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Lake Montezuma


Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

June 4,, 2012, 5:00PM, BCAC


Minutes of Lake Montezuma Property Owners Assoc. June 4, 2012

Meeting called to order at 5:04p by President Janet Aniol.  Attending Sharon Brooks, Tom Saunders, and Jim Bowser.

Janet  asked Members to check out the items as listed on the agenda.  A note to remind us to attend the retirement party for Fire Chief Mike Van Dyke on June 21st.

Minutes were read and approved.

A Financial report was submitted showing  a balance in the Checking account of $8,361, a CD of $8,259 with  $3,000 secured to the BB II, and savings of $1514.  Report was accepted.

Public Agenda Item - A petition was circulated for a ballot item for the November elections regarding State Parks.

Monthly Update we have 217 paid members.

Presidents Update – An Olli class will be held at Beaver Creek School staring the first week in July it is the first class held in our area.  If you want to participate in the July 4th parade contact the Fire Dept.  June 12th comments are due for trails and forest roads. Beaver Buggy II  notification should be coming from ADOT by the end of week. The Fire Auxiliary needs new members, contact Diana Bell if you are interested.

Committee Reports – Tom said the County has inspected a property on Lake Shore Drive that had quite a bit of trash etc.  The property had been cited before, a hearing notice was posted  with a July 10th hearing.  A fine will likely be $10,000.  No other committee reports were made.

Thomas Thurman Candidate for District 2 County Supr. was introduced and gave his background and answered questions.  He stated that the County will no longer divide up the County budget by Supervisors they will all have to vie for projects .

Old Business – Park project still on hold.

New Business – H12043 regarding financial assurances on proposed land development was discussed.  A motion to limit the time to 36 months maximum with new financial assurances provided some progress has been made on the original plan submitted to the County .  Motion carried. A motion to provide Beaver Creek school with $250.00 to help fund the summer swim program was made and approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm

Submitted by  Sharon Brooks

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