Beaver Creek Transportation News

Lake Montezuma

LMPOA Transportation Report 5-5-2008

Local Residential Roads

Structural overlays of Gone Fishing Rd, Sweet Water Dr, and Valley Vista Rd are near completion.  Backfill will be completed on these roads in about a week.  The paving of Stevenson Dr has been delayed due to lack of all right-of-way.  When all the necessary right-of-way has been obtained, that road will be paved later this summer.  The paving of Antigua Way has been pushed back to possibly next year.  The chip seal contract has been awarded and chip sealing will begin in the mid May to first of June time frame.  The roads to be sealed are:  Canyon Cr & Rd, Buffalo Grass Cr, Fawn Cr, Falcon View Dr, Sedona View Cr & Ln, and Thunder Ridge Rd.

Beaver Creek Road

The routine maintenance and reconstruction of Beaver Creek Road appears to be on schedule for completion May 15th.  The numerous pushouts along the road are for mailboxes and guardrails.  (Per AASHTO standards the surface up to guardrails must be paved.)  There have been complaints about the lack of 4-foot paved shoulders along some portions of the road and erratic width striping along other parts.  Verl Cook, Verde Valley Area Roads Supervisor is measuring shoulders and working with Byron Jasper from Public Works.  They are reporting back to Supervisor Davisís office and road committee.  The shoulders are not complete at this time.  Dirt and AB will be added to extend their width.  Verl Cook reported that in the business section of Rimrock the road had not been reconstructed and therefore not widened.  He is investigating to see what he can do.  Also he is investigating complaints about the long median turn lane which replaced the former short left hand turn lane into the school.  Additional problems that have been referred to Supervisor Davisís office are the lack of turn aprons on intersecting roads.  This will lead to most of us turning in the dirt.  The intersection of Lookout Point into Beaver Creek Rd near the Rimrock Post Office is a concern.  This road has been narrowed.

McGuireville TI

The design is proceeding on schedule and the bid is to be ready by no later than May 28th.  It is to be awarded by early July.  Work will begin in the fall with an estimated 13 months to completion date.  Both highway bridges crossing Dry Beaver Creek must be widened and the decking must be replaced.  Dallas Hammit, Prescott District ADOT Engineer, will be at our June 2nd LMPOA meeting to explain the work that will be done, the traffic management plan, and answer questions.


The NAIPTA (Northern AZ Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority) Board would like comments from LMPOA, BCRC, and other groups and individual residents who would like to make a recommendation about future need for public transportation in the Beaver Creek area.  Comments may be sent to .  The LMPOA Board has approved that the transportation committee write a draft response for the board.

Traffic Plan

LMPOA will purchase a traffic plan with donated funds for this specific project for lower Lake Montezuma and the bridge entrance area which will incorporate the elements of education, enforcement, and traffic calming design.  This plan will be completed with input from Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District, Yavapai Public Works, and residents.  The plan will be written in accordance with acceptable road standards and may include placement locations for traffic calming measures such as speed control devices (preferably relocatable flat-topped speed tables); safety signage such as stop signs, speed table warnings and crossing signage; pedestrian trails/by-passes/bridges, and other solutions.  It is intended that plan objectives be prioritized and executed as funds become available.  It is also intended that the plan be used as a foundation to write grants requesting funding.  The plan may be expanded via the PARA that the Beaver Creek Region may be awarded.   The transportation committee will pursue getting the all of the 36 LMPOA subdivisions and the rest of the Beaver Creek region included in this transportation planning.


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