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FEBRUARY 1, 2010



Yavapai County Scenic Historic Route Program - The dedication for Page Springs Rd. was held at the Fish Hatchery.  Williamson Valley Rd. may  be the next one to turn in their application.

  • Cornville Multi-use Path - 30 % Plans complete.  Will be meeting with the Forest Service to approve the design of the Park-n-ride location then will submit to ADOT for approval. 
  • TIGER Funding - February 17 they will announce what funding is awarded.  We have two projects requested, SR 260 and Fain Rd.
  • Cornville Rd. Overlay Project - received approval from ARRA.  Amended JPA was executed this week.  Anticipating construction will start mid May.  Ann Kirkpatrick sent out a survey for ARRA projects asking about delays.  There is a 37% cost increase on projects done through ARRA in comparison to being done locally.
  • Cohnville Trail - Are hoping to collaborate with the Forest Service and the environmental consultant to work on the NEPA study.  Trail will provide connectivity to the Cornville Multi-Use Path and be part of the Yavapai County Trails system.
  • SR 260 - Had a meeting with ADOT and the Town of Camp Verde.  Working on getting a consensus for the design of the road.  Leaning towards and urbanized 4-lane section of road with 8 to 9 access points.  Working on funding options.



  • Finnie Flat Sidewalks - Waiting on the environmental clearance.  30% plans complete.  Project manager has been delayed because of the ARRA projects.
  • SATS - Was approved by Council.  Will start implementation of the smaller projects.
  • Transit - Have been meeting with NAIPTA regarding transit options.  Will need to do an ADOT study on ridership.  Pending on what happens with LTAF funding.



  • Safe Routes to School (SRTS) - Still in progress.
  • 89A Sidewalk Project - Received grant.
  • Flooding - Some closure on Old Jerome Highway.



  • Mingus Ave., 89A to Willard - Anticipate summer construction.  There will be a round –a-bout at the intersection of  Willard and Mingus in conjunction with a Safe Routes to School planning grant.
  • S. 12th Street - Mingus to Birch - Paving complete.  Added an island at the entrance to the residential section as a traffic-calming device.  Seems to be working.
  • S. 12th Street - 89A to Fir - 60% design
  • Tiger Funding - Waiting on the results of the Tiger Funding.  Submitted Main Street overlay project.



  • SR 179 - On track, anticipate substantial completion in March.
  • 89A and Airport Rd. traffic signal - Still waiting to go out to bid.
  • Chapel Sewer Project - Estimate February completion.
  • Flooding - Handled pretty well
  • 89A West Sedona Overlay - Waiting to be designed by ADOT.



  • Montezuma Square - Striping complete.
  • Sidewalk cut outs - Looking to hire a bonded contractor to do two handicap (ADA) access ramps.  Contractor must be bonded as a requirement for the permit.  Will contact Henderson Concrete, Brewer Brothers, and Northern Arizona Equipment and others as recommended.




  • SR 179 - Project #2, Forest boundary to Sedona – Old vehicle bridge demolition complete; 2-way traffic on new bridge, last 2 major retaining walls 75% complete, substantial completion expected mid April.
  • Airport Road @ 89A Intersection Improvements (turn lanes, traffic signal) - Last required clearance received and design package to C & S but they are concentrating on large ARRA projects.  Still no estimate for bid advertisement date.
  • SR 89A West Sedona Street Lighting - In design for July advertisement with W. Sedona Pavement Preservation project.
  • SR89A W. Sedona Pavement Preservation (FY11) - In design and schedule for bid advertisement July 2010 with Sedona Lighting project.  JPAs with City of Sedona in review.  Consultant design of sidewalk ramp updates started.
  • I-17, McGuireville Rest Area - Evaporation ponds liners installed; septic system installation in progress.  I-17 southbound paving will not start until spring.  Is still listed under temporary closed.
  • ARRA Projects - Looking forward to administering the Cornville Rd. project for the County.
  • I-17 DCR - Wildlife crossing recommendations and preliminary traffic report have been distributed.  Initial DCR and draft EA scheduled for release anytime.
  • SR 260 Safety Improvement Project - Doing some spot repairs.
  • McGuireville TI - Some lane closures happening.  Project on schedule and going well.
  • 89A, Cement Plant to Black Hills project - Working on some minor issues.  Statewide Stormwater Discharge Permit – On going.  Makes ADOT storm water management enforcers.
  • I-17 Climbing Lane from Camp Verde to top of Copper Canyon - Just being kicked off.  Doing some helicopter geological surveys.  Deciding what to do with the turn out at the top of the canyon, not up to standards.
  • Black Canyon City to Cordes DCR - Priority out of Phoenix.  Ahead of the I-17 DCR going to Flagstaff.  Should be 4 lanes down and 5 lanes up.  Looking into design options.
  • Cordes Junction - $52 M project.  Sending out for Request for Proposals.  Holding on environmental clearance.


NACOG:  Chris Fetzer reported.

  • ARRA I Funding - 5 projects in the County with a 1 year time requirement.
  • ARRA II Funding - No Tiger funding attachment.  More aggressive timeline, first half of funding to be obligated in the first 90 days.  ADOT and NACOG working on a list of projects that might be eligible for the funding.
  • Rest Area Closures - Despain with Navajo County did a presentation on the affects of rest stop closures.  Trucks parking on the on/off ramps and more trash.  Wrote a letter to the director inquiring about DOC inmate labor to clean-up areas and even help with opening some of the closures.





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