L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma

Board Meeting

June 6, 2011, 5:00 p.m., BCAC



Attending:  Janet Aniol, Virginia Bartling, Karin Krippene, Dick Hulse
Absent:  Maggie Holt, Marie Kraetz
Committee chairs attending:  Bill Merkley, Tom Saunders


Janet called the Meeting to order at 5:07 pm with Karin recording.


Information Items were discussed.


Maggie Holt, Secretary/Treasurer, was absent.  Therefore, the minutes from May were not read, and the treasurer’s report was not given.


Committee Reports


ROLLINS PARK:  Bill Merkley reported on the water issue in the park.  A water line broke, causing flooding in the area where the backflow device must be installed.  The water break will be fixed this week; the backflow device will be installed soon. A letter was received from Arizona Water Company, stating that a representative from the company will come every year to inspect the backflow unit.  This inspection  of the unit will be at our expense, which currently is $50.00.  Anyone with a sprinkler system is required to have the backflow unit installed and inspected.  Our system is rated “commercial”.  The installation of the backflow device must be completed by July 14th.  The water company listed four names of certified installers.  Two bids have been obtained by Bill.  It was moved and seconded that the decision as to which one to use be left to Bill.  Motion carried.  Everything that is found underground must now meet code.  In order to install the device a portion of the curb must be removed. Bill suggested using a metal cap rather than plastic.


Bill announced that he will resign his position as Park Chairman as of June 1st.   He will continue to oversee the installation of the backflow device.


PLANNING & ZONING:  Tom Saunders reported that two issues concerning our area will be coming before Planning & Zoning.  They involve raising the number of dogs in a household and including the allowance for swine on property.  LMPOA opposes both measures, however more discussion will be given to the dog issue in the future.  Tom will follow up on the swine issue.


MEMBERSHIP & PUBLICITY:  In the fall a table with information telling people about what LMPOA is doing should be set out and manned in the Park.  We will have a table at the July 4th event in Sycamore Park.


TRAILS & TRANSPORTATION:  See Janet’s written transportation report.  No report was available for Trails.


WATER:  A letter along with the LMPOA Position Statement and the collected signatures was sent to Governor Brewer.  The same information was sent to our elected officials.  The only one to respond was Senator Steve Pierce.  He emailed Yavapai County officials a few times, asking for additional information.  As a result he made an appointment with Virginia for May 14th to come to the Montezuma Bridge site.   It was noted to Senator Pierce that the County has been undertaking work on the Bridge but that no headway had been gained regarding the removal of the boulder bar and the increasing vegetation growing on the boulder bar.   After coming he emailed County officials to say that he would like to be kept apprised of the work continuing in the area. On May 23rd Greg Gentsch from the ADOT Prescott office met with Janet and Virginia.  He mentioned a concern about the vegetation.  He also said that he would come back and take a more in-depth look in the future.


OLD BUSINESS:  A discussion was held regarding the fact that the Ranch House Coalition is now in escrow. Donations have been received to cover the down payment.  Additional monies are needed to complete the purchase.  Approximately 40 people helped with the weed-whacking in the Ranch House targeted area.  A bid has been received regarding ditch digging.  The pond is now overflowing so water is running to the Lake.  Some of the reeds at the pond, which have been reducing the amount of water in the pond, will be removed.  Because the Coalition doesn’t own the property yet, there are no legal issues right now.  Area firemen are going to cut down marked trees.  They will interface with Camp Verde and Sedona to water trees near the Ranch House.




Because we went with a lesser cost paint the pedestrian/golf crosswalks need to be repainted.  Lee Weller, Golf Committee Chairman, has requested $200 for paint and masking tape.  This will be tabled awaiting further input from Lee Weller.


Redistricting meetings are being held around the County through July 31st.  Everyone is asked to contact the County regarding how each feels about which plan should be adopted.  The four maps done by the County were discussed.  It was moved and seconded that LMPOA should thank  the County for keeping  the Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District together.  Motion carried.


The Copper Canyon Academy Special Permit Request , which would add one modular building to provide more housing for students, was discussed.  The Academy wants to combine two lots to accommodate the building.  Janet recommended approval with stipulations and recommendations.  It was moved and seconded that these stipulations and recommendations be included in our response to P & Z.


Motion was made and carried to hold several concerts in the Park in the July-early September time frame if volunteer musicians are available.  These would be on a Monday or Tuesday evening.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:37PM.


Karin Krippene for
Maggie Holt, Secretary

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