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Lake Montezuma

Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

May 5,23014  5:00PM, BCAC





The regular Board Meeting of the Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association was called to order by President Jim Bowser at 5:06PM.  Board members present were Jim Bowser, Janet Aniol, Lisa Taylor, Don Rotta and Ron Melcher. Guests in attendance were Steve Sprinz, Chuck Elston, Marilyn Elston, and Richard Casmier.

Phil Edwards, Board Secretary being absent Jim Bowser asked for a volunteer to take the minutes. Ron Melcher volunteered (I think).

Information Items from board and members: Janet said Al Slusser will be in Rimrock on Friday, May 9th during his “Walk Across the Verde Valley” Red Cross-First Responder-fundraiser. Al encourages residents to walk with him.

Ron reminded everyone that Northern Arizona Healthcare will hold an Open House at the Lodge at Cliff Castle Casino at 6pm on Tuesday May 13th to present plans and provide information on the new health services facility planned for Camp Verde.

Jim read a note from Sharon Brooks concerning the current state of the Ranch House/Golf Course property. The property is in escrow but no further information can be released until the close of escrow. LMPOA will be notified as soon as there is anything to report.

Minutes and Financial Report: Board Secretary, Phil Edwards was absent so there was not a clean copy of the April Minutes available for review. Lisa moved and Don seconded to postpone approval of April Minute to the next Meeting.

Janet presented a signed financial report for April 2014 to Board President Jim Bowser as follows:

   LMPOA Treasurer's Report of April 2014 Financial Activities

Checking Account Beginning Balance 3/31/2014: $


$435.00 LMPOA 2014 dues
$480.00 LMPOA 2014 dues
$270.00 LMPOA 2014 dues

Auto Debits:   

$51.02 APS for electric
$69.16 AZ Water Co


$70.00 Rick Lemos redo of two park stones

$90.00 Jim Guerrieri for April park maintenance
$59.09 UPS in CV copies for April newsletter
$2,500.00 Purchase of car for BC Transit (4/13)
$500.00 Repair and road worthy checks for car above

Checking Account Ending Balance 4/30/2014: $

Certificate of Deposit:

$ redemption value on 4/5/2014
Next Maturity Date is 5/7/2014

Janet stated that the $3000 advanced to BC Transit had been spent in the purchase and minor repair of a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu sedan and that it was currently in service by BC Transit as an alternate to the handicap accessible van, AKA the “Beaver Buggy”, and is working very well. Janet has not moved the $3000 from the CD fund to the checking account yet and since she will not be available during the May rollover of the CD that will be done during the June rollover. There should be adequate funds in the checking account until she is able to get that accomplished.

Because Janet will on vacation away from the community for the next two weeks and because she is currently the only signer on the accounts she left two signed checks with Jim Bowser and also asked him, as President, to make arrangements to become a signer on the accounts.

The treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Lisa seconded by Don.

Call for Public discussion Items. Discussion with residents: Member Steve Sprinz encouraged the board to be more aggressive in gaining information about the sale and providing it to association members and the community prior to the sale of the Golf Course property. Board Members generally felt that attempting to gain additional information about the sale could have a negative rather than positive impact on the sale and were unwilling to take additional action.

Old Business:

  • Certificates of Appreciation: The Board agreed that Ron should mail the certificates to the association members named.
  • Updates on membership, website, memory stones, local trails.
    • Ron reported that paid membership is now 205 and he has a couple of checks for Janet.
    • No discussion on the website.
    • Janet and Lisa reported that they were still trying to find a stone engraver that can match the lettering on the existing memorial stones. A stone cutter from Dewey that Lisa is working with should have the 1st example soon.
    • Janet reported that Coconino National Forest has responded favorably to letters sent by LMPOA concerning the lack of area trails in the Forest Plan update. The Forest has stated a willingness to work with MRM Trails and LMPOA in planning, development and maintenance of non-motorized area trails and to consider a motorized trail.
  • Update on LMPOA Donation to BC Transit: (See the Treasurer’s Report above) Janet report that the Malibu sedan that was purchased with the donation is working out very well and riders are very happy with it. She also said that BC Transit wanted to thank LMPOA for the donation.
  • Vote on amendment to By-Laws concerning board quorum: The proposed original wording or the By-Laws and the proposed amendment was read by Board President Jim Bowser. A motion to approve was made by Don Rotta and seconded by Lisa Taylor. The motion carried with all members present voting affirmative and none opposed.

New Business:

  • Update on status of Ranch House and BC Golf Course: See previous notes under “Information Items” and “Public Discussion Items”. No further discussion.

Adjournment: The next regular meeting of LMPOA will be Monday, June 2, 2014 at 5 PM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron Melcher

Pretending Secretary

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