L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes


Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2012, 5:00PM, BCAC


Attending:  Janet Aniol, Jim Bowser, Sharon Brooks, Maggie Holt, Karin Krippene, Tom Saunders as well as 16 guests.


A meeting of the Board was held at 4:30PM for the election of officers.  The results are as follows:

            President                   Janet Aniol

            Vice President          Tom Saunders

            Secretary                   Karin Krippene

            Treasurer                   Maggie Holt


The regular meeting was called to order by President Janet at 5PM with Karin recording.  She announced the results of the election of officers.


Information items were discussed.  On Sunday February 19th through Sunday, February 26th Kiwanis will hold an Electronic Recycling at Rimrock Mercantile parking lot.   On February 11th recycle areas in Cottonwood and Camp Verde will be available.  Bill Stafford, President of MRM Trails Coalition, was introduced.


Guest speaker Jody Nickerson, OHV Coordinator for the Red Rock Ranger District in Coconino National Forest, was introduced.  She spoke about the new Travel Management Rule (TMR), which will soon be implemented throughout the Forest.  Each district has been mandated to form new rules, so rules may differ.  She presented the map for her district.  This map may be found at the following website in late winter 2012:  .  The map is free and will be available on the web or in Forest Service offices.   Cross Country travel will not be allowed.  In order to travel in a motorized vehicle the road must be on the map. RV camping will only be allowed in camping corridors.  Special rules for game retrieval will be in effect.   Certain activities, such as fuel wood gathering, will require a special permit.  Jody was asked how the rules will be enforced.  She stated that saturation forces will be used to target specific areas, and local trails people will be asked to help.  For additional questions and answers those interested moved with Jody to the library area.


The minutes from January 9th were approved as distributed.


Planning & Zoning Report:  Developmental Services has submitted sever amendments for consideration.  The County P & Z committee meeting is tomorrow at 9:30AM.  Tom plans to attend.  The committee is withdrawing fees for minor events and inspections.  More information will be forthcoming following the meeting.  Public Works and Flood Control will now have access to land use hearing during the zoning process.


The Special Events Fee Schedule will come up before the Supervisors on February 21st.


Bob Burke, President of BCRC, was unable to attend as planned.


Bill Merkley is continuing the process of determining the best  method to pursue concerning the electrical repair project in Rollins Park.  Correspondence with Board members regarding this matter will be forthcoming by email.


Maggie gave a report regarding the current status of Beaver Buggy.  She mentioned the tire situation and stated that a solution would be forthcoming.  The question of whether plugging a tire would void a warranty on that tire was raised.  The question will be investigated for future reference.


Beaver Creek Transit is preparing an application to ADOT for an additional, more cost-effective vehicle.  Janet made note of a request from Beaver Creek Transit for match funding to purchase this vehicle and provide operational funding should the application be accepted.  A motion was made and seconded  that this funding be allocated.  Motion carried. 


Janet requested that a letter to support ADOT’s funding of a design-completed 3rd lane southbound through Copper Canyon be sent.  This was approved.


There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 6:42PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Karin Krippene, Secretary

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