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Lake Montezuma

February 2009 Transportation Report


Verde Valley Multimodal Transportation Study


The final draft presentation of this study was presented to the public January 13-15.  County Board of Supervisor Resolution 1621 states that the Board seeks the assistance of the VVTPO (Verde Valley Transportation Planning Organization) in making recommendations for regional road project priorities, and that regional transportation plans such as the VVMTS will be used as one of the resources in the cost benefit analysis for a five-year Regional Road Construction Program, both of roadways and for public transportation.


VVMTS per concurrent NAIPTA study proposes short-term alternative service to the BC area via:  regional park-and-ride located in Cornville at Page Springs Rd and valley wide van service.  Long-term projects may include daily service between Camp Verde, Lake Montezuma , and Rimrock.


VV proposed roadway improvements for 2010 to 2020 include Beaver Creek Rd upgrade to an arterial from I-17 to the Y (could be 2 or 4 lanes) and upgrade to a major collector to the end of the pavement at an estimated cost of $21.4 million.  And it includes creation of a connection and emergency route from Beaver Creek Rd to Brocket Ranch Rd, and then to one of three potential corridors to provide ingress and egress to the Indian Lakes area via a low-water crossing at a cost of $1.3 million. 


Mike Willett, Asst Director of Yavapai County Public Works has proposed another VVMT Study to begin in 1212 or 1213 or order to utilize the 2010 census data.



Stimulus Infrastructure Package from US Government

As continued from the December & January reports, the transportation committee strongly recommends that a list of requests from this region be sent to federal and state representatives and our Yavapai County District III Supervisor and Yavapai County Public Works Director.  LMPOA is ready to forward their list to Yavapai County which requests, and coordinates projects for our area   BCRC President, Kala Pearson, requested the transportation committee to flesh out the LMPOA list with documentation and maps to present to BCRC.  The committee had hoped to have this ready prior to this meeting, but will not be able to have this completed for at least another week.  The committee requests that BCRC approve the list as is as the documentation does not change the basic listing.  Presentation of a request needs to be done in the very near future in order to be considered for possible funding.


Next Transportation Committee Meeting

Saturday, February 21, at 2 PM in the Adult Center



Economic Stimulus Request List



This request list identifies longstanding critical needs that address health, safety, and quality of life issues in the Beaver Creek area.


1. Purchase Yavapai County ROW (right-of-way) for the road and crossing to prepare for the second access to Lake Montezuma/Indian Lakes per the previously completed Yavapai County study and Verde Valley Multimodal Transportation Study recommendation. Preservation of this easement ROW at the present will make the completion of this project much less expensive and difficult when funding is available in the future.


2. Improve FR-119 in order to relieve health and safety incidents due to dust particulates and numerous accidents on a dangerous road.  Grade the road and resurface with dust palliative, improve the sight lines on three obstructed view curves, provide guard rails, speed signage, and signage to prevent use by heavy, commercial vehicles.


3. Improve Yavapai County Right-of-Way access roads in Lower McGuireville to provide safer resident and first responder vehicle ingress and egress.  These road are located in a section of Coconino National Forest.  Complete a bridge study for the area.


4. Improve the currently unmaintained Yavapai County ROW roads in Montezuma Estates where there are increasing particulate pollution and safety concerns. It is estimated that 90% of the dust problem would be alleviated by paving the 60 right of ways and re-graveling the 50 right of ways.


5. Build a pedestrian bridge in the vicinity of Sycamore Bridge.  This would provide safe pedestrian and bicycle crossing without using this very narrow bridge.  It would also provide quick egress for a very heavily populated portion of Lake Montezuma during the flood stage of Wet Beaver Creek.


6. Survey the remainder of Bice Rd and complete the acquisition of the public easements needed for maintenance of the entire road.  The easements obtained thus far and the maintenance of the east end of the road by Yavapai County Public Works are greatly appreciated by area residents. 


7. Purchase for Yavapai County a 3 or 4 acre property for future recreational, social, and/or governmental service activities use by Beaver Creek area residents.



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