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The design stage III (60%) has been completed for the McGuireville Interchange ramp safety improvements and has been distributed for comments.  These comments are to be addressed by 2/18.  At that point more work will be done on specific geometric control sheets, environmental mitigation measures, detour sheets, traffic control plans, ROW clearance, intersection plans and the cost estimate (state budgeted for $6,000,000).  When stage IV has been completed and approved, the bid advertisement will be prepared.  The estimated bid date is 6/30 and the award date is 7/3.  The finish milestone is 7/31/2009.

Board President, Ken Kasner, has talked to Supervisor Davis about our interest in a SATS (small area transit study).  Our request for a pedestrian/bike bridge has been sent by Supervisor Davis to Phil Bourdon, Director of Public Works.  In addition Supervisor Davis has planned to have an annual planning meeting for transportation and land use.  He wants traffic corridors identified so that they can be obtained from developers.  A planned 4,000 home development is in the works near Congress.  There are plans for rezoning for housing projects near Wickenburg Ranch.  Wickenburg may be annexed into Yavapai County.

For the Verde Valley Multimodal Transportation Plan, existing housing and employment conditions have been completed and they are working on employment projections.  The final draft of the existing conditions will be completed soon.  Lima & Associates has included the LM secondary access in their planning.

The Bice Road dust palliative project was not accomplished in January due to weather conditions.  The same dust palliative will also be tried in the Bumble Bee/Crown King area.  We would like to request Prescott ADOT to scope the feasibility and cost at the Bice Road tunnel for a small safety project to include large mirrors, tunnel lighting, and courtesy signage at both entrances.

Two and a half roundabouts have been completed in Big Park.  There will be 4 when work is complete.  Jacks Canyon Rd is complete.  In Sedona, Project 2, a 2-year project is totally in construction after the Super Bowl.  It will take about 8 months for the Y to the canyon to be completed.  The bridge will take about a year.  The old one will be torn down after the new one is built.  Near Tlaquepaque 2 or 3 trees will be removed rather than the 9 or 10 originally planned.  More trees will be planted.

This month the ADOT project for the cement plant entrance road to Black Hills Drive begins.  It will take a year to install 5 roundabouts and new pavement.  The roundabouts were designed to handle large trucks as well as automobile and pedestrian traffic.  Work will begin on the box culvert extensions first and then the roundabouts starting in March.  The SR 260 divided highway contract for Western Drive to Thousand Trails was awarded to Ames Construction.  Work is scheduled to begin this spring.   

Board Actions:

1.  Request ADOT to scope a small safety project for the Bice Rd tunnel.


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