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The design stage III (60%) has been completed for the McGuireville Interchange ramp safety improvements and has been distributed for comments.  These comments were to be addressed by 2/18.  More work will be done on specific geometric control sheets, environmental mitigation measures, detour sheets, traffic control plans, ROW clearance, intersection plans and the cost estimate (state budgeted for $6,000,000).  When stage IV has been completed and approved, the bid advertisement will be prepared.  The estimated bid date is 6/30 and the award date is 7/3.  The finish milestone is 7/31/2009.  On February 15th I drove to Phoenix to speak with Victor Mendez, Director of ADOT.   I expressed that our community is worried about our project being postponed due to state revenue shortfalls.  He assured me that the funds for the McGuireville Interchange improvements are secure and that the project will proceed as planned.

Board President, Ken Kasner, has talked to Supervisor Davis about our interest in a SATS (small area transit study).  Our request for a pedestrian/bike bridge has been sent by Supervisor Davis to Phil Bourdon, Director of Public Works.  At the request of Jeannette Estes, chair of BCCAT, we received a written reply from the Supervisor. The response was that the bridge cannot be constructed until road improvements to Montezuma Avenue have started.   He explains that that section of roadway reconstruction has been delayed at least three more years since the road budget revenues have been greatly reduced.    President Kasner has scheduled a meeting with Supervisor Davis to discuss the Montezuma Ave and pedestrian/bike bridge issues.

Right now the Beaver Creek Road reconstruction project is about 2 weeks behind schedule due to weather.  But unless Cand E Paving & Gravel gets hammered again, there is enough cushion in their schedule to meet the May 15 completion date.  Right now they are laying down the aggregate base for the east end of the project.  Paving east of the Y began as scheduled just prior to the first of March.  The project manager (also the company owner) has been requested to expedite the passage of the school buses and morning traffic to Beaver Creek School.  He said that they would try to be sensitive to the needs of morning school traffic, but asked that the public work with him by leaving home earlier.  Several questions have been asked repeatedly about the reconstruction.  This is a routine Yavapai County maintenance project that is done for all main corridors every 10 years or so.  Much of the road is also being widened, particularly where paved 4-foot shouldered are needed.  Several turn lanes will be added.  The drainage is being upgraded and several safety improvements are being incorporated.   The road will continue to be two lanes.

The presentation on the new type of road improvement and maintenance district that Yavapai County authorized the use of as of last September will be given on Thursday, April 3, at 5 PM, in the Cottonwood County Annex on 6th Street.  Bev Staddon, who works out of the Prescott office, will give the presentation on RIMDs and answer questions.  She is the designated county contact for this information.  Since the road improvement needs of each area are unique, it would be helpful if representatives from each location could attend.  That way you can ensure that questions relevant to each situation are asked.  We want to alert residents on Outlaw Way & Bice Rd, Sycamore Ln, Montezuma Estates, Millennium Way and Lower McGuireville who have expressed interest in improving local roads that are not maintained by Yavapai County.

Requests from residents:  These will be forwarded to the appropriate Yavapai County office.

1.  Water is collecting during rains at the Cayuga and Navajo intersection.  The neighbors are signing a letter that we can forward to Public Works and Developmental Services.

Board Actions:

1.  Request ADOT to scope a small safety project for the Bice Rd tunnel.  (From the February board meeting)


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