Beaver Creek Transportation News

Lake Montezuma
April 2009

LMPOA Transportation Report, April 2009


McGuireville Interchange

Those motorists traveling I-17 are reminded that the speed limit has been reduced to 55 MPH in both directions.  Many drivers are not observing this limit, thus making that area hazardous due to curves in the road near the interchange.  Also be aware that there is a stop sign prior to entering the northbound lane of I-17 from McGuireville.  Please be alert and cautious near all the construction. 


The north bound deck demolition is moving forward very well.  The shoulder portion of the north bound bridge deck was successfully removed on 4/1. Earthwork is ongoing throughout the project zone; the new on/off ramps are being constructed.  The northbound bridge concrete is complete, and the girders that will span the new bridge are being fabricated.



There are many potholes that need to be repaired.  These are being filled, but there is a back log of requests at this time.  To report portholes or find out if one has been assigned a work order number, call 567-7732.  The pothole at the entrance to Montezuma Square, per request, has been called in as have others that have been reported to the committee.


Truck Alert

Trucks over 50 feet in length are prohibited from driving on State Route 89A in the Mingus Mountain area.  This applies to southbound traffic beginning at milepost 349 in Clarkdale.


Economic Recovery Fund Projects

The Verde Valley portion of Yavapai County is expected to receive about $780,000 for road stimulus projects. Any project(s) chosen must be on a federal-aid eligible route and shovel ready. The projects recommended by the Board of Supervisors by priority are:




Estimated Cost

Scope of Work


1.     Yavapai County Government

Cornville Road – Aspaas to Beaverhead Flat (3.8 miles)

Cold in place recycle reconstruction



Cold in place recycle reconstruction

Meets criteria

2.     City of Cottonwood

S. 6th Street; SR89A to Mingus Avenue

Pavement Replacement


Remove and replace pavement on 2-lane, collector street

Meets criteria. No clearances or design at this time; no new ROW needed


3.     Town of Clarkdale

Broadway Road from the Town boundary with the City of Cottonwood North to the intersection at Tuzigoot Road


Main Street at Ninth Street Intersection N. to Broadway Road

Mill and overlay approx. 1.33 miles of major collector road


Mill and overlay approx. 0.8 miles of major collector road







Pavement preservation, 2” full mill and replace with ACFC


Pavement  preservation, 2” full mill and replace with ACFC


There were no shovel ready projects in our area on the eligible routes. The reconstruction and overlay of Montezuma Lake Rd from the “Y” to the bridge has been delayed twice and was recently removed from the Yavapai County 5-year regional road plan.  The transportation committee has requested that a “shovel ready” plan be prepared now in preparation for a second round of stimulus projects.


Montezuma Lake Rd Switchbacks and Pedestrian Bridge across Wet Beaver Creek

On March 19 LMPOA requested that Yavapai County apply for a Transportation Enhancement (TE) grant in order to alleviate the unsafe situation for pedestrians, bicycle riders, motor vehicle drivers, and other users on Sycamore Bridge and on Montezuma Lake Rd north of the bridge.  LMPOA would provide the 5.7% match for a project costing up to $200,000.  The issues are that Sycamore Bridge is the only egress from the most heavily populated part of Lake Montezuma where about half of the Beaver Creek area residents live, the bridge has no shoulder space for use by pedestrians and other non-motorized users, and Montezuma Lake Rd, connecting with the north side of the bridge, has no shoulders through much of a dangerous slope known as “the switchbacks”.


Wheelchair Lift-equipped Passenger Van Grant

BCAC in collaboration with LMPOA submitted a 5310 grant application to NACOG in early March.  The joint transportation committee BCAC/LMPOA met the NACOG panel on March 31st to answer questions about the application.  The application appeared to be well received by the panel, but there are many other applicants.  NACOG will announce the recommendations for award of vans in June.


Regional Projects

Camp Verde-The Finney Flat sidewalks grant is progressing slowly.

SR 260-On Western Drive to 89A a pavement preservation project is beginning that will take 6 to 8 weeks.  This work will be done mostly at night. The Cherry Rd safety improvements will start in the next 6 weeks and include a signal at Cherry Rd, improvements to the old SR 279 intersection with Horseshoe Bend and a left-turn lane will be added at Dickison Circle.  Work will continue until spring of 2010.

Cement Plant Rd-The 5 roundabouts and road work are almost completed.

Cordes Junction TI-This is a $50 million project with a diamond configuration, free flowing ramp, and two roundabouts.  Will start this year.

Sedona-The traffic light installation at Airport Rd and 89A will begin in August. Approximately 76 lights are planned to be installed along 89A starting in 2010.  3 public meetings will be held.  SR 179 project is on schedule.

Cottonwood-The Willard St extension is in progress.  South 12th Street will be improved.  Mingus Ave will be reconstructed from 89A to Willard St.

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