L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma

Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Beaver Creek Adult Center

February 2, 2015




The Meeting was called to order by Jim Bowser, President, as scheduled at 5:00 PM.

The first order of business was to select officers and duties for the year 2015. The results are:

Janet Aniol was elected and accepted position of the President.

Phil Edwards agreed to continue and was re-elected as Secretary.

Newly elected Board Member, Alan Spacone accepted and was elected Treasurer.

Jim Bowser agreed and was elected as Vice President.

Members at large are: Ron Melcher, Lisa Taylor and Sharon Olsen.

Note: Alan Spacone and Sharon Olsen were elected at the Annual meeting Jan. 31, 2015.

At this time, Janet Aniol assumed the duties as President and continued the meeting.

Minutes of the January 5 meeting were read and accepted.

Outgoing Treasurer, Janet Aniol presented the treasurer report, which was accepted and will be on file along with the annual report.  Arrangements were agreed upon to turn over the Treasurer position to Alan Spacone.

Old Business: Please refer to the meeting agenda [on file], the issues were discussed and most needed further investigation before action is to be taken. See next meeting agenda.

New Business: The bill for our annual meeting was approved. [Meeting room and services].

Lisa Taylor proposed the following,  and was accepted by the Board that no future checks above $300.00 will be will be issued without two signatures and have board approval. Note: The President, Secretary and Treasurer are required to be designated signers by our by-laws for our Bank account. [National Bank, Camp Verde, Az.] Any new auto pay accounts must have prior board approval.  It was also agreed that all treasurer reports and associated information be stored annually in a yet decided safe manner and storage location. See upcoming agenda.

It was also agreed to send a letter of support requested by the Yavapai Apache transit for the proposed route to include the Rimrock/Lake Montezuma area.

Also it was discussed and agreed to support by letter, to encourage the Arizona Water Company to move forward the installation of additional fire hydrants. 

Also proposed and agreed to, the use the program “Word” for computer generated Board reports due to the general use and acceptance.

The park new benches [4] for Rawlins Park have been purchased and assembled, placement; [weather permitting] will be completed before next scheduled meeting. It was also announced that a bench has been donated by the Nye Family {Crickets] in memory of Ralph Nye Jr. who passed away recently. 

The next meeting to be held March 2, 2015 at 5:00 PM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center.

Respectfully prepared by Phil Edwards, Secretary


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