L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma

Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2014 5:00PM

.Beaver Creek Adult Center.




The regular Board Meeting, September 8, 2014, of the Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association was called to order by Jim Bowser, President, at 5:00 PM.  Board members present were Jim Bowser, Phil Edwards, Ron Melcher and Janet Aniol.  Lisa Taylor and Don Rotta were excused.  Also attending were six members and guests including Lt Martin, YCSO, and Bella Donna, president of the Beaver Creek Trails Coalition.

 The August 4 minutes of the previous meeting were approved.  The July/August 2014 financial report was presented and accepted for file.

 The account balances were:

            CD (9/12/2014)                       $

            Checking (8/29/2014)             $

The president reviewed information of activities in our area from the agenda and from the floor.

Old Business:  The flagpole rope in Rollins Park is under repair and should be replaced soon.

The name change consideration is ongoing for LMPOA and will be further discussed at an executive session on Sept. 15 at 4:00 PM in the Adult Center.

 New Business:  Donations to the following were discussed and approved by the board: $350.00 to the Beaver Creek Adult Center and $300.00 to the Beaver Creek School Food Bank. Also approved from the CD was a $500.00 donation to the Beaver Creek Trails Coalition.

 Co sponsorship (with the Beaver Creek Kiwanis) of the Halloween Spooktacular at Rollins Park was approved’

 A letter of approval and support for the Camp Verde resolution regarding the Yavapai Community College District is to be sent. Also a letter is to be sent to Tom Thurman, County Supervisor, regarding the property taxes without any services provided by the Community College District to our area.

Bella Donna presented an update for ongoing improvements for the Sunset Trails Loop off of Wickiup Mesa on the Coconino National Forest.  Lt. Martin commented on recent arrests and officer patrols in the area.  Yavapai County District 2 Supervisor Tom Thurman will be present at our next meeting.  It is reported that the pedestrian bridge is to be completed in January 2015.

 The meeting was adjourned at 6:38 PM.

 The next meeting will be held on Monday, October 6, 2014, at 5 PM.

 Respectfully submitted,

Phil Edwards, Secretary

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