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LMPOA December Transportation Report

December 7, 2009 


Building a Quality Arizona/Statewide Transportation Planning Framework

There is still time to comment on the 2050 recommended scenario by going to BC Kiwanians Bob Bruno, George Lauman, and Don Rotta traveled to Flagstaff in November to attend a public presentation of the draft scenario, and were very impressed with this multiyear project. In our planning area, a possible route to I-40 bypassing Flagstaff was eliminated as we had hoped and requested. The 2050 preliminary draft recommended scenario is available to download or print, but the print is very small and difficult to read. We have requested a larger copy of the map.

Trails Committee

The next meeting will be Tuesday, December 15, at 2:30 PM at Bill Stafford's home. Call 567-4820. BC Trails & Pathways Committee representatives met on November 9 with Supervisor Davis and Area Roads Superintendent Verl Cook who were both very supportive of starting a community trails and pathways system in the Lake Montezuma-Rimrock area.

1. Safety concerns were discussed about pedestrian and bicycle use on Montezuma Avenue on the Rimrock side of the Beaver Creek Bridge in the area known as the "switchbacks".


2. BCTP committee would like to improve the shoulders along Montezuma Avenue from Rollins Park to Sycamore Park perhaps concentrating on the eastern side and continue shoulder improvements on the other side of the bridge.


3. Many members of the community have asked for a pedestrian bridge across Wet Beaver Creek  next to the bridge.


Supervisor Davis stated that research needed to be done first and that the right-of-way in the proposed community path area needed to be mapped out. He emphasized that the shoulder used as a path would be part of the community trail system that is just starting to be developed here. And Chairman Stafford replied, "This is the beginning of a long journey to improve our trail system in the LMRR Area and on the adjoining public lands and we really appreciate your positive attitude.

Tax Credit for slow vehicles

Currently there is an excellent federal tax credit (4000+) for buying a green golf cart or similar vehicle that can be driven on roads with posted speed limits up to 35 MPH. In many cases the credit offsets about half of the vehicle's cost. This credit is expected to be renewed in 2010. This effort by the federal government leads us to again request that Yavapai County Public Works reconsider lowering the 45 MPH speed limit on Beaver Creek Rd between Beaver Creek Service Center and Tower Rd to 35 MPH in conformance with the portions of Beaver Creek Rd east and west of this stretch. This action has been requested previously for safety and quality of life reasons.

Restriping of Yavapai County ROW around Rollins Park and Lake Montezuma Square

Yavapai County Public Works has agreed to do the restriping in this fiscal year. The restriping is not scheduled at this time, and will probably be worked in at some point convenient for area Public Works personnel and contractors. We are very appreciative that restriping will occur sometime this year 



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