Beaver Creek Transportation News

Lake Montezuma


June 1, 2009 Transportation Summary

Local Road Improvement

Stevenson Dr (east of the fire station) is being paved this week.  Antigua Way, Coyote Canyon, and Seneca Lane will probably be paved next, although that may not happen this summer.  On May 18 the Board of Supervisors approved a Public Works right of way project on Bice Rd.  This project would extend to the Seiler Rd intersection and could potentially add about another .6 mile of county ROW for possible improvement in the future. 



Verde Valley Multimodal Transportation Study

Also on May 18 the Board of Supervisors accepted this study to use as a planning document for the Verde Valley.  The regional projects in the Beaver Creek area proposed for the 2010 to 2020 time frame are:  Upgrade Beaver Creek Road (from I-17 to Y) to arterial status, upgrade Beaver Creek Road (from Y to FR 119) to major collector, upgrade to a local roadway and pave FR 119 to SR-179, and to create a connection, emergency route, and low water crossing from the Beaver Creek Rd/Brocket Ranch intersection to the Indian Lakes area of Lake Montezuma.  The complete study which contains much valuable information is available on the Yavapai County web site home page at this time.



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