L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma


Board Meeting

July 11, 2011, 5:00 p.m., BCAC


Attending:  Janet Aniol, Maggie Holt, Karin Krippene, Virginia Bartling
Absent:  Marie Kraetz, Dick Hulse
Committee chairs attending: Tom Saunders, Lee Weller


Janet called the Meeting to order at 5:05 pm with Maggie recording.


Information items were discussed.  Karin remarked that because residents enjoy the potlucks so much, another will be held at BCAC Aug 20.  She added that books can be brought then for the book sale.


Janet introduced Steve Estes of Verde Valley Land Preservation who discussed invasive species and the ongoing mapping project to identify locations of these plants along Verde Valley waterways.  Worst offenders in this area are salt cedar/tamarisk, giant reed/arundo, and Russian olive.  He stated that the best way to manage them is to cut them down and treat the area with a special herbicide.


Minutes of the May meeting were approved as distributed, and minutes of the June meeting were approved as corrected to show that the motion re Copper Canyon Academy passed.


Treasurer's report indicated a balance of $1602.52 in the general account, $3473.30 in savings, and $11556.21 in the CD


While there were no public agenda items, Karin urged residents to speak up at this time.  Concern was then expressed about brush in the washes and weeds on empty lots.


Committee Reports:


Water - Virginia Bartling will follow through with Steve Pierce and the governor and indicated there might be another meeting.


Golf Club - Lee has maps for sale @ $10/set of 2 (1 from the 60s and 1 more current) and stated she is in charge of membership for the golf course and is working with the asst fire chief. The first fundraiser is a booth at the Cornfest July 15-16.


P&Z - Tom reported that the current issue re numbers of swine in residential areas will be heard on the 8th.  Pot-bellied pigs, max 100 lbs, have been designated a household pet.  Lee remarked that the owners of the house on Lakeshore with the garage that was recently enclosed have been cited and must now open the facade of the garage.


Trails/Transportation - Janet had nothing to report; Maggie gave a brief update on the use of the Beaver Buggy, which is busy almost daily.


Old Business:


Ranch House Coalition - Escrow was closed last Wednesday; many folks have been working to clean grounds, sheds, Ranch House, and pro shop office.  There will be a task force Thursday to clean the green house and grounds to get it ready for rental to generate revenue and a Saturday morning clean up at the club house.  Phone number for the office now adjacent to the pro shop is 567-4083.  The mower left by the previous owners is being repaired. Carol Rotta reported that it appears someone is dumping slash near the input to the lake.  A break-in at the Ranch House was reported, but nothing was taken.


Backflow Assembly - Bill Merkley has resigned as park supt with his last major function being the installation of a backflow preventer finished June 27 that passed inspection. Next inspection will be June 2012. This was required by Arizona Water, and they should be called if there are problems with their approved people being used for any repairs.


Redistricting for 5 Supervisors - The C and D maps are available; Chip Davis has come out in favor of map C.  Janet read a sample letter indicating LMPOA's support of map C or D.  It was duly moved, seconded, and passed to send the letter to the BOS as outlined.


New Business:


VVLP Support - Karin requested that photos of the major invasive species be made available for posting in BCAC, and Jim Bowser requested descriptions indicating what they do to be considered invasive.  It was duly moved, seconded, and passed to lend support to theVVLP mapping project.


Marie Jarreau introduced herself as an interested renter having recently moved here from Oregon.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:18 pm.


Margaret A. Holt, Secretary

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