Beaver Creek Transportation News

Lake Montezuma

LMPOA Transportation Report for July 2008

Beaver Creek Road

This month the friction course will be added to the surface of Beaver Creek Rd.  When the road is restriped afterward, the business section lanes in Rimrock will be narrowed to allow for a wider paved shoulder.  Yavapai County Public Works is working with Principal/Superintendent Karin Ward to improve the turn lane design into Beaver Creek School.  LMPOA has submitted a request to Public Works for the Lookout Point and Beaver Creek Road intersection to be improved as Lookout Point is now very narrow.  If it is not possible to widen Lookout Point at this location, center striping of that road may be a safety aid.

McGuireville Interchange

This $10 million dollar project went out to bid on June 30.  Bids will be opened on August 28.  The bid recommendation will go before the State Transportation Board on September 19 in Winslow.  Work on the project will start soon afterward.  In June there was a presentation at the LMPOA monthly meeting.  We have requested that additional information be provided at an information table at the annual BC Kiwanis Spaghetti Dinner at the Montezuma-Rimrock Fire Station on September 26 from 5 to 7 PM.

Traffic Mitigation Plan

LMPOA will coordinate a traffic plan (which will need approval from the Montezuma-Rimrock Fire Chief, Yavapai County Public Works and resident input) that generally includes Montezuma Avenue from the Y to the girls’ school.  This plan has been paid for by a donor for that specific area only, otherwise the plan would encompass more area.  LMPOA requested that Yavapai County have a plan done for the entire area, but that request was not approved this year.  Currently we have asked several engineering firms to prepare a proposal and bid which will be due on August 15.  These will be available for discussion at the September LMPOA meeting.  Briefly, the proposals have been asked to address the following:

1.  Show traffic mitigation, calming, and safety solutions for:  Rimrock Dr, Montezuma Avenue/Montezuma Lake Rd, Lake Shore Dr, Beaver Vista Rd, and Meadow Ln.  Education and enforcement will be included as components.

2.  Provide plans for a pedestrian/bike bridge near Sycamore Bridge.  These plans and cost estimates should be specific enough that we can plug them directly into grant applications.  Provide plans for pedestrian/bike accommodation along Montezuma Avenue from the bridge going south to near Russell Wash.  Should crosswalks be included?

3.  Study advantages and disadvantages of making Lake Montezuma Rd, Sweetwater Dr, and Lookout Pt Rd a one-way loop.  This would provide room for a separate multi-use path.  Design such if deemed appropriate.

4.  Specify a pedestrian/bike bypass out to near Beaver Creek Rd that would give these road users an alternative to taking the Lake Montezuma Rd switchbacks up to the Y intersection if item 3 does not look feasible.  Specify other trails or pedestrian bridges that may be advisable in the target area.  Need enough details for grant applications.


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