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Transportation Report for December 2008 



BCCAT Crosswalk & No Parking Signs

            The Beaver Creek Community Action Team (BCCAT) chaired by Jeannette Estes reports that work on the requested crosswalk on Beaver Creek Rd in front of the fire station began on December 1. The requested improvements to the no parking signs in front of the Lake Montezuma Post Office were completed in late November.  BCCAT thanks Supervisor Davis, Chris Moran, and Verl Cook for their prompt action on these safety issues.


McGuireville TI

            Flyers displaying the planned project schedule in 6 phases have been posted around the area.  This flyer can also be sent to you via email by request to:

            President Kala Pearson (BCRC) provided the location and pictures from several directions of the caves for which residents expressed concern.  We requested that Bill Williams, ADOT Public Information Officer, provide further information about the protection of this area.  Here is his reply.

Thanks for the photos of your cultural site. Our environmental coordinator visited the site, looked at the plans and discussed the project with managers. In all construction projects ADOT is sensitive to, and protective of, cultural sites.

There is a site within the McGuireville Interchange Construction project area that has been marked in the design drawings.  That area will be fenced.  The fencing will be such that it will block all access from the construction zone to the cultural site.  The topography is so steep as to prevent the use of this area for staging or access or any other construction purpose.

Some of the cave photos you showed are not near the construction zone. This site was evaluated by the ADOT team but did not include it as an exclusionary zone because it was outside the right of way and had no use for access or storage.  This site has been flagged with different color material than the other areas of the site and should be fenced off soon.  With the holidays, I am not sure what day that will exactly occur.  Once the fence is up with appropriate signs, there should be no possible way for there to be access to this site for construction crews.  Building a Quality Arizona

            This is a statewide transportation framework study ongoing throughout Arizona.  ADOT is in partnership with regional transportation planners and the public. The focus of the studies is to identify the state’s needs in the 2030 to 2050 timeframe. State planners are predicting that AZ will have a population of about 14.1 million by 2050 (5.1 million in 2005) and water to support 32 million through the use of new technologies (e.g. desalinization) and conservation of use.  The State Transportation Board has requested comments on three scenarios which can be made through the website above.

            A. Personal Vehicle Mobility assumes that people will continue to use their personal vehicles as their primary travel choice.

            B. Transit Mobility shifts the focus to a heavier emphasis on public transit, walking, and bicycling for regular daily trips.

            C. Focused Growth adds to scenario B increased density and mix of land uses close together in order to better facilitate scenario B.


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