and Sharon wish to leave the board.  Janet, Virginia, Karin, and Maggie will remain on the board, and Dick Hulse has offered to serve again (he was on the board in the early 80s and says the board is more active now).  It was duly moved, seconded, and approved to elect the current slate of Janet, Virginia, Karin, Maggie, and Dick since there are no further nominations.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:17 pm.  



Margaret A Holt, Secretary Pro Tem


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