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LMPOA Transportation Report

APRIL 5, 2010


LMPOA & LMPOA in cooperation with other Local Nonprofits

·         Montezuma Square – Restriping was completed several months ago, but there has been an issue with continued parking in the crosswalks adjacent to planned sidewalk cutouts for ADA access. County engineering is reviewing a request to stripe the triangles on either side of the crosswalk near the Post Office and Adult Center and there may be other minor changes which will add an additional parking space.

·         Sidewalk cut outs – The LMPOA Park Superintendent is seeking further bids and considering options for reducing the cost. 

·         Beaver Creek Buggy grant - The BC Adult Center Treasurer has received a $2650 check from Yavapai Community Funds (Jonne & Richard Markham Fund) to match this amount donated by individuals and organizations in this community. These funds will be used for van operations and driver training expenses. The purchase of insurance for the van is a priority.

·         MRM Trails Coalition - Bill Stafford, chair, has received the permit from Yavapai County to construct the Montezuma Path in the County Right-of-Way.  LMPOA and BC Kiwanis have both provided liability coverage for those working on the project.  In addition the Kiwanis have donated $200 and LMPOA has donated $500 toward purchase of the decomposed granite needed to complete the trail. MRM Trails has adopted this area of Montezuma Avenue for litter control, and Yavapai County has put the signs in place.   MRM Trails has recently become a 501(c)(3) and an Arizona nonprofit corporation through the efforts of Maggie Holt.

·         Beaver Creek Adult Center-The Adult Center has recently been selected to receive a VISTA member whose assignment will begin about April 2011. One of the goals of the VISTA will be to write grants and do fundraisers to support the public transportation effort of this area.



  • Yavapai County Scenic Historic Route Program – Williamson Valley Rd. was just named the second Scenic Historic Route in Yavapai County.  They will be adding both the Page Springs Rd. and Williamson Valley Rd. applications to Sharlot Hall Museum.
  • Cornville Multi-use Path – Working on surveying.  Project is moving forward.
  • TIGER Funding – We did not receive funding for either SR 260 or Fain Rd. projects.  Tucson Light rail was only project in state to receive funding.
  • Cornville Rd. Overlay Project – April 9 will open bids for project with a June 1 construction date. (Extends east to Kimberly's Way)
  • Cohnville Trail – Partnering with Forest Service on NEPA.  Will run in conjunction with the Multi-use Path project.
  • ARRA II Funding – Congress passed JOBS Act with no stimulus funding.  Congress will be in recess for next 2 weeks expect them to address issue when they return.  Look for accelerated timelines.  Quick rehab jobs would be best.  Possible projects:  Regional Sign Projects or Beaverhead Flat Overlay.  Will keep on agenda.



·         Safe Routes to School (SRTS) and the TE21 projects; 89A Sidewalk Project and Clarkdale Parkway improvements– Have been assigned project managers for all 3.  Will be holding a kick off meeting for all three soon.

·         PARA – March 25 we held the kickoff meeting and Stakeholders meeting to start the transportation study.  The selected consultant for the study is Kimley-Horn and Associates.

·         Park n Ride – We will be working with CAT and NAIPTA to install a Park-n-ride lot located on Broadway between Bent River Road and Geary Heights Rd.



  • Mingus Ave., 89A to Willard – There will be a round–about at the intersection of Willard and Mingus in conjunction with a Safe Routes to School planning grant.  At 80% design.  Working on ROW acquisition.  Looking at fall construction.
  • S. 12th Street - 89A to Fir –; 60% design.  Construction in approximately 1 year.  Will begin after W. Mingus project.



  • SR 179 – Looking at a mid June completion
  • 89A and Airport Rd. traffic signal – April 23 open bids
  • Chapel Sewer Project – Nearing completion.
  • 89A West Sedona Overlay – Being designed by ADOT.
  • Electric Vehicle Presentation – CRC went before the Council with a proposal to replace the current Sedona Roadrunner trolleys with a fleet of small battery powered door-to-door neighborhood electric vehicles to save the city money.  Council is very open to the idea and will continue to look at.



  • SR 179  - Project completion celebration tentatively scheduled for June 19



  • The State Transportation Board will meet in Sedona at 9 AM on Friday, May 21.  The ADOT tentative Five-Year Program will be presented at that time for public comment.  Please read the information provided at:   .  Located at this site are links for the 5-year plan and how to read it and a link to send in your comments if you are unable to attend the meeting.
  • I-17, McGuireville Rest Area to County Line SB – Wastewater treatment system improvements continue.  Paving start planned for April 19.  There has be no environmental approval for hot plant site.
  • I-17 (SR 179 – I40 DCR) – Preparation of “pre-initial” DCR and ED in progress for ADOT review starting mid-June.  Next NEPA mandated public meetings planned for mid-June.  A wildlife connectivity TAC has been formed to recommend means and prioritize elk crossings.
  • SR 260 Safety Improvement Project –Looking at some signage changes at intersection with Cherry Rd.
  • I-17 Climbing Lane from Camp Verde to top of Copper Canyon – STP funds in program.  60% Design, End of Summer start. Will do project in sections with the top 2 miles first along with auxiliary lane at bottom from SR 260 to General Crook Trail.  11.5M Project.  Night time only lane closures.  There will be blasting.  Will do 2 other phases to complete project plus work on the General Crook TI.



·         ARRA II Funding – Continue looking for future action by US Senate.

Clarkdale’s Broadway Project – ADOT has now indicated they will make funds available so project can proceed as scheduled.

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