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June 2, 2008              

Ron Knights


Subject:  Draft NAIPTA 5-Year Transit Plan for Verde Valley Region

Dear Sir:

Thank you for giving the Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association, which has 500+  members who own property in the Beaver Creek region including Lake Montezuma and Rimrock, the opportunity to comment on this plan.

Public transportation has become necessary for our residents.  Many are employed in Verde Valley towns and cities, and residents of all ages use the shopping, medical, and recreational services available in those locations.  With gas prices soaring, and wages and retirement income remaining low; we need access to public transportation.  We also request the support of the Verde Valley cities and towns on this issue in order to continue to utilize their services regularly and provide a work force to them. 

Our residents would like to see that our region has transit stops included in the short-range goals of the NAIPTA 5-Year Transit Plan. We are requesting two transit stops: the first in McGuireville east of MP 293 on I-17 and the second near the intersection of Beaver Creek Road and Lake Montezuma Avenue which is closer to the majority of our population.  Please consider our requests in your continued planning.



Sharon Brooks, Present



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