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LMPOA Transportation Report July 5, 2010 



ADA ramp & sidewalk project in Rollins Park – LMPOA has awarded the contract to Sedona Repair & Remodel owned by Dan Cunnally of Lake Montezuma. The existing sidewalk at the east end of the park will be removed and replaced with an ADA approved sidewalk with curb cutouts and sloped ramps, a broom finish and ADA approved handrails. The contractor is licensed and bonded and the design and installation will be fully permitted and in accordance with County and Federal standards. The cost is approximately $4000. The project is expected to take about a week and be completed around the end of July.  Portajons will be provided on site.

·         Beaver Creek Buggy 5310 grant - On June 8, Loretta Crimini, Arizona Department of Transportation 5310 grant administrator, notified the Beaver Creek Adult Center and LMPOA that the checks of about $6600 ($5000 from LMPOA's Eddie Lodge bequest) to cover the Center's required contribution to the purchase of a new wheelchair lift-equipped van and a $50 fee were received and deposited.  Ms. Crimini added, ". . . when I have VIN numbers I will be sending title work packets . . .  it may be quiet for a couple of months until you get them though!" The public transportation committee is estimating that the van will arrive here in the November through January time frame. ADOT orders a large group of vans through a bidding process that is time consuming.  Afterward the van must be fitted with the wheelchair lift.

Golf Cart/Pedestrian Crossings - Yavapai County subcontractors will be striping two of these on Montezuma Ave per contract with LMPOA. LMPOA applied for the permits via the current golf course managing partner and will pay for the work which will be done in the next week or so. This has been a long term safety issue of concern to residents. The timing may seem unusual but this project has been in the works for the past three years.


MRM Trails Coalition

  • AmeriCorps Member - MRM Trails has been awarded an AmeriCorps member to do 450 hours of GPS mapping and provide other technical assistance to the group. Shawna Monson has been hired for the position and will start on Saturday, July 10. In agreement with the Coconino National Forest and Yavapai County, the target area for the trail mapping will be the northeast quadrant of the Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District.
  • Montezuma Avenue Path - Thanks to some hardworking volunteers, the path is off to a good start.  Unwanted sediment from Russell Wash is being used for fill.  This requires shovel and wheelbarrow work in addition to the weed chopping and path leveling along the road.  Currently the project is on a hiatus awaiting cooler weather and the completion of some Arizona Water maintenance work near a portion of the path.


Rimrock Airport Association

Paved Runway - The association has recently paved the runway.  This marks the completion of a long-range planned safety project to reserve the funding to accomplish this goal. Now aircraft propellers are much less likely to be chipped or damaged from small rocks.


Yavapai County

  • Cornville Multi-use Path – Working with State Lands application for ROW.  30% Design plans will be to ADOT soon.  Expect to have environmental clearance completed by October.  Project is moving forward.
  • Cornville Rd. Overlay Project – Using ARRA funding.  Will be ARAC gap graded mix.  11/2” overlay from Mountain View to Kimberly’s Way.  C & E was awarded the contract.  This project is underway with expected completion by July 15.
  • Salt Mine Rd. – Will be doing an overlay project.
  • Lake Montezuma Bridge - The contractor cleaned, repaired the surface, and provided an overlay for the bridge road.  A few weeks later the expansion joint seals were replaced.
  • Verde Village – Will be doing a chip seal project throughout the Verde Villages.
  • General Plan Update – County is going to be updating their general plan using transportation as frame work to drive land use.  Expect project to take 18 months.



·         Safe Routes to School (SRTS) - Working on Scoping document.  Will include sidewalk, curb & gutter and bike lanes

·         TE21 projects; 89A Sidewalk Project – Approved in April for $1.3M.  Goes from Black Hills Dr to Cement Plant Rd with some money going to round-a-bout landscaping.  Funds will be obligated by August

·         Clarkdale Parkway improvements– Working on Scoping document

·         PARA –The selected consultant for the study is Kimley-Horn and Associates.  Will be holding a public meeting in July

·         Park n Ride – We will be working with CAT and NAIPTA to install a Park-n-ride lot located on Broadway between Bent River Road and Geary Heights Rd.  Holding on MOU.  Using ARRA funding..



  • Mingus Ave., 89A to Willard – There will be a round –a-bout at the intersection of Willard and Mingus as supported by a Safe Routes to School planning effort.  At 90% design.  Working on ROW acquisition, and utility relocation.  Looking at fall construction.
  • S. 12th Street - 89A to Fir –;Reconstruction - 60% design.  Construction in approximately 1 year. 
  • Chip Seal Project – Will start a chip seal project in mid June for Collector streets will redo striping and bike lanes.  Cactus is contractor



  • SR 179 – Looking at end of June completion
  • 89A and Airport Rd. traffic signal – Awarded to Tonto
  • Chapel Sewer Project – Nearing completion.
  • 89A West Sedona Overlay – Being designed by ADOT 60% plans.
  • 89A Lighting Project – New council passed a resolution against lighting project.  Will go back to ADOT.



  • I-17, McGuireville Rest Area to County Line SB – Paving overlay project has started. Crews will take a holiday break from early July until July 12.
  • I-17 Climbing Lane from Camp Verde to top of Copper Canyon – STP funds in program.  Early next fiscal year start. Working on locations for waste. 
  • Jerome Wall – Complete.  Working on some sidewalks.
  • Mingus West Curve – Starting Soon.  This project is on 89A in Prescott Valley.
  • Prescott District Office – New office hours are M-Th closed on Fridays
  • I-17 Sign Rehab project – Starting soon
  • McGuireville TI – Ramps expected to be completed by the end of July. The asphalt plant on the Cornville Rd side of the interchange is a temporary.  It will be used about 2 months.
  • McGuireville Rest Area - Will be reopened this fall.
  • Mingus West to Forest Service – Holding on Project
  • SR179 Project 2 – Friction course extended to July.  Vehicle bridge and retaining walls near completion.  2 roundabouts left.  Punch list work started.  Substantial completion still expected June.
  • 89A Lighting Project – ADOT will send City letter letting them know that the project needs to move forward or they need to take the route.
  • SR89A West Sedona Pavement Pres – planned right turn lane at Posse Grounds has been dropped




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