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Lake Montezuma


Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2012 5:00PM, BCAC


The regular Board Meeting of the Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association was called to order by President Janet Aniol at 4:59PM.  Board members attending were Jim Bowser, Tom Saunders, Sharon Brooks, Karin Krippene and Maggie Holt.  Ron Melcher, Membership Chair, Virginia Bartling, Water Chair, and Bill Merkley, Park Superintendent, were also present.


The information items from board members and residents were discussed.  No additional items were added.


Minutes of the February 6, 2012 were discussed.  There was a correction to be needed.  A motion had been made by Sharon, seconded by Maggie stating that an additional amount of $500 be set aside as a possible match, which may be needed should ADOT approve the application for a second vehicle.  Motion carried.  Minutes were then approved as corrected.


The Financial Report will be given at the next meeting.  Janet presented a request from Beaver Creek Community Action Team (BCCAT) Chair Jeannette Estes, who asked LMPOA to co-sponsor the mailing of the Emergency Preparedness Letter by use of the association checking account to deposit donations from other groups in the area for postage, pay the postage charge, and use the LMPOA bulk mailing permit.  It was moved by Sharon, seconded by Maggie that this request be honored.  Motion carried.  The letter will be written and copied by the Fire Chief.


The Ranch House Coalition did not get the grant for which it had applied.  Janet gave a brief summary of what had been learned.  If the same grant is available next year, RHC may apply at that time.


Area trails are now on the tourist area of the LMPOA website.  Friends of the Well have totebags available for purchase.  $700 was collected at the week-end fundraiser for the Backpack Program.  Backpacks need to be filled with food every week-end as too large a number of children in our area do not have food available.  The collection of food is ongoing.  Donations are also accepted.



Membership:  Currently membership fees for 116 plus families have been received.  Ron will work on a plan to get past members to rejoin.  He will post signs on the bulletin boards and work on a single page to go into the newsletter.


The website was discussed.  It needs volunteers.  A suggestion was made that Rimrock Public High School be contacted to see if a student, possible Key Club Member, would be willing to take on the upkeep of the site.  Ron will contact Principal, Kathleen McCabe.  Virginia said she would like to help, but couldn’t take it on alone.


What information to include in the next newsletter was discussed.  How are membership dues used?  What does LMPOA do in the community? 


Water:  Virginia reported that the pier stabilization report had been obtained from Charlie Cave, Flood Control District.  Also, the ADOT bridge inspection had been received.  Virginia has continued to try to find answers regarding the hydraulic capacity.  It appears there are no Federal or state standards in existence.  In talking to a gentleman at Arizona Flood Plain Management Association she was told that it is understood that counties will maintain hydraulic capacity under bridges.  It was suggested that this issue be brought up at Supervisor Davis’ community meeting on March 17th and at candidates’ forums for those running for the Supervisor’s position in our newly defined district.


Planning & Zoning:  Tom reported that Public Works and Flood Control Management were now under Development Services.  Now residents will be able to use the same hearing process as Planning & Zoning.  Under Development Services it was decided that charter schools may not operate on property less than 1 acre.  A small storage area of less than 200 sq. ft. will not require a County use permit.  The sales tax issue will not be taken over by Development Services as that is a state function.


Old Business:  Bill reported that electrician Bill Brann has given an estimate of $2500 - $3000 to redo the electrical in Rollins Park.  Bill Brann has said that he will furnish the supplies at his cost and would charge $55.00/hour for labor.  It was agreed that this is a generous bid.  It will be necessary to run pipes down the center of the Park and branch off to locations for receptacles.  The stones will need to be moved to one side.  The area to be dug up will need to be taped off.  County permits are charged as a percentage of the job cost.  Right now there is no time frame for beginning the work.  It was suggested that a fund-raiser be held or the businesses be approached to help.  With the current economy it was thought that the businesses might not be able to help.  Other possible ways to help lower the cost, such as volunteers removing the stones, were discussed.


Sharon moved that up to $3000.00 be allocated to Bill to proceed with the revision of the electrical in the Park.  Tom seconded.  Motion carried.


New Business:  The upcoming election for the new District 3 Supervisor was discussed.  It appears there may be as many as five candidates for the position.  It was suggested that a candidate forum be held as there are questions relative to our area which need to be answered.  Some of the questions could relate to a P&Z representative from our area, the bridge scour protection plan and timing as well as bridge maintenance, a pedestrian bridge, and the restoring of LTAFF II state funding.


The changing of the BCRC by-laws was discussed.  It was felt that the present by-laws are well-structured and should be retained for the foreseeable future.


The new BCAC sign says “Community” Center rather than “Adult Center”.  Will the Center be changing its by-laws?  Jim Bowser reported that there is no intent to change the by-laws.  It was felt that the Center should become more of a Community Resource Center than simply an Adult Center.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 6:30PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Karin Krippene, Secretary

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