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March 19, 2009


Supervisor Chip Davis , District 3

County Administrative Services, Verde Valley Complex

10 South Sixth Street

Cottonwood, AZ 86326


Dear Supervisor Davis:


The Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association (LMPOA) requests that Yavapai County apply for a Transportation Enhancement (TE) grant in order to alleviate an unsafe situation for pedestrians, bicycle riders, motor vehicle drivers, and other users on Sycamore Bridge and on Lake Montezuma Avenue north of the bridge.  We will provide the 5.7% match for a project costing up to $200,000. We would like to write a letter of support for this project and are certain that there will be letters of support from other organizations in the Beaver Creek area as well as from individuals.  Verna Shafer, President of the Beaver Creek Garden Club, would like to give her support in person.  In addition, resolving this dangerous situation received strong support in our community survey that was completed in November of 2008. A statement of the safety issues and possible solutions follows.


Issues: Sycamore Bridge is the only egress from the most heavily populated part of Lake Montezuma where about half of the Beaver Creek area residents live.  The bridge has no shoulder space for use by pedestrians and other non-motorized users.  Montezuma Lake Avenue , connecting with the north side of the bridge, has no shoulders through much of a dangerous slope known as “the switchbacks”.


Solutions: Build a pedestrian bridge near Sycamore Bridge. Then make a one-way traffic loop north of the bridge from Lake Montezuma Ave at Sweetwater Dr, north on Lake Montezuma Ave to Lookout Pt Rd, south on Lookout Point Rd to Sweetwater Dr, and east on Sweetwater Dr back to Lake Montezuma Ave.  Divide this roadway loop with concrete road barriers or a median and dedicate one side to pedestrians and non-motorized traffic and the other side to motor vehicles.  Or alternately construct a path for non-motorized users that would connect Sweetwater Dr to Lake Montezuma Avenue near the “Y”.  This path would not parallel Lake Montezuma Ave , but would be a bypass of it, particularly of the switchback section.



LMPOA is prepared to help with the public participation in this project by scheduling the meeting place, likely to be the Beaver Creek Baptist Church , and publicizing the time, date, and location. We will be glad to provide information on our website, in our newsletter, and put flyers throughout the community.


We are certain that Yavapai County Public Works can engineer a desirable solution for our issues and hope that this project will be one that will fully utilize the talents and creativity of this fine Yavapai County Department.


The TE grant with our match appears to us to provide the most cost effective and timely source of funding.  We hope that you will approve the application for this grant.








Janet Aniol, Vice President

For LMPOA Board of Directors



Copies to:

Phil Bourdon, Public Works Director

Mike Willett, Public Works Asst. Director of Engineering

Chris Bridges, Public Works Transportation Planner

Verl Cook, Verde Area Road Superintendent

Verna Shafer, Beaver Creek Garden Club President

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